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Best way to get a fearsome maw?

Hey i need a fearwome maw to upgrade my gobulu muruka, i know its from gigginox, but whats the best way to get it? should i hit its mouth?

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immeph answered:

Hit his mouth with a hammer. Super pound him until he falls over by charging to the third level. When he is stunned (upside down) triple pound his body by just pressing the normal attack button three times. Your character should do two ground pounds at the body and a golf swing to the face. His head should break in no time. Capturing him increases your chance of getting the maw so you might want to have a skill like capture guru and bring some traps and tranq bombs if you are hunting low rank (offline or 1-3 stars online). The best hammer to use against him is the Red Bludgeon because it is fairly easy to make and has really good sharpness. If you are hunting high rank (4-6 stars online only) you don't need to break his face so use your best weapon and just kill him and you get one chance with each body carve to get the maw. I recommend hunting him low rank online as he can be a pain to kill high rank (20-30 mins solo if you're good).

For info on his drops go here:

For info on making the Red Bludgeon go here:

For info on how demolish Gigginox go here:

Keep in mind the guy in the video is using high rank gear against a low rank monster so is overly prepared but the strategies he lays out are still very good to use.
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Lcoz answered:

"fearsome Maw"


High Rank Body 27.1% (10% x3)

High Rank Head & Belly 14%
Low Rank Head & Belly 12%
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