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Asked: 5 years ago

How do I equip weapons, on offline Story Mode?

Okay, I bought which I'm guessing is a gun on offline story mode, but have no idea of how to equip it, It would mean a lot if someone could help me with this one, thanks.

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Nope, didn't know you needed three pieces.

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From: Tembersom 5 years ago

If you buy a "full" bowgun at the weapon shop and you don't equip it when you bough, go to your room (next to the chief's daughter (the one who give us quests)), go to the box next to the bed and select the 4 option, next the 1 option, then select one of the 3 pieces and another screen appear, where 2 of the 3 options has the same lether, select them and put your other parts of the bowgun, next put on the "button" and you equip it.

P.S.: to use a Light Bowgun you need to equip all light armors, if you're wearing heavy armors this is retired and your itens go to the nunchuk block (to get the itens back, go to the box, put the 1 option then 2 option, one screen appear with the itens that has retired from you.).

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Well to be honest, i also have no idea... Someone please help!

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Did you buy all 3 pieces?

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Posted that in the wrong section, anyways I didn't know you needed three pieces maybe that was the problem. Thanks.

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Go to your Red Box in your room where you save. ( I recommend saving before figuring out which option is to equip things)

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Now you need three piece, frame, and forgot the other 2 to make a Bowgun, now you can mix and match the 3 parts so you can make it a light BG or heavy BG. Neat but expensive weapon to play along.

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