Question from girantina1799

Asked: 3 years ago

How can you find a hacker?

I like racing hackers (unless they pick on me). To all you racers that meet hackers, is there any way to play against hackers more often. I'm not a hacker, and it's been months ever since I met one. Also, in my opinion, hackers make online more fun and challenging.

Additional details - 3 years ago

What I'm trying to say is that is there a way to find hackers online in Worldwide mode or Regional mode. Not with friends. And when I mean hackers, I mean the ones that use random items at random times, or hackers that give you VR. Not the ones that pick on certain opponents. I'm asking, is there a way to encounter a hacker in Worldwide or Regional more often? Also, I'd like to know about hackers that you met and short stories about them. Like what chainchomp27 said. And, NO, I am not eager to lose. Just to have excitment.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Also, ever since I've gotten in the middle 7000vr, I've been encountering hackers more often. Does it have something to do with vr or what?

Additional details - 3 years ago

Come on, people. I'm waiting for a couple answers.

Accepted Answer

From: chainchomp27 3 years ago

If you are friends with hackers, you can call them and ask them to play. But if you don't, try finding hackers on the computer and ask for their friend codes. Personally, I truly hate hackers who play online. They make it so that they always win. Then people complain and leave. If you see someone hacking, then it might mean that they have no natural video games talent. I have only won ONCE against a hacker. It was on Rainbow Road. I was able to jump a few high spots and cut my time by 20 seconds. But if you are that eager to lose...

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Ill start hacking more often lol

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They don't pick on you, they pick on everybody. plus, if you are talking about that, You gotta be lucky. Sorry, bud

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It doesn't have to do anything with vr, it's just luck

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