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Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find a conquerers seal?

I need one for helios armor

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You get them as a reward for completely any 6* dual monster quest.

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Ya. Once you get to HR 51+ and complete the Alatreon Urgent then you have access to 6* star quests. Some of these quests include

Hunt a Rathian and Rathalos
Hunt 2 Diablos
Hunt a Lagiacrus and a Gobul
Hunt 2 Barioth
and Hunt an Agnaktor and an Uragaan

Conquerers seals are obtained from any 6* mission where you fight 2 monsters

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Remember you can only get them online you will need to be higher then the level 51 to get one. You can only get them except alatreon and jhos quests.

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