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How do i get a Bird Wyvern Gem?

I Dunno How To get It is it like a + item where i have to be online hunter rank 31? cause ive been trying to get it on Story mode, and i'm only hunter rank 20.


edamron answered:

U can only get them online and need to be 31hr or more u get them from great jaggi and great baggi....
not sure if u get them from qurupeco too ( dont know if he give bird wyvern or wyvwrn stone ) but for G baggi AND G jaggi im positive
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dunn_dolo_4life answered:

The Bird Wyvern stone is a high rank item, meaning you have to be doing elite quest (HR 31+) The only monsters you can get them from are the Great Jaggi and The Great Baggi. They are very rare, and the most common ways I have gotten any of them is to do a quest hunting a different monster and kill a Great Jaggi/Great Baggi as a extra hunt. That way you get it in the Free Hunt Bonus. That is kinda rare too as most of the time in the elite quest the only other monster that appears other than the one you are hunting is Deviljho. Hope that helped you out.
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24021998 answered:

It did
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ElTripleThreat answered:

What I do is equip Great Luck, use a paralyzing LS and trap for best results.
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irkmushi answered:

Equip a set that has the skills Capture Expert and Capture Guru. Then play the quest "Jumping for Jaggies," and cap both great jaggies. Make sure you break their frills as well. If you break both frills and cap both, then you have about a 30% chance of getting a Bird Wyvern Gem. If you're lucky, you might even get two or three!
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Gardevoir47 answered:

It's very simple how to get them. First, pick the quest with the best chance to get them, and the quickest to complete. Hr 31+ Jumping for Jaggi. If you break the frills, that will give you a decent chance. If you capture both, that will give you a much bigger chance. Doing both will make it easier for anyone. If you have Capture Expert on, then you will have an even higher chance to get it, although you might want attack skills to speed up the quests process. In my opinion, bring a weapon that is strong and fast at attacking, such as Wyvern Blade Fire or if you upgraded it, Wyvern Blade Flame, or Flare. You can rack up the stones in no time, if you are quick about it. This is for everyone.
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Voxren answered:

It's really about how lucky you get even with great luck, capturing, or breaking a great jaggi you have to be pretty luck and keep doing those quests to get one, because most gems and stones have a low drop rate
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__Cain__ answered:

You can only obtain it from HR quests, against "Bird Wyverns" (Great Jaggi/Baggi). Their drop rate isnt very high, but with a bit of easy G.Jaggi farming you shoul rack up a few.
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CyrusErito answered:

You need to be at least Hunter Rank 31. Then do the quest Jump a Jaggi or jumping For Jaggi. Break their frills, and capture them if you want extra chances. The Great Baggi can be fought at Hunter Rank 40 and up, and gives better chances for Bird Wyvern Gems. Great Luck, Ultra Lucky cat, and snuggling your pig does NOT affect chances for these gems. The Capture Expert *EXPERT not Guru* skill helps if you capture the jaggi/baggi.

- CyrusErito
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Holy_forks answered:

You have to be in a high rank quest but bird wyvern gems actually drop for every jaggi/baggi type (jaggi, jaggia, G. jaggi). Its better to just farm G.jaggi with the 2 G jaggi quest but carving smaller mobs can also make it drop.
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