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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you drift?

I see everyone drifting and I want to know how.

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From: 1MeanBeaver 5 years ago

While this is correct, you must also select manual (as opposed to automatic) in the pre-race options.

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While your about to turn left or right (you should be atlease fast enogh) just press b (brakes) while making a right or left turn..................... hope this helps.

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You have to select manual and press be on a turn but if your using the wheel i recommend using automatic if you are using the gamecube controller press r

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All: choose manual 1st
All: give you a boost if held long enough
Wii wheel: turn and hold B
Wii remote and nunchuck: turn and hold B
Gamecube controller: turn and hold R or B
Classic controller: turn and hold R or B

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To drift, choose manual driving to start. When you're in the race and coming to a turn, press the brake (on any controller) while still moving. Once you see blue stuff underneath you, you know that you are doing it right. Let go and you should get a mini turbo boost.

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Depending on what type of controller you are using, the buttons to press may be different but the concept is the same. Send your car into drift mode with the correct button for drifting and move the control stick/wheel left and right rapidly while turning. Doing this should give you sparks faster. Sharper corners, how much you turn, and how fast you do this determine how fast you can get these sparks and a bigger drift. Hope this helps!

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Just to clarify, you can drift by pressing the brakes, but make sure you continue to hold the accelerator button. If not, you will simply stop :D And if you need more help, look in your instruction manual that came with the game! It tells you how in there!

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