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Where can I find the Aero Glider?

How come i didn't unlock the Aero Glider?I have a gold trophy on every single difficulty w/ at least 1 star.I even tried the "Watch 2 trailers and 1 gameplay" thing and it still won't work.What happened?

supersonic564 provided additional details:

I already have 1 star on all retro cups.When i first sign in to my liscence every thing is gold.I still don't get it.

supersonic564 provided additional details:

BUT ARE YOU EVEN READING THE ADDITIONAL DETAIL?I have a star for everything!Every difficulty and every cup has at least 1 Star.

Accepted Answer

MetaDeDeDe answered:

Score 1 star or higher on all 150cc retro cups, or play 4,500 games. So why don't you play a total of 4,500 games, but if it doesn't work your copy is ruined, and you'll have to buy another one.
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goppers answered:

You can get the Aero Glider by beating all the 150cc Retro cups. You also need to have one star rank for all of them.
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Harraroks answered:

I think you need at least 1-star on all of the races in 150cc.

Hope it helped!
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ansemdwise answered:

U need to get at least 1 star in all 150cc retro cups
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A_Dry_Bone answered:

Like the people above said, get a star on all 150cc retro cups.

retro cups are the cups at the bottom when you select your cup.

For how to get a star rank, you can look on the message board. It is a stickied topic.
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