Question from Gone2Far

Huracan Hammer or Jhen Mohran Hammer?

I'm trying to decide which path to take. Any recommendations?

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MasturfulRazor answered:

The choice is pretty much up to you, the jhen hammer is water element but has more attack and the rath hammer is fire element. The jhen hammer would be good because of the raw element but the rath hammer would be better because most of the monsters in the game are weak to fire.
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wiimaster2151 answered:

Jhen mohran bcus raw attack always owns the elemental
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kyledcfc answered:

I've got both and they're both very good only need one more upgrade on each :D
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acebk2m answered:

You should choose the Jhen Mohran Hammer (which has the Water element) if you are having trouble or aiming to kill the monsters Rathalos, Rathian, Uragaan, Agnaktor, and others. You should choose the Uragaan (which has Fire element) series if you are having trouble or aiming to kill monsters such as the Great Jaggi, Royal Ludroth, Barroth, Gobul, Great Baggi, Barioth, Gigginox, and Lagiacrus.
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