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Guide and ASCII art by Knuckles192Ver2.
Table of Contents

0. Table of Contents

1. Intorduction
  1.5 Frequently Asked Questions

2. Version History

3. Mushroom Cup

4. Flower Cup

5. Star Cup

6. Special Cup

7. Shell Cup

8. Banana Cup

9. Leaf Cup

10. Lightning Cup

11. Special Thanks

12. Legal Notice

13. Contact Information

Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ! This is a list of all of the shortcuts in
the game I know of. These are "hidden" shortcuts, not tricks. (Unless they are
really good.) I arranged the shortcuts in order of the Grand Prix track order,
and appearance on the track. If you know of a shortcut I have not listed, let 
me know. I will not accept corner cutting techniques. I hope to add how much
time each shortcut saves you, but not now. Press Cntrl+F and enter the name 
of the cup or track you need to find. Leaf Cup has no shortcuts I know of, so 
don't search for those tracks. If you would like to submit any real shortcut,
please tell me. I can be contacted at:

Frequently Asked Questions

So far, no one has asked any questions, because I just made this FAQ! I'll put
some that you might ask.

Q. How many shortcuts are there?

A. There are 22 shortcuts listed in this FAQ.

Q. Are you Knuckles192's alt?

A. Yes, I am. Not really an alt, more of a replacement. I forgot my password,
my e-mail shutdown because I didn't use it, and my cookies were deleted. That
means I get to start off with a clean slate. :)

Q. How come you didn't list (insert "shortcut" here)?

A. I may consider it to be a corner cutting technique, not a "real" shortcut,
or maybe, I didn't know about it. If you really think it's a shortcut,
contact me in section 13.

Q. Did you forget to put this in and slap it in at the last minute as "1.5"
because you're to lazy to change all the numbers?

A. Yes, I did! And I am!

Q. How do you (insert non-shortcut related content here)?

A. This FAQ is for shortcuts only. Check the cheats section for unlockables,
or another FAQ.

Version History
Version 0.00 May 13, 2008
Started Making this FAQ.
Version 1.00 May 14, 2008
Finished FAQ!
--- Mushroom Cup ---

Luigi Circut: 

1. When you go around the turn with the Luigi statue, there is a straight 
area with dirt/sand on the left. There is a ramp that you can use.

Moo Moo Meadows:

Mushroom Gorge: 

1. When you start, there is a green mushroom and a red mushroom on the left.
In between, there is a jiggling mushroom. If you go off the cliff using a 
mushroom, you will land on a bouncy mushroom. Trick off of it, and you will 
reach another mushroom. Trick again, and you will land near the launch pad on 
the bridge.

2. After going off the bridge, you will go around the corner. You can take a 
right or left. The left is the short cut. there are booster pads on it, and 
item boxes.

3. When you come to the cave, there are to paths to take. The left is a 
shortcut. Bounce and trick off the first mushroom tho the left, and keep 

Toad's Factory:

--- Flower Cup ---

Mario Circut:

1. When you go arond a corner, you will see a Chain Chomp. In the sandy 
area, there is a booster. Trick off when you hit it. You might need to 
use a mushroom to get there. 

Coconut Mall:

1. When you go up the escalators at the beginning of the lap, take a right and 
go into a shop. It is offroad, so you might want to use a mushroom. when you 
get out, trick off the ramp.

2. After the tun past the fountian, you will see a boost pad in the middle of
the track. Take a right and go around the corner on the other side of the 
square posts. Trick after you use the boost pad.

DK Summit:

Wario's Gold Mine:

1. After you launch off the big ramp, here are mine carts going on a track.
If you time it right, you can get in front of one and fall onto a narrow cave
with boost pads and a ramp. Trick when you reach the end.

