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How to get a King's Frill?

I'm using a Ludroth Bonehammer, trying to upgrade it to Ludroth Bonehammer+, but I can't get the King's Frill from the Great Jaggi. I always get subquest A complete and others say thats how to get it, but I never do. Do I need to get a cutting weapon? Is there a body part I need to chop off?

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I killed GJ 3 times just now and got 2 frills; I looked around and found that its about a 1/3's chance to get a king's frill, from breaking his frill.

No cutting necessary, just pound it until his frill has holes in it.

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Also you can only break his face once. It can only be gotten as a quest reward for the subquest B, injure his head, in the kill the great jaggi quest.

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silvershadow558 answered:

First off, the frill only breaks once. Second off, you can't get the king's frill in the free roam of moga woods. You need to go on a hunt or quest where the great jaggi could be in. He doesn't have to be the main objective for the quest, but if he's in it, then you can get the king's frill by breaking his head ONCE where the pieces of the frill will shatter in the air and show it with holes. Once you break his frill, you have a 35% chance of getting the king's frill as a reward at the end of the quest. The other 65% will get you a screamer. Here's a link.
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MMartell27 answered:

You have to break its ears. Just keep hitting the Great Jaggi in the head until you see the ears torn. They look torn up when you break them. Then you have to capture it. As you fight it it will get weak and limp off then it will go somewhere to sleep I think its 6 in the woods. This is the time to trap and capture. Trap tool + thunderbug to make a shock trap. Tranquilizer + bomb casing to make a tranq bomb. Bomb casing= sap plant + stone. Tranquilizer you have to buy this early in the game. I would suggest waiting for the argosy to be there so you can get them at half price. It takes at least 2 tranq bombs to capture once you trap it in the shock trap. Hope this helps and sorry for the length of the answer just trying to cover all the bases.
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StockOptions answered:

To be honest, I've only ever gotten a King's Frill once, my buddy whom I play with online gets one about every single time we see a great jaggi.

Capturing is not a requirement of getting the King's Frill, and breaking the face once doesn't quite ensure or even give you a very high chance of it.

If I'm not mistaken, you can actually break its face twice. In order to get the Frill, you'd need to break it twice. This is the only way I can explain why I rarely get a King's Frill, I know i break its face once from the Subquest, but I hit its body too much and kill it before I break the face again. I did note two breaking animations online on the one and only time I ever got a Frill, so it leads me to believe this is true anyway.
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Xellander answered:

I have never gotten it from a carve. My best advice to give would be to pet the pig in your room( I know it is unconfirmed wether or not he adds any luck, but i like to believe he does), Eat Fresh ingredients for a shot at Lucky Cat/ Ultra Lucky Cat, break the frill around his head, and capture on a kill quest or do a capture quest for better rewards.
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MMartell27 answered:

I have gotten a king's frill every time I have broke it and captured in the end.
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gabo123890 answered:

Try hitting the head until u see that his face has holles [by face I mean his frill ]. bow gun and great sword are good choices. Also try hitting it with throwing bombs or stones at the head
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StockOptions answered:

I've just confirmed my theory, I've gotten the frill every time I kill him now, break his face twice. The person who breaks it the first time won't get the frill.
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gabo123890 answered:

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frostybroc answered:

Also a good quest to do is the event Quest 4 Jaggi. Where you have to kill 4 Great jaggis. One run I netted 3 King's Frill.
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Michael_107 answered:

go to quest named "playing with fire"
there is qurupeco and great jaggi... first attack qurupeco until it calls great jaggi... breaqk his head or ears and leave great jaggi and kill qurupeco... after taking rewards there is freehunt bonus then u will get KINGS FRILL .. i have 5 kings frill already
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