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What is all the big monsters elementer weaknesses?

Can u tell me for each one of them?

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TFT36 answered:

Taking this from the wiki so you won't have to look it up, but the wiki should be your go to place, it answers questions like these easily.
Great Jaggi - Fire
Qurupeco - Ice
Royal Ludroth - Fire and Thunder
Barroth - Water on Mud Body, Fire on Clean Body
Rathian - Dragon on Head, then Thunder
Great Baggi - Fire
Barioth - Fire
Gobul - Thunder and Fire
Uragaan - Water
Rathalos - Dragon
Diablos - Ice
Gigginox - Fire
Lagiacrus - Fire
Agnaktor - Water
Deviljho - Dragon and Thunder
Ceadeus - Dragon
Jhen Mohran - Dragon and Ice
Alatreon - Dragon (Flight) or Ice (Ground)
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SwitchAxeKing answered:

This information is laid out plainly and simply on the Monster Hunter website.

From there you want to navigate to the monsters section where you will be able to view the monsters elemental type, and its elemental weakness. As well as insight on how to kill the monster.
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Auzzie_Wingman answered:

But it can also be found through logical deduction. E.g. if it starts using fire like Qurupeco for example, then it isn't going to like Ice. Likewise, if it is Lagiacrus and uses Thunder, then maybe hitting it with it's own medicine ain't the smartest idea. Monsters in the Tundra will have Ice resistance, and monsters in water won't like Thunder... except Lagiacrus.

And in the end, elemental damage won't really account for much until Upper Rank Online.
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Auzzie_Wingman answered:

Okay, try this then:
Great Jaggi - Fire (basing this purely on armour resistance)
Qurupeco - Ice
Royal Ludroth - Fire or Thunder
Barroth - According to what I've heard, Water when muddy, fire when not muddy
Gobul - Fire or Thunder
Great Baggi - Fire
Gigginox - Fire
Barioth - Fire
Rathian - Dragon or Thunder
Rathalos - Dragon or Water?
Diablos - Ice... some say that on the tail only... but how do you figure that out?
Lagiacrus - Fire
Uragaan - Water
Agnaktor - Water
Ceadeus - Dragon
Jhen Mohran - Dragon
Alatreon - Dragon or Ice. Can't remember if it was Dragon on ground, Ice in air, or vice versa.
Deviljho - Dragon or Thunder
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