Question from Shaneomac38

Asked: 6 years ago

Phoenix Bird?

When should i try to take on the Phoenix bird at the balacrauf mauseolem to get the item it has?

Cerberus: 80
Fafnir(kind of ignore this one for now, its only 1)

Additional details - 6 years ago

Fafnir is now in the 50s lol

Accepted Answer

From: Kirby647 6 years ago

Not with that Fafnir you shouldn't take on the Phoenix now. Around that level will be a too difficult since the Phoenix is Lvl 120 and the other 4 monsters are around 60-70ish. I suggest you wait since you can come back and finish him off. Emil and Marta should be around level 60ish or higher to beat that Phoenix.

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