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How do you avoid the POW item?

It gets me every time! In older games in the Mario franchise you could avoid the effects of the POW block by jumping, but this doesn't seem to work for me unless my timing is just horrible.
Any help?

Accepted Answer

Stevewins456 answered:

Taken from my guide:

To prevent a POW Block from affecting you, continuously do what you would to
preform a trick (on a jump). For example, if I were using the Wii Remote and
Nunchuk, a trick would be preformed by shaking the Wii Remote. To prevent it
from making you spin out, you'd have to shake the Remote as the Block shakes
for the third time. I find it easier to shake the remote for the whole time
that the POW Block is up on the screen. Unfortunatly, you will still lose your

Another way to keep it from affecting you at all is to be in the air at the time
that it goes off. To do so, you would need to go off of a ramp or jump. When
using this technique, you will not lose any items that you are carrying.
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mianiajoy answered:

On wheel shake it, with wii remote and nunchuck flick the remote up and with gc and classic push up on the dpad
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piedude654 answered:

Right at the end of 1 flick the wheel up and you will dodge it.
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dragonpride0 answered:

If you are using the automatic drifting, the only way to dodge it is to perform a trick right before the last "POW". It's easier if you just keep shaking the Wii remote/press the D-pad during the entire POW block until the "POWs" stops.

If you are using the manual drifting, you have to jump/hop at the right time. Press the brake/drift button right when the last "POW" hits.

Or if you're lucky, jump off a ramp and perform a trick while the POW is in effect. Hopefully you land after the POW block is over.
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nj555613 answered:

If close to jump: Go off the jump

If not: As the POW block is about to pound for the third time, pull a wheelie. you will spin out once and maintain about the same speed.
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nj555613 answered:

Sorry. I also forgot to add on mine that if you are not close to the jump and you pull a wheelie, it works with karts too.
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Dice_14 answered:

Right when the last time the block smashes shake the wii mote and your character will still spin out, but still keep going.
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