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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
Barioth? Open 8
Can anyone help me finish the urgent Jhen Morhan quest? Open 9
Can I get help? Open 4
Can you defeat Lagiacrus with a 'SOLO GUNNER' in Arena Mode? Open 1
Could anyone help with Barroth Online? Open 5
Easiest way to defeat barroth? Open 9
Elemental jewels!!? Open 3
Gobul weapon choice? Open 7
Good bowgun and bowgun armor set for Alatreon? Open 7
Has anyone ever leveled up without finishing up village quest first and how did they do it? Open 8
Help with Uragaan? Open 6
How can I break gigginox's poison sacs? Open 5
How do I beat (agnakator)? Open 7
How do I beat (Diablos)? Open 7
How do I beat (great baggi)? Open 15
How do I beat (Rathian with a bowgun)? Open 8
How do I beat (uragaan )? I need to break his jaw or chin . Anybody want to help me online today Open 8
How do I beat (urraagan)? Open 5
How do I beat a Diablos? Open 8
How do I beat a Gobul? Open 5
How do I beat a Rathian, gigginox, barioth and diablos? Open 2
How do I beat Agnaktor (Advanced)? Open 7
How do I beat barroth and what weopon should i use? Open 1
How do I beat Beriorosu with Great Sword or Long Sword? Open 7
How do I beat caudeus? Open 6
How do I beat Ceadeus (what weapon sholud i use)? Open 18
How do I beat diablos with a sword/sheild? Open 10
How do I beat gigginox rathalos and agnantor? Open 4
How do I beat gigginox? Open 9
How do I beat Gobul (Urgent Quest)? Open 10
How do I beat lagarus and rathalos? Open 2
How do I beat Lagiacrus? Open 5
How do I beat Lagicrus? Open 8
How do I beat rathalos,diablos,gigginox,and barrioth? Open 5
How do I beat the Barroth in the arena? Open 3
How do I beat the Lagiacrus? Can I even do it yet? Open 5
How do i beat uragan online? If u can help sometime put id. Open 4
How do I beatthe Uragaan? Open 6
How do I capture Lagiacrus? Open 2
How do I capture Lagiacruz? Open 2
How do I capture the lagarious? Open 3
How do i get past barroth? Open 12
How do I kill a Rathian? Open 11
How do i kill Agnaktor? Open 6
How do i kill Gobul? Open 4
How do I unlockthe arena challenges? Open 10
How do you get crowns on large monsters? Open 9
How do you kill the raithan? Open 10
I need cant seem to get the barrozuka barrel from the barroth? Open 5
I need some elder dragonblood. can someone help me hunt Jhen Mohron online? Open 4
I really need to find the fastest, or easiest way to kill lagiacrus? Open 11
Im doing a Lagiacrus Capture Quest?? Open 6
Is there a soft spot under Baroths chin? Open 4
Lagiarus help!? Open 4
Need Help Killing Barroth online? Open 6
Online and Offline Monster Differences? Open 11
Rathalos help? Open 6
Shadow javelin!!!!!!? Open 5
Sns or SA on barroth? Open 19
So...Jhen Mohran...? Open 4
Uragaan? Open 12
wen I fite aktor? Open 4
What armour should i use for these monsters? Open 4
What should I use to kill(Ceadeus)? Open 2
What weapon to use against Ceadeus??? Open 15
What's the best way to fight Jho as 5*? Open 6
whaT? Open 2
Whats the easyest way to kill a barroth offline? Open 4
Why does my weapon bounce on big monsters? Open 9
Item Help status answers
A Faq Plz? Open 5
Activation armor skill? Open 3
Alatreon Metamorph or Devil's Crush (P)? Open 4
Armor defence Resistance VS. skill Resistance? Open 4
Armor sheres? Open 5
Barrel bomb + how can i find???? Open 2
Barrel bomb plus how do i get??? Open 2
Best Pellet Oriented Gun? Open 2
Best weapon for Monster Hunter beginner? Open 6
Best Weapons? Open 4
Bird wing gem? Open 6
Bnahabra armor set? Open 1
Bow guns and armor sets? Open 2
Can Crooked Horns(ceadeus) be gotten from quest rewards? Open 4
Carbolite ore? Open 2
Ceadeus armor with no negative skills? Open 6
Chacha's Pot Mask??? Open 2
deepDragon gem? Open 4
Elemental attacks!? Open 2
Gatherer tome for cha cha? Open 3
Help please? Open 3
Help: great jaggi armour ? Open 6
