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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find some thunderbugs?

I need thunderbugs but idk where to get them so if anyone has useful info i'd appreciate it.

Accepted Answer

From: Arjuna0102 4 years ago

If you want a lot of thunder bug just catch 1 in moga woods to make sure you got thunderbug, just bring 5 bug net and try all bug point. I'm sure at least you 1 then you can make a lot by put it in farm.

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I'm pretty sure you can catch them in Moga woods with a bug net. Just look for a butterfly and go over to it and use your net.

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Catch them with a bug net. The trading ship has thunderbugs as well.

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I am pretty sure that you can find them in that felyne village thing in area four. Right by the center pole.

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