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Armor color change?

After killing Lagiacrus (by the way thanks to evryone who gave me advice on how to kill hm) i went to go fight a royal ludroth for fun. so i changed to my ludroth armor...and to my surprise instead of it being yellowish orange it was whitish blue? plez explain this change and why and/or how this happened?!?!?!

Hamman202 provided additional details:

And i know its not my TV cause evry show and the background to the game is all the same color and so are all my other armors!

Accepted Answer

Zetsuei_8823 answered:

You've unlocked the Symbol color option, which lets you pick from Red, Blue, and White [tiny hue of icy-blue in there]. It allows you to slightly [or in some cases, largely] change the colors of your armors. It can be a small change, like the frill on greaves, or it can be a notice one, like your full Ludroth makeover. You can change it to 'None' and get the orignal color of your Ludroth armor back.
You get to mess with color pigmentations after you reach HR31 and above.
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thaoyeng00 answered:

Added to what he can change it by going to the change appearance at your item box
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