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How do I get an 1 star rank in 50cc races??????

I like to use toad on the mini titan.

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SimHelper022 answered:

There's a great guide on how to get Star Ranks in the Mario Kart Wii board. It's stickied and is on the top of the first page. Here are some ways you can get Star Ranks - on just about any CC or course (as seen in the guide on the Mario Kart Wii Board).

- Don't fall off the course (any course, as long as you can actually fall off in the first place).
- Don't go offroad unless you have an item that enables you to go offroad (ex. Star, Mushroom, etc.)
- Don't hit any walls of any sort (hitting walls also slows you down).
- Try to achieve a good time on the course.
- Try not to use items to pass the AI opponents.
- Get at least 53 points for your grand total (1 star rank). 55 points for a 2-Star Rank and 60 points for a 3-Star Rank.
- Do as many tricks/tactics possible (Ex. Mini-Turbos, Wheelies, Tricks, etc.)

These are just some ways. You can see all the ways to achieve a Star Rank in the Star Rank FAQ (or shall I say Mini-FAQ) on the Mario Kart Wii board.
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h3art0nmee answered:

All you have to do is in each cup on the 50cc races get in 1st place in every course. Then you will definatley get a star ranking or more.
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Inkyrevo answered:

It's not just about winning it's about time as well if you have a decent time on every course the you will be almost certainly going to get 1-3 stars!
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Lil_firedude answered:

What i did was i went to and found shorcuts for all the tracks and i used the shortcuts to get star rankings and buy the way toad is a bad chareter to use for me i use rosalina she is REALLY FAST
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derknessking answered:

Its easy all u have 2 do is come in frist all da time.
If u dont u will need to do these:

1:not bump into obstacles
2:not bump into walls
3:dont fall off the edge
4:have fun unlocking dry bowser on 150cc!!
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guedesbrawl answered:

I recomende using bikes but... (if you accept this suggestion,complete evry cup on 50 to unlock the karts e bikes mode for this cc)
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Emi3280 answered:

Well,you have to pass that cup like 4 times in 1st place in all of the races.
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EliteGamer4 answered:

Are you REALLY asking this? if its hard, just get 1st place in all the cup's races. You'll get a star even if you sucked at driving.
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23marc answered:

Its easy to get a 2 star ranking just get 60 points
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jorhiy answered:

Just get first or dont let anyone pass you. Don't fall
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peachyeasty answered:

I asked the same thing! what was told to me was.....
-Dont hit walls more than 2 times
-Dont hit obsicals more than 2 times
-Finish in first!
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Rubyyoshi answered:

Sorry but every time i passed with a perfect 60, i didd'nt get any stars... I only got like an A or B... Yes, i did not follow the rules about the walls and obsticles but still!
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seoyeon answered:

*finish the cup with 60 points TOTAL (first place in all courses)
*be careful not to hit walls a lot
*and don't get hit by obstacles and other opponments' items
Good luck!
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mario200001 answered:

What is a star rank to unlock a chacter ?????????
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unknown129 answered:

If you get first in every race in every cup then you are guaranteed a star
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