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Asked: 5 years ago

Who is teh best character?

Pick king boo he is pwnage and 1337

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From: nj555613 5 years ago

The best character depends on what your preferences are. I personaly like Rosalina and when I didn't have her, I liked Peach. But, like I said, Choices depend on you.

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I personally like King Boo, Dry Bowser, Dry Bones, and Yoshi as my top four favorite. But really, it's not so much the character that makes a difference, it's their weight class and vehicle you choose. And it also depends on your playing style. There is no general best character, persay, but there are characters that match best with your playing style. It really depends on preference of the player.

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Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina !

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DRY BONES , DRY BOWSER, MII , KING BOO use these with a fast bike

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Worst Players

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Birdo is the best. Big enough to hold her own and good speed.
I love being Toadette but because she's small she gets shoved out of the way a lot of times.
King Boo is cool and so is Funky Kong but they are big and take a long time to get moving if you hit a curb.

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Join the green team!
Become a Luigi fan today!

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Personally, I like my mii. In the mii channel, you can also personalize your mii's weight so the mii can be a different weight class when playing Mario Kart Wii. Therefore, the mii is the best since you can alter its weight class. Try different combinations between the mii's weight and different karts/bikes. This way, you can pwn anyone with any combination while just using your mii.

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either Luigi or Peach

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Every one in a class is the same. its just a matter of preference.

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If you want high speed then use Funky Kong because he gets a 7% speed boost.
My preferance would be Daisy or Toad.

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Depends What Course (Tight Corner Course - Daisy) (Off-road - Toadette) (Normal - Funky Kong)

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koopa troopa on bullet bike, Peach on mach bike, or any character on Flame runner. Automatic or manual is your choice.

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Each character adds specific stats to each of the bikes. Funky Kong with the Flame Runner and Daisy with the Mach Bike are the best stat wise. I prefer to use my medium weight Mii (Outfit B) with the Mach Bike, as the best stat characters happen to be the most annoying. If you want to show off online, pick the hardest to unlock character you have. Manual of course gives you a speed boost if you drift for long enough, which is a definite must. Sometimes, drifting would turn too much, so manual is good because it gives you an option.

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I think that the baby mario/lugi are the best, they get good items, as they are small. big charcters are pointless and slow you down so much. if i go on wifi i use my owen mii which i hve mad as small s possible for better bikes, items and speed. the biggter the charter the slower they will go, obvious realy, so smaller charcters must be better.

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Once agian your average players are Mario and Luigi. According to the Mario Kart Wii website, I was shocked that small characters had better speed than those in the Heavy Class, but Heavies have better acceleration, meaning that when they lose speed, they can quickly recover thier speed. After many tests on the vechicle selection menu, Standard Bike M (M is for Medium Class) is slightly SLIGHTLY somwhat faster than a Zip-Zip.In conclusion: Small Class= Fast, but slow recovery. Medium Class= Average abilities. Heavy Class= Slow, but quick and fast recoveries. Choosing a vechicle can add a little bit of this and that to your Speed, Control, etc.

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BOWSER JR. IN THE WILD WING PEOPLE! His +6 miniturbo in addition to the already uber mini turbo of the wild wing will lay waste to all racers. ALL YOUR RACERS ARE MINE!

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I personally like toad and baby mario, but it just matters what weight class you are best with, so you can use that class

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In my opinion, daisy is a very good character

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Whatever happened to Baby Luigi's Bullet Bike? I read in an FAQ that he gets the best speed out of everybody, and that also helps with his Mini Beast.

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