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Is there an item list?

Who has an item list cause really need anima.

vorganjc provided additional details:

I mean animus


d3solat1on answered:

You can swing by gamestop and buy there strategy guide for 17.99
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PegasusLover123 answered:

I don't know if an item list, but i know of a creature that can drop Animus although its a rare drop.

If you have access to cape fortress, go to the point where you have the red and blue knight puzzles. Incorrectly answer the red knights puzzle to drop down to the spot where an Igniter awaits you.

Igniters common drop is an Elemental Fragment, his rare drop is the Animus that you seek.

Bring Presea if you can along with any monsters that have Item Finder skills.
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elbillygoat answered:

you can actually anima and the other ingredient for the statue in the Toize valley mine. Just get the explosive powers for your ring and blow up the rocks in the cave. Use the very handy guide here in Gamefaqs for details.
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Raijinvince answered:

The above link has a monster section in it with a list of items that they drop, or can be stolen from them. There are a number of them listed which drop animus (just do a find for the word animus). The FAQ doesn't have percent chances of dropping yet, but it seems to be getting regularily updated.
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