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Weapon Awakening?

Couldn't find information anywhere about Weapon Awakenings. Can someone please tell me what it is that it does? MH Tri is my first Monster Hunter.

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So if say for example a weapon has 70 Poison for their awakening, how does that calculate.
Like it definitely doesn't deal Poison 70% of the time, right? How does that formula work?

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Miltank_Spot answered:

Awaken is an armor skill that gives an Element/Status to weapons that normally don't have one.
Using your example, if a weapon has 70 Poison for awakening it will NEVER do any poison damage at all unless you have the 'Awaken' skill, in wich case it will start doing poison damage like any other weapon with the Poison effect.

The only two armor sets I know of that have the Awakening skill are Alatreon and Lagiacrus+ (Note: not the 'normal' Lagiacrus set). Both are High Rank armors, and as such you can only get the materials required for forging them in high ranking online quests (4*/5* for Lagiacrus+ and 6* for Alatreon).
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Arikido answered:

Weapon awakenings give Elements to weapons that don't have an element.
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