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What is mirror mode and how do you unlock it?

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tmfiore answered:

Mirror mode is a mode where you race on tracks that are flipped so that left and right are reversed, with the engine class being 150cc.

To unlock it, get first place on every cup in 150cc.

Good luck, have fun.
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nj555613 answered:

Mirror mode is exactly like 150cc but flipped. So every left turn in regular mode is a right turn in mirror mode and every right turn in regular mode is a left turn in mirror mode.

You must get first place in all 150cc cups

Hope this helps! :)
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loismustdie541 answered:

Mirror Mode is really just all of the tracks backwards. You don't have to drive in reverse and neither are the controls(In other words right is still right and left is still left). The class is 150cc. You unlock Mirror Mode by getting Gold on all 150cc cups. I hope this helps. Have fun! =]
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Zadrave answered:

Mirror Mode is a mode where you play on tracks that are flipped, (not reversed) and you race against 150cc CPU and you use karts and bikes. You first have to get a gold trophy in every 150cc cup to unlock it.
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