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What Is The Best Kart To Beat All Retro 150CC Cups?

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prsflnt asked for clarification:

Actually I have the Cheep charger now! It is fast.

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PaperMarioRokz answered:

He said KART. Anyway, I suggest the following for each class.
Light, Baby Luigi or Daisy on the Mini Beast (EU: Concerto), Baby Peach if you dont have either.
Medium, Sprinter (EU: B Dasher MK 2), if you don't have that, Wild wing with Peach, daisy if you have her on either kart.
Heavy: Funky Kong, Waluigi if you dont have on the Jetsetter (Aero Glider), Flame Flyer if you dont have Jettsetter.
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WaveRipper2010 answered:

Personally I used Baby Daisy with the Quacker bike.But you can also use Daisy with the Dolphin Dasher.Roselina with the Wario Bike or the 2nd kart(I forget the name). Hope I help you out friend,the 150cc Cup an the Mirror Cups are a pain in the a** to win on,but worth it.You can use these for the Mirror Cup too friend. :D XDDD
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rockerman2828 answered:

It is all based on how you race. Here's how I think your choice should be made.

If you are an expert in getting in front and staying in front, then choose a lighter vehicle. If you tend to get bashed around a lot, choose a heavier vehicle.

If you perform well around corners, choose a lighter vehicle, preferably a kart. If you prefer the straights with wheelies on the bike, choose a heavier vehicle (bike).

If you prefer to get to your top speed as fast as you can, try a lighter vehicle. Or if you prefer a higher top speed, pick a heavier vehicle.

If you tend to stray off the track regularly, opt for a lighter bike. On the other hand, a heavier bike will boost you on the roads.

It is all based on preference. For my light person, I prefer Dry Bones on the Nanobike. But if I need a heavier person, I go for Funky Kong on the Wario Bike.

If you're anything like me, you won't stay first for long in the 150cc races, so i normally pick a larger guy, Funky Kong, King Boo or Waluigi if you haven't unlocked anyone.

Hope this helps!!!
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HappySmile72 answered:

Probably the best kart I say is a large character (any lol) with the Honeycoupe (or if you haven't unlocked it) the Offroader. You can bump people off with that one >:D. Or you could do a small character in teh Cheep Charger! :D Dats what I do!
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prsflnt answered:

For KARTS I would use either Daisy or my Mii on the DayTripper (meduim) Baby daisy on Cheep charger (small) and Rosalina on the Honeycoupe (large). I have not even unlocked Rosalina or the Cheep charger. My favorite character is Daisy & Rosalina!
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K1LLStR3Ak answered:

Personely i would use donkey kong and use the dirt bike.
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shadowdimentio answered:

Bubble bike.
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