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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you make mega demon drug ?

How do you make mega demon drug ?

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From: Deoxys77 4 years ago

Mega Demondrug = Pale extract + Demon drug
Demon drug = Might seed + Catalyst
Catalyst = Bitter bug + honey

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pale extract + DemonDrug

you can get the pale extract from Gigginox

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Might seed = Plant

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And then after crafting your awesome Mega Demon Drug...

Mega Demon Drug+Monster Bone M=Demon Horn

Now you can share the buff with your friends :D

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pale extract is a drop from gigginox which is a 4* boss offline.

Mega Demon Drug = Pale Extract + Demondrug
Demondrug = Catalyst + Might Seed

a might seed is an uncommon plant,
catalyst is made by mixing bitterbug and honey.
all found in moga woods.

alternatively, you can send outyour fishing boats to (Hunting) Grounds level 2 and they might yield a pale extract among other boss drop items.

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