Herbivore egg location in sandy plains? Open 2
How can I choose fire element for my weapon? Open 3
How can I find the thunderclap? Open 2
How can I get altaroth jaws? Open 3
How can i get ceadeus tail?? Open 4
How can I get Damascus Armor? Open 3
How can i get explorer from eating ? Open 2
How can i get more equipment stols? Open 3
How can i get my assault axe+ have the awakening thing? Open 3
How can I sell items in bulk? Open 2
How can I unlock new equipment? Like armors and weapons? Open 5
How can I use items with a small sword drawn? Open 7
How do i fire a big shot (gunner)? Open 2
How do i get a Bird Wyvern Gem? Open 10
How do I get a veltey hide? Open 3
How do i get barrel bomb+???? Open 3
How do i get Blood Tabar? Open 3
How do i get Chacha's mystery pot mask? Open 3
How do i get Knives??? Open 3
How do i get my fishermen able to go hunting for monsters whenever i want them to not just randomly? Open 5
How do i get the Barioth Switch Axe? Open 4
How do i get very easy items for making Armors? Open 4
How do i make dash juice? Open 2
How do I unlock Gigginox Mail/Vest on my forge list? Open 7
How do I unlock jumping jewel decorations? Open 2
How do i unlock the last bit of uragaan armor? Open 2
How do i unlock the warrior's sword? Open 2
How do i use the fishing fleet???? Open 2
How do you block with a bowgun? Open 4
How do you get more Felynes? Open 2
How do you mine Upper Rank? Open 3
How long does status boosting items last? Open 3
How long does the paintball effect last? Open 2
How much damage does a lance charge attack deliver? Open 3
How much dung can you carry? Open 2
How to equip a powercharm? Open 3
I need armor stones not spheres, where are they found? Open 4
I need barrel bomb+ how do i get it???? Open 2
Ice element and fire element weapons??? Open 2
Im having trouble with my switch axe, HELP PLZ!!? Open 3
Is it ok to use guan dao as a low rank? Open 2
Is the R. Ludroth Crest on His head, or his chest? Open 7
Is there any ways to put awakening power to other armor? Open 1
Jho hammer/Ala hammer???? Open 5
Leader Crests?? Open 2
Long sword ice element? Open 1
Low rank armor to High rank? Open 4
Mega Demon Drug And, Mega Armor Skin? Open 3
Mystery charms? Open 2
Need some help ? Open 4
Perception jewel? Open 1
Possible to mix Uragaan and Gigginox Gunner armor? Open 1
Powercharm question? Open 3
Rath marrow? Open 5
Rathalos shells via subquest? Open 1
Rustshard help? Open 2
Upgrading Helios to Helios+? Open 2
UW ballista ammo? Open 1
Vitality Jewels not showing up? Open 2
Waring armors+ and armors set together? Open 3
Wat is the fastest way for me to get my hr up? Open 4
Were Would i Find Some Kelbi? Open 5
What are insect husk for ? Open 2
What are the chances of getting a Uragaan Ruby? Open 2
What are the combinations for Nutreints, And Demon Drug? Open 2
What are the Longswords available in offline only? Open 1
What are the odds of getting crooked horn and agnakotor claws? Open 1
What are the shining drops? Open 3
What decorations/gems should I use on my armor? Open 2
What do i need for a transportr skilled jewel? Open 2
What do I need to make a shock trap? Open 6
What do the colors next to high grade armor mean? Open 1
What does S+ mean on gunner ammo/skills? Open 3
What Gun would be best for me? Open 1
What is the aqusition rate (drop rate, put it simply) for obtaining an ancient weapon from rust/ancient shards? Open 3
What is the best pierce oriented gun? Open 1
What is the best way of getting Qurupeco scale? Open 4
What is the point of furniture? Open 2
What items can I sell right away? Open 3
What percisely does status attack up do? Open 3
what should I gem in?? Open 3
What weapon would be best for ceadeus? Open 2
What's the best Gunner armor to use besides Ala? Open 2
What's the easiest way to get Baroth parts? Open 1
Whats better. mega demondrug/armorskin ors might/adamant pill? Open 2
