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What are all the shortcuts?

i've heard alot about a whole bunch of shortcuts but i only know of a few and i'm unlocking Expert staff ghosts (not just to get Mii outfit B and not to unlock funkey kong, i just want to unlock them)

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racefreak10 answered:

read my walkthrough for this game. I've got every shortcut for half of the courses, and I'm going to have the rest of them soon, plus any strategies you may also want to check out
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SimHelper022 answered:

There are TONS of shortcuts in this game. Some more useful than others, some more interesting than others. There are also glitches, but I won't tell you how to do them since it ruins the fun of the game.

Here are some known by many:

DK Summit: Right before the turn after the many "bumps" you can trick on, you can drift to the other side of the turn and over the abyss/cliff side. Unless you go too late, you will almost never miss and fall into the abyss/hole. Saves some time and is pretty easy to do. Your going to ride the wall (or go up it) and go near the other turn.

DK Mountain: Right before the bridge and the two turns before that, you know, where the rocks seem to fall onto and where there is a wooden railing, you can go over the cliff and over the hole/abyss by crossing where the turns are really close together. Or where the wooden railing ends, really, just accelerate through. This is harder to do on a low acceleration vehicle.

These are just two shortcuts. If you want more shortcuts to be found, check the shortcut FAQ that is right here on GameFAQs! It's in the FAQs section of Mario Kart Wii.

*Note that this FAQ does not contain ALL shortcuts. There are too many to be listed, and more are still probably being found.
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derknessking answered:

Go on youtube and tipe:

Shortcuts pf every course #1
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rockerman2828 answered:

This video right here can give almost every shortcut in the game. You could always search Mario Kart Wii Expert Staff Ghost Times and Crazyreyn has the Expert Staff Ghost Replay for every course on YouTube and how they go so fast. The World Records help too. But here's the shortcut video anyway:
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