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What does dung bomb do?

Wats it for?

Accepted Answer

MH_4_PSP_FREAK answered:

Sometimes if you are fighting a monster and it has a secondary hard monster or you fight the queropeco and it calls in a monster like the rathian or jaggi, then you can use a dungbomb to make it go away. but it only has a chance. I dont know the exact number those, but i do know that by personal experience that it is all luck on wheter or not it will work. If u hit one, like a rathian, it could leave the first hit. Or, like it did to me, use all the dungbombs u hav (10) and not leave.... Its all based on luck, but making it leave allows you to deal more damage to the main quest monster
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Auzzie_Wingman answered:

Dungbombs reduce large monsters stamina gauge, or will likely get small ones to go away. So make sure you slug them at the main monster, not any secondaries.
This will cause them to hungry faster and easier to trap or give tainted food.
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