Question from kyoshiro777

How do I solve temple of darkness?

ive never had this much trouble in either of the TOS games. iv'e allready lit all the lamps and the door on the side of the screen opened. walked down there but cant get up where the light is coming out, to the room where you change the socerers ring attribute. is there something else i must do?

Accepted Answer

RavingTails answered:

Light every single lamp you see.
Including the onces that were counted as "Decoration" in the last game. then go get the power of darkness and blast those darkness bubbles to high heaven =D
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XxshadowjmacxX answered:

i got confused here to it's easy thougt bc i didn't notice the 2 lights at the bottom just ligt all the lamps up then u can go into some hole dat leads to a sorcerers ring, Now u have darkness ring, now just fire at the darkness and move on
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