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Asked: 5 years ago

Where can I find (Rathalos Plate )?

I've killed rathalos a couple of times and i have all his armor except the vambraces cause i need his plate how do you get it?

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From: Faldomar 4 years ago

I personally got one from when he drops an item when trying to eat an herbivore.

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Many ways of getting rathalos plate, but the percentage is very low
By carving its tail you have a chance of 3% to get one
By dropping item you have a chance of 2% to get one
By breaking its head you have a chance of 3% to get one
By catching it you have a chance of 2% to get one

Hope this can help you

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Also, if you fight a higher level one the plate will be more common.

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Crave from the tail, sometimes chacha will crave the tail and get the plate. Low chance though.

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U can just cut off her tail and break her wing claws off and her head scale and the catch her in a catching quest then u probably get a little chance off getting it like 8% or 7% of getting it or just do g rank quest it's more common to get hope that helped

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