When can I unlock the Switch Axe ? Open 2
Where can I find (!!!!ORE!!!! help for high rank)? Open 1
Where can I find (a talisman with +10 dragon resistance)? Open 2
Where can I find (arcus lance)? Open 2
Where can I find (baggi claw)? Open 3
where can i find (Barroth Claw+) ? Open 3
Where can I find (Bird wyverian Gem)? Open 2
Where can I find (bnahabra wings)? Open 5
Where can I find (diablozooka frame)? Open 1
Where can I find (Elder Dragonblood)? Open 4
Where can I find (kings frill)? Open 2
Where can I find (lagiarus horns easily)? Open 3
Where can I find (lightcrystals) easiest? Open 2
Where can I find (Mysterious Light)? Open 2
Where can I find (paralizing weapons)? Open 4
Where can I find (Pitfall trap)? Open 1
Where can I find (Rathian Ruby)? Open 3
Where can I find (Rough Edge)? Open 2
Where can I find (theas items)need expert help? Open 2
Where can I find (uragaan marrow) ? Open 3
Where can I find (Yambug)? Open 5
Where can I find 2 star commodaties? Open 2
Where can I find a bishop talisman with 10+ dragon resistance? Open 3
Where can I find a conquerers seal? Open 3
Where can I find a power seed? Open 2
Where can I find a shark skin? Open 2
Where can I find Altaroth stomach? Open 3
Where can I find barroth scalps? Open 5
Where can I find crooked horns? Open 4
Where can I find herbs or anything to heal me? Open 4
Where can I find high rank items in offline mode? Open 3
Where can I find innapropriate sponge? Open 5
Where can I find Jaggi Hide+? Open 2
Where can I find leaders creast? Open 1
Where can I find monster bone + ? Open 3
Where can I find ore for the smith? Open 3
Where can I find places to mine? Open 2
Where can I find rathalos plate? Open 2
Where can I find Rusted SnS? Open 2
Where can I find shell Shocker? Open 2
Where can I find small bone husk? Open 2
Where can I find Soul Hunter Tags? Open 2
Where can I find Star Commadities for trading? Open 3
Where can I find stoutbone? Open 1
Where can I find the Black Honey outfit for Poogie? Open 3
Where can I find the Blizzard frame? Open 1
where can i find the item Great jaggi claw? where is the monster who drops that item located at? Open 8
Where can I find the shop? Open 2
Where can I find Trap Items? Open 2
Where can i get +/plus materials such as the quality sponge+? Open 3
Where can i get barrel bomb+????? Open 4
Where can I get Dengeki Tickets? Open 2
Where can I get fish finders? Open 2
Where do i find a sunspire? Open 2
Where do I get a Whetstone? Open 6
Where do i get monster bone+? Open 2
Where to carve on jhen moren? How many times? Open 2
Where to find mystery bone x? Open 2
Where to get elderdragon blood!!? Open 5
Wheres Piggie!? Open 3
Which Ice weapon is better against alatreon? Open 3
Which skills are better overall? Open 3
Why did Cha-Cha leave? Open 6
Why i can not forge a long sword? Open 4
Why is the (low rank) lagiacrus head/waist armor not available to forge? Open 3
Wich bowgun set should i use to sleep bomb alatreon? Open 1
Will a combos list be made? Open 2
Will using a Guan Dao make me taller? Open 1
Wyvern claw for rathian greaves? Open 7
Wyvern stone? Open 3
Wyvern stones ? Open 2
Plot Help status answers
Cha cha Where is he? Open 6
How did this happen? Open 1
Hunter Ranks - Online? Offline? Open 4
Strategy Help status answers
Armor for Boss Monsters? Open 5
Armor Problem?? Open 2
Armour For these Longswords and Resistance Question? Open 2
Attack up L/Razor Sharp/Evade+1 possible without a 2 slot Evade +7 talisman? Open 1
Best armor/bowgun setup for Rathian/Rathalos? Open 7
Bowguns and attack up/element attack up? Open 1
Can I get help on a lance set? Open 1
Can you see monster's health? Open 3
Capturing quests only? Open 3
Earplugs / Windproof (Hi) armor combo? Open 3
Elemental resistance against melee attacks? Open 1
Evasion +2 worth it? Open 3
Fate (Great luck) skill for Alatreon quest? Open 2
