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Barrel Bomb L?

ok, ik how to make a barrel bomb L, but whenever i lay it down, it wont explode. ik chacha will lay down a bomb too, but do u have to hit chachas bomb for your bomb to explode and you get away unharmed? if you hit ur own bomb, you will be harmed, right?

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Lcoz answered:

Bombs require a catalyst or physical trigger to explode. The best ways to trigger a bomb without injuring yourself are by firing a shot (if you're gunning) or using a small barrel bomb to automatically set the LBB off after a few seconds.

Anything that involves direct contact with the bomb (such as throwing a rock or the monster attacking the bombs) will result in denotation. LBB explosions themselves will also trigger other bombs to explode.

If you were to attack your own bomb and you were close enough to the explosion, then yes you would be injured.
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Sera05 answered:

You have to detonate the bomb yourself. You can detonate it with a shot from the gun, or if the monster hits it directly(tough), or detonate it with a small barrel bomb,or throw a stone or something at it. Or you could just slash it or kick it, and get hammed. Obviously the last part isn't recommended.
It's the same for large barrel bombs+.
Hoped this helped abit!
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Lcoz answered:

Letting the monster hit the bomb is not just tough, it's a poor idea. If you were to place bombs far away from a monster there's a chance the monster will used a ranged attack to detonate the bombs without taking damage. In addition they could simply ignore the bombs or attack you as you're placing them.

Just note that time spent waiting by bombs for the monster to come to you could be time spent actually attacking the monster.
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