Question from YoshisLumas

Asked: 1 year ago

Hacker Help?

Ok, I run into hackers lately, and most are HTW Hackers. For Some Reason, They always hit ME only. i raced one last night, and he keeps on STOPPING So he can get me. The Only thing i Should do is stop 2. he thinks im in front. BUT he hits me with shells anyway. Anyone Have a skill of tricking hackers? THEY HATE ME!

~YoshisLumas, Signing out :( :)

Accepted Answer

From: Wariofanatic 1 year ago

Unfortunately, the only "trick" to stop a hacker is to either pull the plug on your router/modem or hit the reset button on your Wii. Otherwise you're just going to have to try and deal with it until he leaves you alone.

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