Full Baggi+ with Crit Draw Gemmed in or Full Dober with Focus Gemmed in? Open 3
Guard up? Open 2
Gunner for sleep bombing? Open 3
Help with Lance Set? Open 5
Hey I have no friends? Open 9
How can I master evade 0 what can I do to improve it? Open 1
How do I make my own shout-outs? Open 2
How do you arm wrestle with the classic controller? Open 2
How do you defeat defeat Jehn Morran? Open 2
How do you sidestep with the Lance? Open 4
How many hours of gameplay does this game have? Open 3
Im trying to make good gunner armor and weapon? Open 1
Is the plume flint (qurupeco hammer) good for capturing a lagiacrus? Open 3
Is there a way to get great luck, carving master, and capture pro at the same time? Open 3
Jhen Mohran- pierce through outter, into inner mouth? Open 1
Knocking Rathalos out of midair? Open 1
Lance Set? Open 1
Now that I made a new armor set, can I sell all the items I needed to make it? Open 4
Problem with the powerups ? Open 1
Questions about KO damage formula? Open 1
Sleep or Paralysis? Open 5
So what are tactics you guys use when fighting monsters? Open 5
Status bowgun combination? Open 1
The strategy for farming mat? Open 3
Vangis (Deviljho) or Lagiacrus? (SA&LS) Open 2
Weapon trade? Open 2
What are the combonations for items you can make? Open 1
What does Divine Whim Skill do? Open 2
What Flame Aura Skill do? Open 4
What is a good set for gs w/o caedus? Open 2
What is best:para bombs or sleep bombs??? Open 5
What is the best armor (High Rank) for a switch axe? Open 3
What is the best armor set for getting the most rewards? Open 2
What is the best jewel decoration to use on barioth equip? Open 1
What is the best setup for Low Rank Helios Armor? Open 4
What is the best strategy for (ceadus)? Open 4
What is the best strategy for gathering high materials? Open 3
What is the best strategy for lagarious? Open 1
What is the best strategy for Lagiacrus and equipment? Open 10
What is the best way to get Free-element? Open 2
What is the best way to obtain fish? Open 4
What items does lasting power affect? Open 2
What would be a better use for a Lagia Sapphire? Open 4
What would be a good strategy for defeating Jhen Moran? Open 2
What's a good combonation?(Bowgun) Open 2
What's the best all around armor set up? Open 2
Which axe should I use on lagiacrus, Bone Axe+ or Assault Axe (barroths axe)? Open 8
Other Help status answers
+ Items?? Open 4
.What is Flame Aura? Open 4
Alatreon Metamorph, Dark Claw Demise, Alatreon Star? Open 4
Alatreon? Open 3
Amber Slash Switchaxe... or Tusk Lance? Open 2
Anybody Found Tri in Knoxville,Tennessee? Open 1
Anyone else have wiispeak? Open 6
Anyone here? Open 3
Anyone want to join me on quest online? Open 3
Anyway to change the setup of the keyboard? Open 1
Are online and offline seperate? Open 2
Are there any cool glitches or secrets that annyone has found? Open 2
Armor skills? Open 2
Auto defense gem works on sword mode with SA? Open 3
Awakening armor help? Open 3
Awards Help? Open 2
Best method for fighting raithain ? Open 6
Best way to repel the sea creature the first time? Open 3
Blast piercing?\ Open 1
Blue sharpness level? Open 1
Bow gun set bonus? Open 1
Bowgun Combo? Open 1
Bowgun help? Open 1
Bowguns? Open 1
Can I beat him? Open 4
Can I get Sharpness +1 and Critical draw offline? or good GS offline sets? Open 2
Can I have some English speaking people on the european Server to play with me? Open 3
Can i hunt monsters online that im supose to hunt offline? Open 5
Can people with japenese version play with people that have the english version online? Open 1
Can you create your own character? Open 3
Can you finish a hunting (killing a monster) quest by capturing it? Do you still get reward? Open 4
Can you get a gold crown monster offline? Open 2
Can you rename the pet pig or the farm Felynes? Open 2
Can you sever a tail with a hammer? Open 2
Can you take a screenshot in game? Open 1
