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How to avoid blue shells?

Arg, I feel a bit like an idiot. I accepted an answer thinking you could do it for any answer you thought was correct in my last question, not realizing it'd close the question. So, to hopefully get a bit more help on it since I feel there might be more, reposting it, both answers, and a request for clarifcation on something.

The question...

I'm aware of the ability to evade an incoming blue shell by using a mushroom right when it prepares to drop and explode. However, I've heard that blue shells can be dodged by other items and methods, even that someone used a banana peel in a a fashion that was not explained to evade one. What are the other ways to do this, mega mushroom, bullet bill, and the star aside?

The answers...

Metamorphazone - Some boosters on certain tracks (Moonview Highway, for example), if you boost at the right time, you can avoid them (it's harder though). I wasn't aware of any other items enabling you to dodge 'em.

moarmudkipz - On certain jumps, you can drop a banana at the precise time to make a Blue Shell explode prematurely. Also, my brother says he has dodged a Blue Shell by doing a trick and avoiding a POW block at the same time.

And, the clarification...

Certain jumps? You mean ones that put you high enough in the air to get level with the blue shell, like some of those on Waluigi Stadium?

Beyond clarifying that, are there any other methods? Too bad I can't practice the above in Time Trial.

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isaiahmaster5 answered: a trick jump (DO TRICK IN THE AIR) 2.A STAR or 3.go off a platform
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oOPenguin941Oo answered:

All the methods you have listed are the only known ways to avoid blue shells. A mushroom is your best bet though.
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Philz20 answered:

There's no clear-cut way to avoid blue shells all of the time.
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ha_hobo answered:

In rainbow road using the cannon at the right moment will also help but all of these tactics are not easy to pull off anyway
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moarmudkipz answered:

I meant the Bowser Castle end jump, and things like that. There is a video of it on Youtube somewhere.
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DUFES answered:

Star power.
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mianiajoy answered:

If u get a mushroom in first as soon as the blue shell goes down trying to blast u boost away
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billupskid answered:

To do that all you have to do is have a speed up when it's about to hit you use it with the right timing you should get away.
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ikerockz answered:

Ive seen people get hit by the blue shell a lot and then outta no where they appear in front of me i wanna know how to do that but its pretty annoying because i keep losing my points online.
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213luiz answered:

U can use a boost at the right time.
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