Question from Fallen_Angel149

Where can I find quality stones???

I need to find quality stones so I can make statues, and I'm not strong enough to do S rank quests.

COD4_Supreme asked for clarification:

Do you mean philospher's stones?

Fallen_Angel149 provided additional details:

NO! I mean quality stones! I know how to get philosopher's stones.

Fallen_Angel149 provided additional details:

Then why doesn't it say in the monster book, that goliaths drop quality stones? Or do you have to steal it. Or does it Leave it?

Accepted Answer

Wizboy777 answered:

No, after you fight them, and defeat them, there's a chance each Goliath you defeated will drop a Quality Stone.

And the reason it's not in your Monster Book is because your Monster Book slowly gets filled up as you go through the game. It won't list the drops for the monsters until you get a drop from them for the first time.
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Wizboy777 answered:

Quality Stones are dropped by Goliaths and Megaliths. Goliaths can be found in the Temple of Lightning. Megaliths can be found in the Temple of Earth and the Toize Valley Mine.

They can also be in chests.
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