Can you use the d-nator in the arena quests? Open 4
Can't use desert island shortcuts....Why? Open 2
Cha-Cha has gone? Open 3
Cha-Cha Question?? Open 2
Clans? Open 2
Controller? Open 2
Could this set last me last me until endgame / near endgame? Open 2
Critical draw and hammer? Open 2
Critical hit? Open 1
Djin (Sword and shield) or Red Bludgeon (Hammer)? Open 6
Do quests ever end? Open 3
Do you have to pat or anything to play online? Open 2
Do you know any armor combo with these skills? Open 2
Do you need online connection to do online quests? Open 4
Do your crops still get farmed while your online? Open 1
Does anyone know whats up with the online after quest cut off? Open 1
Does the bnhabrah armor have a full armor set? Open 4
Does the japenese have an english setting??? Open 3
Does the para multipier work on bombs? Open 1
Dragonator Damage? Open 2
Easy way to get aknaktor armor ? Open 3
Exchange friendcodes? Open 3
Fire tempest? Open 1
For Longsword, is it better to gem lagi armor for Attack up(L) or Crit Eye +3? Open 2
Forge a weapon? Open 2
Ghost character in volcano area? Open 1
Gobul ? Open 2
Gun or sword? which yu prefer for a true game experience?switching up is a good challange Open 1
Hack? How? Open 4
Hammer With Elements Good? Open 2
Health Upgrading? Open 4
Helios/Helios+ Awakening? Open 1
Help getting past HR8? Open 2
Help online? Open 1
Help with HR? Open 1
Help? Open 5
Hey is this game worth getting? Open 7
High rank armor question? Open 4
High Rank...? Open 3
How can I recieve the Explorer Food Skill (Online)? Open 4
How can I stun kelbis with a hammer? Open 7
How can I unlock LS? Open 2
How can i unlock monster stuff+? Open 2
How do I Equip The Pickax And The Trorch At The same time? Open 2
How do I get Cha Cha to use his mask "power"? Open 3
How do I get HG plugs? Open 1
How Do I get Luminous Organ? Open 2
How do I get monsters I defeated to appear in my monster list? Open 3
How do i get the Barioth quest? Open 2
How do I get the Elem. and Affinity percentage ? Open 1
How do i get the long sword? Open 5
How do i get the wyvern blade (fire)? Open 4
How do i get to the tundra to get lsisium? Open 2
How do I max out the Bee hive? Open 2
How do I skip the multiplayer opening cutscene? Open 2
How do I turn in completed quests? Open 1
How do I unlock a slot for the False Felyne Mask so I can put bombardier skill on Cha-Cha? Open 3
How do I unlock more monsters? Open 2
How do I unlock online Royal Ludroth Arena? Open 2
How do u get deepdragon Gem? Open 4
How do u get more quests in the arena? Open 2
How do you change your class? Open 2
How do you get to area 11 in Sandy Plains? Open 2
How do you request an armour set? Open 2
How do you unlock Dioblos+ Mail? Open 2
How do you unlock guild+? Open 2
How long is the invincibility window? Open 2
How many glitches are in monster hunter tri and can you name them all and how can I get into them? Open 1
How much is the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) going to be for MH3 in Australia? Open 1
How old is Lord Grahf? Open 3
How or when can i unlock grade three weapons in monster hunter tri? Open 2
How should i fight the Agnaktor? Open 2
How should you gear for battles, medium bowgun? Open 3
How to access moga village's high rank quests? Open 2
how to check my HR? Open 3
How to get the other areas after 7? Open 2
How to Kill Rathalos/Rathian and Gypceros? Open 2
How to unlock agnaktor low rank quest? Open 1
How to upgrade the Farm ? Open 2
Hunter's Notes? Open 2
I can't pick up items from slayed monters? Open 2
I dont see event quests in the tarvern/online? Open 1
I need armor and bouwgun combination? Open 2
I need some help beating rathlos....heres the question mark gamefaqs(?) Open 4
I was wondering about the controller layouts and which controls can you use? Open 2
In online mode, can you make and create your own character/name? Open 2
