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Elemental weaknesses for lagiacrus, rathalos, barioth and diablos?

Well, as the title implies I need to know the elemental weaknesses. If needed I'll tell you wich weapons I have and wich one I could use for each...

Jemmanuel001 provided additional details:

Never mind the additional part, the weapons at my disposal are azi dahaka, bone axe+, rough edge yellow, thunderclap and ananta boneblade.

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Lcoz answered:

Lagiacrus - Fire
Rathalos - Dragon, Thunder
Barioth - Fire
Diablos - Ice

Source - the wiki
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Ventus893 answered:

Barioth also has a secondary weakness: Thunder
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brawlfan94 answered:

The FAQs on this site have everything you nee for that kind of stuff. The wiki also helps.
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chaosgamer99 answered:

Okay I haven't played in a while. But I do remember this.
Diablos-Water or Ice
Rathalos-Dragon-Thunder (Not sure if Water or Ice elements work on Rathalos or Rathian.)
Wiki has any other monster weakness. Enjoy the game!
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handtomouth answered:

all of the above:D
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Monsters____ answered:

Lagiacrus - Fire
Rathalos - Dragon, Thunder, Ice
Barioth - Fire, Thunder
Diablos - Ice, Water
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