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Where can I find Dragonite Ore?

Need for the weapons. Don't know how to get it.

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mrjerp answered:

I have found that the easiest way to get dragonite ore is to do the best the lava beasts (five star offline) quest because it is really easy to avoid the objective until your are done mining and there are no boss monsters running around.
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Obsidia_Black answered:

Volcano Area - Check Areas 9 & 10, those two always paid off for me, they are kinda rare though
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GlassHamster answered:

Dragonite Ores can only be mined in the volcanic map (5star offline / 3 star online). Ore appears in areas 5 - 8 - 9 - 10. There is one spot in both 5 and 8, 3 spots in 9 and two spots in 10. For me, area 9 provides the most common mine rate.

The ores can also be attained from the Powderstone quest (5 star offline). I got 3 as quest rewards from one completion.
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Michael_107 answered:

Volcano place- are 5,9,10 and 8.. check all of that mine all u can... use mega pickaxe and use leather armor set there is a gather luck and speed... u should activate ultra lucky cat by eating in the cat chef(optional)...
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Averyminya answered:

It isn't rare. Well not really. Just mine in ANY mining spot in the Volcano area and you'll eventually get some Dragonite. I have quite a lot.
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Sky0 answered:

I suggest doing the uruktor quest. Its really really simple and the first time I ever did that quest, I got 10 Dragonite Ores.
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