Is it affinety? Open 2
Is it possible to get both critical draw and punishing draw? If so which armor combination gives these skills? Open 4
Is it true? Open 3
Is the going to be an Monster hunter 3 demo? Open 6
Is there actually any cheats for this game? Open 2
Is there another place to ask questions/recruit? Open 1
Is there any way to delete online profile? Open 2
Is there going to be another Jhen morhan event quest? Open 3
Is this game worth a buy? Open 5
Jhen mohran? Open 4
Just for fun.....has anybody met me before,my name is miller? Open 2
Key quests to unlock urgent for 5* quests? Open 1
KO damage and Punishing draw? Open 1
Lagiacrus horns? Open 4
Large monsters on Moga Woods? Open 1
Meal menu doesn't show up online sometimes? Open 2
Monster Hunter 3 wii speak? Open 4
Monster Hunter Tri Cha Cha Question? Open 2
Monster Hunter Wii game-play? Open 1
Multiplayer question? Open 2
Need a fire weapon thats easy to make bfefore fighting legis ? Open 3
Need armor help? Open 2
Need Players(?) Open 3
Offline Hall??? Open 1
Online Filipino Hunters? Open 1
Online help? Open 2
Online mode? Open 1
Online titles ie: -dark cloud-? Open 2
Online???? Open 3
Pick up issues ..."is it just me or is this a game issue?" Open 1
Pls can you tell me the complete set items for all barrioth set?!? Open 4
Power vs. Attack? Open 1
Psp monsters in this game? Open 2
Quest problem? Open 2
Questions that i need to know? Open 2
Rage Match Time? Open 1
Ranks ? other City/village? Open 1
Raw damage?? Open 2
Rust/worn.. farming!? Open 3
Same file for multiplayer? Open 1
Should I choose Soldier's Dagger or Hunter's Dagger? Open 2
Should I get Great Inceadeus or Great Demonbind? Open 7
Sleep Bomb Best Bowgun??? Open 1
Smithy has the long sword but there's nothing there what do i do? Open 2
Sns or bowgun? Open 1
The next upgrades? Open 2
The release? Open 3
The uragaan? Open 2
Theres a glitch when checkin out the boxes at the camp for the 1st quest that wont let you back out. What do I do? Open 2
Trading Points for Items with Village Cheif's Son? Open 2
Trading Post? Open 1
Unlock grudge matches? Open 2
Updates? Open 1
Voyage aid? Open 1
Weapon 4 Lagiacrus ? Open 2
Weapon 4 Los? Open 2
Weapon 4 Rathalos????? Open 5
Weird signs? Open 2
Well only need 5 armors for offline. Are they worth it? Open 4
Wepons.....? Open 2
What are skills? Open 3
What are the altaroth jaw used for? Open 1
What are the best decorations in the game? Open 1
What does leveling up affect? Open 2
What does status attack down mean? Open 3
What does TC stand for? Open 3
What does the 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 multipliers mean in Lord Grahf's Damage formula FAQ? - in the Greatsword section Open 1
What exactly does evasion stat do? Open 2
What is a good armor set that goes well with lance? Open 1
What is dueling ? Open 3
What is Potential? Open 2
What is some good armor for lances? Open 3
What is the difference between cold cancel/heat cancel hi and low? Open 3
What is this game all about? Open 4
What items do wide-range work with? Open 2
What to wear with Diablos Armor? Open 3
What's about armor? Open 3
What's the difference between the defense up and protection skills? Open 3
Whats a pinnacle? Open 4
Whats the deal about Guilds/Clans? Open 3
When do I unlock ?$!??*^? Open 5
When does the half day jhen+ event quest start/end? Open 2
When is the Gobul? Open 4
When underwater, does your character some sort of breathing device? Open 5
Where can I find a beginners guide? Open 2
Where's the Old Desert in MHFU? Open 3
Which is the best armor to get awakening and/or handicraft and/or sharpness? Open 2
Which weapon is better? Open 4
Why are clans stupid? And why do people hate them? Open 2
Why cant i use counter? Open 2
Why don't people use the board more? Open 4
will we ever get DS GL HH? Open 6

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