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Where can I find king's frill?

I understand it's supposed to be broken off the Great Jaggi's head during the attempt to kill it, but so far, out of roughly 30-40 of them, i've only received 1 in the process, and it was the second time i completed the 2 start Great Jaggi Hunt quest - which was long after i had started completing 3 star quests.

i've hit the Great Jaggi in the head, tons of times, sometimes spending the entire fight concentrating on trying to hit the head or neck. i've never broken the Frill completely off of it's head, does it EVER come completely off? what does the frill look like when it's 'broken'?

i assumed it had various stages of being damaged... i'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to look like when it's considered broken.

anyone got any idea on how to easily obtain the King's Frill? i don't think i've seen any quest rewards with them, and i wouldn't mind figuring out how to get them more efficiently.

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obsx answered:

so since i've posted the question, i've been able to determine that the best way to get King's Frill is to beat the crap out of Great Jaggi while you're not required to - as in, do it while you're participating in another quest.

while i was attempting to kill the Quropeco (sp?) for the first time (using a custom bowgun), i managed to kill 2 great jaggi, breaking both their frill's AND i used the capture method on Quropeco after breaking his beak which yielded me a Strange Beak (or two, cant remember), and TWO frills from either Great Jaggi.

the next boss on my list of things to kill is the Barroth, which LOOKS easy, because his attacks are pretty simple to dodge. but if you DO get hit, his charge takes off about half my health wearing a full suit of Rhenoplas Gunner quality armor (level 3 armor).

anyways, back to the topic at hand -

if you want the King's Frill - i suggest NOT BOTHERING with attempting to get it if you don't need it for something specific. the Jaggi armor actually kinda sucks for bowgunners, the only thing i used a King's Frill on was the Jaggi barrel for my bowgun.

i had originally asked the question because i was attempting to complete the Jaggi armor set for my Blade user, but NOW my main concern is figuring out why my Slicing Shot's DON'T sever monster's tails - i spent probably 2 hours repeatedly trying to sever a Royal Ludroth's tail with no luck to that effect. i tried unloading 30 slicing shots directly into the tail, as well as attempting to weaken the tail first by shooting it with other shots... still nothing. not that it really matters, although on a side note, during the 'kill the royal ludroth quest', i used a pitfall trap on him then my first Tranq. shot on the R. Ludroth broke his mane which was a nice little bonus.
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dbillingsley815 answered:

Try to capture them as well. Capturing almost always insures that the rarer items are rewarded and concentrate on their head still. The more damage you do to their head the better your chances of getting a break and the Frill. Besides that just keep hunting and try the highest rank you have them for.
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cherrybelle answered:

When the frill breaks there is a shower of broken pieces thats hard to see. After it's broken his head frill has lots of holes in it. I use a hammer and pound his face in. I've gotten a head frill each time I've kill him. Guess it's just luck.
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Zreb answered:

It is not a guaranteed drop for breaking Jaggi's frill. No break = no frill on top of this.

Jaggi's frill does not have more than one stage of being broken. It does not look a lot different from a non broken frill, but it does have holes in it. Best way to see it is to just pay attention every time he reels from an attack to see if there's a big cloud of frillskin. If all else fails, continue to attack his head.

Capturing the Jaggi after breaking it yields better results.
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silvershadow558 answered:

When you capture great jaggi, the most likely item you will get is the giant skull or pink liver. I have experienced the break of the frill and captured it, but recieved no king's frill. So if you capture it, you're most likely going to get a giant skull or pink liver in the end. Although I'm not sure if you will get it by carving it out of a dead carcus, I just know that capturing it when it's frill is broken will rarely give you the item. (Don't waste time capturing them over and over after breaking the frill. Its very frustrating. Trust me. Targetting the head as much as possible while trying not to kill it is very stressful.) If you get the frill break and you carve it out of its DEAD body, let me know.
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