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Asked: 4 years ago

Do you need online connection to do online quests?

I know it sounds really stupid, what i mean is are you able to do online quests solo. Psp versions needed WLAN turned on, so it was as easy as that, but getting a wii online has got to be as difficult as xbox360 is failed. I don't see why there *Would* be a problem, but in actuality I have my doubts

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No.The online AND event quests are just online and can only be played online. If you want to solo them you There is no way you can play the online missions offline and all the people who didn't get to fight fatalis when the servers shut down in the first Monster Hunter can confirm this too. Sorry bout your luck

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Yes u need inteurhnets to play online.
And get the possib to encounter n meet dragons! of online mode.

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Yes, you need to connect online to play on the online server

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There are no unusual problems with connecting the Wii online. If you have a wifi signal it should be able to connect to it.

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