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Boss Elemental/Abnormal attack weaknesses?

Does anyone know what Elemental or Abnormal Attack each monster is weak to?

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Wedge55 answered:

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dragen359 answered:

which moster specifically. Most like the raths are weak to thunder and dragon.
Ceadeus is weak to thunder. Lagiacrus is weak to fire. Gigginox is weak to fire.
R. Ludroth and gobul are weak to thunder.
Uragaan and Agnakator are weak to water.
Barioth is weak to fire. Qurupeco is weak to water.
Barroth is weak to ice I think. All of them also have secondary weakness.
Some have the main weakness to ice but I dont remember which.
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fredmedic answered:

An easy way to find out a monsters elemental weakness is to look at the armor you can make from it. The elemental strengths/weaknesses on the armor are directly related to the strengths/weaknesses of the monster.
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