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I need a good way to kill uragaan.

I have full lagi and thunderclap+(LS), Bolt axe+(SA) and rough edge(SA).

any suggestions?

PS. i dont like lance, GS and SnS

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Ok now i have vulcanoy hammer.. is that alright?

Zephyr99 provided additional details:

I ment Vodyanoy hammer

Zephyr99 provided additional details:

Ok Thanks! :D

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Newts_Ute answered:

Your HR130 and still think elemental resistance makes any sort of difference?

*facepalm* indeed

-15 or whatever cosmetic value they put onto Lagiacrus armour mean at best an extra 10 HP lost. Coupled with the fact Uragaan has one single, very avoidable fire attack, you certainly have no clue what your talking about.

Any moron can join quests and sit at camp to get HRP. Hell, even gathering quests grant HRP. Your 130 means diddly squat to anyone.

Lagi has Element attack up which is a make or break skill for weapons like LS SA and SnS. If you even bothered to read the opening question, they said SnS is not an option.
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12345678me8 answered:

I use hammer and go for the belly his tail can be cut off for blade users and the blade actually is damagewise better forthis fight. Just hit him in the belly.
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Lcoz answered:

Uragaan is among the easier and slower bosses in the game. Easy mode is spamming super pounds with the hammer. If you're using a SA or LS just aim for ura's belly or tail. Stay away from his chin, roll into ura when he does a tail spin and you'll do fine.

It's too bad you don't like to lance, SnS or GS since you can make water weapons of those types which do quite well at killing ura.
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harmony10 answered:

ditch the lagi armor and make something with a better fire resistance, not -15 so his heat wave attack isnt lethal and since you use LS its most likely you spam the spirit combo and then dont have time to evade when youre locked into it then eat a full face of fire and get double rolled, the royal claw+ SnS are probably your best bet against uragaan, dont ever use thunder weapons against it they do no damage to it except on the head and stomach where they only do 5% damage, take some time to make more armor and weapons, if youre at uragaan with only 1 set of decent armor and 3 weapons youre gonna get flamed in high rank, once you get your sns just run behind him and attack there its his weak point and your weapons wont bounce at green sharpness, when hes about to bulldose you block.. its a really simple fight if you can block and SnS do high damage if you get your element right, in this case water
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Newts_Ute answered:

Don't listen to harmony, they obviously dont have a clue what they are talking about.

If your using LS or SA like you mentioned. Lagiacrus is the best you could be wearing.

Water or Dragon are his greatest weakness's. If you use a thunder weapon don't stress, you are still doing damage. Your just not dealing elemental damage which is a little bit extra on top of your weapons attack power. Don't be fooled into thinking 300 atk + 300 ele is 600. Its really 300 + 30 if your hitting a monster weak to your element (Water weapon = damage + element damage, Thunder weapon = damage only)

The damage output is alot more complicated than that but I'm trying to keep it simple, the whole formula is in the FAQ tab if you are at all interested.

The Vodyanoy Hammer is also fine, hit his chin til he KO's, then triple pound his belly while his on the ground as thats his weakspot.
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harmony10 answered:

*facepalm* im HR 130.. i know how the damage formula works, and youre right about the element multiplier being 10 so all elemental damage gets reduced to a 10th of the displayed power but lagiacrus armor is at a huge disadvantage against anything that can inflict fire damage, most of uragaan's body is armored meaning with his green sharpness weapons are gonna bounce most places and with a long sword or switch axe which are quite sluggish at attacking hes gonna get rolled, the royal claw will do decent damage and allows him to be mobile, i admit i was a bit of a dick on my last post and i apologise for that, but you could try using a water SnS till you learn his pattern of attack, and building an armor with high fire resistance couldnt hurt either i suppose
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harmony10 answered:

*sigh* dont know why im even bothering to reply but alright, go eat an uragaan fire burst thing with -15 res then 15 res and look at the difference, alot youre hunter only has a base hp of 100 so something like 25 damage is already a quater of your life gone, why go in at a disadvantage? say at -15 fire does 20 at 15 it might do like 5.

Yes he uses LS and SA thats the problem i saw, both of those weapons can lock the user into combos especially LS and most of the time uragaan catches you with that fire attack when youre attacking then quickly follows up with another attack, which might cart an inexperienced player. so what i meant was using SnS would be the best option for a beginner even if they dont like the weapon

I never sit in camp leeching, when have you ever heard of anyone not abandoning the quest and switching cities when they meet a leech?

and finally seriously we're starting to sound like 12 year old fanboys (no offence if you actually are 12) lets stop this, we came here to help zephry99 not start a lil l3itchoff i sounded offensive in my first post and i apologised for it already, lets be a bit mature
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Lcoz answered:

lol you both fail. Harmony for trying to defend his faulty argument and Newt for trying to persuade him otherwise. (rofl I'm about to fail a bit here too)

ANYWAY.... if you substitute.... lets say evasion +1 or earplugs into your set then you'll completely avoid getting hit instead of going gung ho into battle with your "high" fire res. Plus Uragaan is open for an uber amount of time during and after his fire fart. If you're getting locked into combos by spamming the spirit combo or the hack and slash SA combo then.... Yeh not doin it rite.

Refer to Newt's first post for the most logical answer.
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harmony10 answered:

(heres more fail lol) i yeah i think my first post was more trying to tell him to build more armors.. just in a really fail and rude way.. my baaad and i forgot to mention on my failed defence that i meant low rank Armor doesnt have the 400+ defence of high armors so elemental resistance seems to make a much bigger impact.. kinda........ yay.................... dots.....................
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lagiakiller221 answered:

Ya guys im also with icoz and newts... u could use full barioth armor for evade +2 (i think) and gem in fire res, also you could use full qurupeco armor for evade +1 and you would already have fire res, but i used full lagi (upgraded to max) and gemmed in fire res and some other stuff, and with lagi you get hg earplugs (pretty sure). but you might not even need fire res its so ez to escape his fire gas if u know what ur doing, but i just used it just in case. as for a weapon i used what icoz posted in my question, the breat core hammer, does alot of raw damage and also dragon is one of his weaknesses (even though the attack is only plus 30, its still more attack) and demolsihed him on my first try. but if u dont like hammer either (which u didnt say u liked or didnt liked) well use a switch axe with high raw damage. also bring many bombs and traps. even though im posting half a year later ur probly done with the game so ya, but anyways happy hunting
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lagiakiller221 answered:

srry im posting twice-
The voydanoy hammer is also a good option, my brother used it against barroth who is another brute wyvern and destroyed him, but anyways voydanoy is good bc it haz hi raw damage and his weak element. if you really want to know what weapon is truly the best for uragaan (or other monsters) go to this link:
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Drakelord123 answered:

I personally tend to make equip sets for specific Raths(both of them)i often use their own armor against them because there attacks tend to be less effective that way.for Uragan which i am currently going to start fighting high rank online to get some material for my current main dragon element weapon.i am also currently getting the + form of Lagi armor so i can use it mostly for water enemies but the element atk up bonus could be handing for many enemies and there are ways around elemental weaknesses.i make armor/weapon groups for specific enemies some with hi fire resistance for Raths and other fire using monster and a weapon that has high raw attack plus their elemental weakness.
longswords,sa's i tend to use but plan to try a water great sword that you can get at the end of offline for anti uragan/fire.
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