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Asked: 4 years ago

How to get Wyvern claws and fangs?

How can I get wyvern claws and fangs? I've killed multiple rathian and still havent gotten any claws or fangs. I'd preferrably like to know the fastest way to get them because I need 50 of each.

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I was told that they could be obtained from Rathian

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From: Iceonfire219 4 years ago

The fastest way to get Wyvern Fangs is to kill either Rathalos or Rathian in my opinion, they are pretty common in the rewards. The fastest way to get Wyvern Claws is to go online and buy them from the Tiny Peddler (I think that is the guy who sells them, I can't quite remember the name. As soon as you enter a town just walk forward and it should be on your left. I'm also not sure which is which, but I know one comes from the Rathalos and Rathian, and the other comes from buying it).

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Monsters drop them when you beat on them, you'll see a shiny on the ground. Also, you can trade for them with the Argosy Capt.

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