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What is the the altime fastest bike?

Not fastest cart fastest bike

AWKAWiTZ provided additional details:

I know what you mean about the spear but when you practice with it you can perfect youre driving with it.

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SimHelper022 answered:

The Spear has the highest Speed Stat, but I wouldn't advise you to use it. It has bad stats in all the other categories (besides weight, it's very heavy).
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---Nintendo--- answered:

The Spear, but it kinda sucks when it comes to the other stats.
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smashbrosbar21 answered:

The Spear is the fastest bike but like ---Nintendo--- and SimHelper022 said, it doesn't have the best stats of all the other bikes besides speed. The Spear is a heavy bike and therefore the other stats are not as good as its speed is.
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Botcrazy answered:

The Spear. Although I can't say I'd want to ever use it in a race. It's stats are pretty bad. The only place I use it, is trying to get an expert staff ghost on Yoshi Falls.
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Gamer364 answered:

The fastest bike is the Spear, but I don't use it at all. If you want a fast bike that has some good stats for a race, I would use the Flame Runner, or Shooting Star.
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METALMANlAC answered:

The Spear definately. And no love for the Mach Bike eh? Oh well. = )
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Video-Game-Dude answered:

The Spear but the best is the bullet bike with baby luigi.
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zelyem answered:

There are three bikes that are really fast, one for each size class.

small- bullet bike

medium- sneakster

large- spear

These bikes are all the fastest bikes in their size classes.
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zelyem answered:

I created the above answer and going with your additional notes, what you say is correct I have beaten several expert staff ghosts, and I have beaten my friend who is probably the best mario karter I know with the spear. It is a great veichle, and scince it is one of the bikes that has a more racing motercyle drift you can take corners just as well as any other vehicle, hope I helped.
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