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How do I kill the Barroth?

I have Spiral Lance, Buster Blade+, and Commander's Knife. Which is the best weapon to use?

Sky0 provided additional details:

Thanks all. I took a bit of what kir sugested and used the water element spiral spear.

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kiranar answered:

make the lugard sword and shield its water element will be a decent weapon keep it in the green as much as possible and attack the legs. If you have the auto block charm use it to help you absorb some of the damage it
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dbillingsley815 answered:

What are you best at using?

SnS attack his back legs till he falls then go for the tail.

Lance, block his attacks and counter to his legs and tail because the head will cause you to bounce most likely and be vulrunable.

For the GS charge slash at his tail or the stub should you cut it.

Use traps if you want to, but his weaker points is his tail and arms. With the body being the 2nd best. Head obviously is not going to give you any damage really and since your not using a hammer you shouldn't even worry about it. But bring plenty of potions and steaks for stamina if you lance and after all that....It will come down to if YOU can watch him enough and learn when to attack and when to run.

TIP: When he charges his tail will ALWAYS swing to your left after wards. So make sure you dodge to your right.
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