Question from SuperGoalie10

How do I unlock Bowser.Jr?

How do I unlock Bowser.Jr? Do I have to complete the Mirror Cup? Can someone please help? Thx!

Accepted Answer

rockerman2828 answered:

Yes, Kirby7506 and KNCG are completely correct.

To unlock Bowser Jr, you must achieve a Star rank, driving pretty well in every race of the cup (see here to know what to do: in all of the Retro Cups (Shell Cup, Banna Cup, Leaf Cup and Lightning Cup) in the 100cc engine mode.
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Kirby7506 answered:

Bowser Jr.= 1 Star in all 100cc Retro-Cups
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KNCG answered:

1 Star in all 100cc Retro-Cups
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gaminggenius531 answered:

Get a star rank in all the 100cc Retro-Cups to unlock Bowser Jr.
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