Question from Skygor_II

How can I explicitly get a detention?

As opposed to being sent to the the principal, class, my room, the infirmiry, etc.

Accepted Answer

Skygor_II answered:

Get busted by the prefects three times on the same day that is "fresh". By "fresh" I mean Jimmy should not have started any plot driving Missions since the last time he slept. (Classes, jobs, errands, and optional missions are aceptable.)
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x_cheater_x answered:

I think the only way you can get a detention is by repeatedly breaking the rules. Hitting authority, girls etc is probably the quickest way to get into detention.
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TheSpitball answered:

The quickest way to get detention is hit a prefect with something strong like a baseball bat or with the spud cannon. Don't run away and you'll be sure to get a quick detention. Detention is easy to get and if you do all of them you get a prison outfit.
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