Question from purge530

Asked: 5 years ago

Who is the best character and kart/ bike combo?

This is your opinion i use peach and mach just wondering what other people think is the best combo.

Additional details - 5 years ago

I just want who you use i have my combo of peach andmach just wodering what other people like to use

Accepted Answer

From: SimHelper022 5 years ago

Oh, that was the question you were asking. I use various combos, but I almost never use heavy weights for some reason. My combos are:

Baby Luigi/Quacker
Mario/Dolphin Dasher
Luigi/Dolphin Dasher
Yoshi/Dolphin Dasher
Luigi/Mach Bike (Current)

With 24 characters and 36 vehicles to choose from, there are a lot of combos to choose. Mine aren't the best, but I use them because I like them. Again, up to personal preference.

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The best combos for competitive play are, and are also the most over-used, are Baby Daisy/Bullet Bike, Daisy/Mach, and Funky/Flame Runner. If you want to use a kart, your best options are Baby Daisy/MIni-Beast, Daisy/Wild Wing, or Funky Kong on the Honeycoupe or Flame Flyer. But the combination you want to use and like a lot is usually the one your best with, since you know how to control it and such. In other words, it's all up to personal preference.

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Honestly, I have know idea. But just try to find one that you think is effective and that you like. Hope this helps! :)

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My favorite combos are:

Baby Luigi/Bullet Bike
Baby Mario/Magi Kruiser
Luigi/Mach Bike
Mario/Dolphin Dasher
Wario/Flame Runner

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