Question from algebramath

How do you get the Triforce (Bonus 5000 points)?

I get it accdentally all the time. How do you get it on purpose.


GauRocks answered:

It's a bonus for finishing some objective in the level. How you get it depends on the level in question.
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Zsashas answered:

You get the bonus for shooting every target in Target Shooting levels, or for hitting enough enemies in Defender levels, or for hitting every one of the main enemies in Ranger levels. For example, in Gerudo Moldorms Defender, you get it once you kill the second ring of Leevers. As another example, in the Snowpeak Defender level, usually it's once the White Wolfos start running across the frozen lake, you should have shot enough by then. In Ranger levels, and Stallord Battle, the bonus is only 500 instead of 5000, but it gets multiplied by the time you have left.
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