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How do I catch the Great Jaggi?

I've read all the help and advice, but I cannot make this work. I can see when he limps, I have the shock trap and tranqs with me, I weaken him until he limps, all of the basics that everyone writes. However, every time he starts to limp, he immediately bolts for an exit and flees the area. How am I supposed to trap him if he runs away? Am I just supposed to make a lucky guess about where he'll exit? I've lost this quest three times, killing him on accident by weakening him repeatedly until he stops showing signs of weakening at all. I really am at a loss.

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Yes, paintballs are being used, promise. I've tried setting the trap while he sleeps. He jumps up, and inevitably gets in the trap sooner than I expect, while the recovery from sleeping still keeps him in the healthy range and, therefore, uncatchable. I'm afraid to set the trap as a blind guess to where he will exit (because they only give you one for the quest). I really don't understand how people find this so simple.

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MisterFox answered:

Well there are a few ways you can go about solving your dilemma. Either know where he will exit when he limps and place the trap in front of his escape point then weaken him when he hits trap tranq him. Another is to wait til he heads to the nest to sleep go there and let him sleep then set trap, if the little ones cause you problems a simple flash will stun the whole room long enough to set the trap and tranq him. About making a lucky guess on where hell show up next........... You are using the paintballs to mark his location right?
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