--- Star Cup ---

Daisy Circut:

1. After you go arond the first "S" turn there is a staircase with a boost pad
to trick off of. 

Koopa Cape:

Maple Treeway:

Grumble Volcanoe:

--- Special Cup ---

Dry Dry Ruins:

1. When you come up to the bridge, take a left turn to the area that is
offroad. There is a fallen pillar that you can use to trick off of. You must
use a mushroom unless you have a vey good offroad car. Warning: This pillar 
falls around 1:04 in the race.

Moonview Highway:

1. Right after the first turn, there is an elevated area on your right.
If you turn onto it, you will be led to a ramp to trick off of.

Bowser's Castle:

1. When the stone Bowser is shooting fireballs at you, there is a ramp
in the middle after the first section of the half-pipe.

Rainbow Road:

--- Shell Cup ---

GCN Peach Beach:

1. After you take your first turn, there is a yellow pianta waving his hands
or clapping. Behind the block he is on, there is a launch pad to trick off of.

2. After you pass the yellow pianta, there is a pool of water in the middle
of the track. Go around the right of the pool and avoid the "Flippers".
(I know this is not thier name, but I can't remember what they are called.
It's been a long time since I played Super Mario Sunshine.) 

DS Yoshi Falls:

SNES Ghost Valley 2:

1. On the straight piece track right after the first "[" shaped turn, there is
a ramp on the right side of the track you can trick off of.

N64 Mario Raceway:

1. After you round the corner with the big orange mushroom, there is a
Pirranah Plant to the right of a blue and white ramp. Use a mushroom boost
unless you have good offroad.

--- Banana Cup ---

N64 Sherbert Land:

1. After a few risky turns about 1/3 through the track, there is a rock in the
middle of the track. Take the path on the right side of it to find a narrow
path with a launch pad and a few item boxes. It is very easy to hit the wall.

GBA Shy Guy Beach:

DS Delfino Square:

1. After you make some sharp turns through some buildings, you will have 2
paths: a straight ahead one, or one to your left. take the one straight ahead.

2. After you come out of the buildings, there is a sharp left turn. You will
see two signs pointing left. Go on the left side of the fence, but to the
right of the two trees, and go off a ramp (and trick!) onto a dock. You must
be going a high speed if you are a heavy kart to make the jump. Go up the

3. After you come out of the buildings, there is a sharp left turn. You will
see two signs pointing left. follow the signs and you will see two boxes. Go
around them, or break them by ramming them and take a sharp turn into an
alley. This alley is considered offroad level 2, meaning it slows you down
more than other offroad, so use a mushroom, or pick one up from the broken
box. It may contain a banana, so be carefull!

GCN Waluigi Stadium:
--- Leaf Cup ---

No shortcuts in this entire cup! Just a waste to type "none" four times.

--- Lightning Cup---

SNES Mario Circut 3:

DS Peach Garden:

1. Afer you go down the hill with the hedges, you will come to a place full
of Monty Moles. Go to the right on the grassy area to find a ramp to trick
off of.

2. After you trick off the first ramp, you can move left to the other side
of the track to another ramp in the grassy area.

GCN DK Mountain:

N64 Bowser's Castle:

Special Thanks
First, I want to thank CjayC for making Gamefaqs! Second, I want to thank you,
the reader. Third, I would like to thank Nintendo for making this awesome game
I would also like to thank my mother, for putting up with me typing this and
proofreading it for me. If you help out, your name/username will be put here.
Contact information is in the next section.

Legal Notice
This guide may not be used on any other site except at this time.
Any unauthorized reproduction of this FAQ is illegal. This FAQ may only be used
for personal use. If you woould like to have this on your site contact me first.
You can contact me at:

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Contact Information

The first way you should try to contact me is to make a topic on either the
Mario Kart: Wii boards, or the Brawl boards with a title like: "ATTN: 
Knuckles192.2". After that, e-mail me at
If I don't respond in 3 days, I am either to busy to check my e-mail, my
account has been warned, my computer is acting funny, or the e-mail title
wasn't clear enough. DO NOT send me spam! Thank you for reading my FAQ, and
enjoy this wonderfull site!