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How do you unlock the remaining two characters?

Ok, i have all the characters except (this may get confusing) the light character, (the one on the second row thats in the middle), and the heavy character ,(the one that is on the last 3 character row in the 3rd spot). how do i get em?

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Lord_Arkana answered:

^ Go to that link and check which of the listed charas you don't have yet.
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Malkyrian answered:

You're probably referring to Toadette and Funky Kong.

For Toadette, just play a Time Trial of every course in the game. All you have to do is finish each one. You don't have to do any good - you could finish a course in 5 minutes and still get it.

For Funky Kong, it's a different story. You have to finish 4 courses of your choice in Time Trial mode within a certain time frame. Typically this means beating the Nintendo ghost by about 5 seconds or more. When you do it right, you should see the message "A fast staff ghost has appeared!" If you're having trouble, try GCN DK Mountain or N64 Sherbet Land for a head start, as the timing on those tracks is ridiculously forgiving.

If I'm wrong about which characters you have left, you could try telling us which characters you DO have and we can work from there.
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blueye95 answered:

I don;t think you miss Funkey Kong, knowing that you also must have the extra mii outfit and baby luigi. (Baby luigi takes 8 expert ghosts)
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hoggy110 answered:

have you unlocked the mii outfit B? if not, you need to get the expert ghost times for all courses. theres a thread that will tell you what the times are for all the courses. funky kong can be unlocked by getting 4 expert ghost times and baby luigi can be unlocked by getting 8 ghost times.
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K1LLStR3Ak answered:

The last two characters are your mii and funky kong
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prsflnt answered:

I think you mean Toadette and Funky Kong. For Toadette you need to play all 23 courses in time trails mode or win 1,000 wi fi matches. And for Funky Kong you need to unlock 4 expert staff ghost data.
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LuigiHat answered:

baby mario, baby luigi, baby peach, baby daisy, toad, toadette, koopa, dry bones,mario, luigi,peach, daisy, yoshi, birdo, diddy kong, bowser jr, wario, waluigi, donkey kong, bowser, king boo,dry bowser, rosalina, mii outfit A, mii outfit B. i listed all the characters. just find the ones you DO have and let me know which ones they are. then i will answer your question.
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whisperinwind answered:

It has to be baby luigi not toadette because it imposible to have baby luigi and not funky kong. to get both you need to play and beat staff ghost by 4 secs. you'll get:
1= tiny titain (small kart)
4= funky kong
8= baby luigi
12= spear (large bike)
16= sprinter (medium kart)
32= 2nd mii
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Sly_Cooper_13 answered:

Most of the ones you saying sound like funky kong and dry bowser and if they are you have to beat expert staff ghost data in time trials
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