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                              Monster Hunter Tri
                               Sword and Shield 
---------------------------------By SuperRazu----------------------------------
                             All rights reserved.
                           Copyright 2010 Chris G.

Contact info: superrazu@gmail.com

Version 1.0
Version 2.0 (05/07/2010) - added boss monster tactics,
                                 Sns upgrade tree recommendations,
                                 some more tips,
                                 a little tweaking and minor add-ons
Version 2.1 (05/13/2010) - added R-stick control scheme
                                 minor add-ons
                           updated Boss Tactics
Version 2.2 (06/15/2010) - added an underwater attack I forgot to mention,
                                 more tips
                           updated Boss Tactics

*******************************About this Guide********************************

   This is a weapon guide in Monster Hunter Tri (and once you try it, you'll
be hooked) centralized on the Sword and Shield. This guide is intended for
people who want to get acquainted with this weapon type. I will not be telling
you any damage formula for this weapon and I will also not be telling you how 
to play the Sword and Shield henceforth (Sns) but what I will tell you are 
different strategies you can use with Sns. Even though I will tell you
the different ways to play with this weapon the best strategy is YOUR strategy,
so be creative, and besides, thats what makes this game fun.

   Ever since the original Monster Hunter I have loved the Sns and have always
thought to myself how EXTREMELY underrated this fine piece of equipment is.
With all the talk of "tiers" and "best" weapon it always seems to be that Sns
is at the bottom and I am here to tell you that tiers are for queers and you
should play with what ever weapon is fun; and for myself, it is the Sns.
After searching gamefaqs throughout the monster hunter series I believe that
there is one other Sns guide and it is from MHF and I am surprised that there
was only one other, so this shall be the second Sns guide ever.
What I want is to see more Sns users but not to the point of overration
like the Lance, GS, or LS.

   This by the way is my first guide and most of these strategies are based on 
the online perspective but will include a brief segment in offlining with Sns.
Please tell me if there are any mistakes or how I can improve on this guide.

** In youtube, my friend Will R. has some videos and the link to this guide
on his video description. His channel in youtube is: ihaveabeak.
In some of the vids I am not in there. My player name is Ujio.

***************************** Table of Contents *******************************
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--------------------------Section 1: Intro------------------------------------- 

<1.1> - What is the Sword and Shield

<1.2> - Pros and Cons

<1.3> - Why use this weapon

<1.4> - Controls and Attacks

--------------------------Section 2: Time to Rock------------------------------

<2.1> - Offline

--------------------------Section 3: Time to Rock AND Roll---------------------

<3.1> - Online Weapon Etiquette

<3.2> - Strategies
      <3.21> - Classic Infighting
      <3.22> - Support Fighting
      <3.23> - Sleep Bombing

<3.3> - Boss Tactics
      <3.3A> Great Jaggi and Great Baggi
      <3.3B> Qurupeco
      <3.3C> Royal Ludroth
      <3.3D> Barroth
      <3.3E> Gobul
      <3.3F> Rathian
      <3.3G> Rathalos
      <3.3H> Diablos
      <3.3I> Barioth
      <3.3J> Uragaan
      <3.3K> Lagiacrus
      <3.3L> Gigginox
      <3.3M> Agnaktor
      <3.3N> Deviljho
      <3.3O> Ceadeus
      <3.3P> Jhen Mohran  (that is the letter "O" if searching)
      <3.3Q> Alatreon

<3.4> - Tips

<3.5> - Sword and Shield Weapon Tree Recommendations

<3.6> - FAQ's (will be included if people ask me to)

--------------------------Section 4: Acknowledgements and Legal Stuff----------

<4.1> - Acknowledgements
<4.2> - Disclaimer

********************************** Intro **************************************

<1.1>                   What is the Sword and Shield

   The Sword and Shield is the default weapon in all Monster Hunter series. It 
is the fastest weapon type now since dual swords have been taken out. It has
a shield for blocking and when drawn has the highest mobility of any weapon. 
This weapon is also the most underrated and most unpopular gear throughout
the series being overshadowed by the Lance, GreatSword (GS), and now the
LongSword (LS) which are all seen EVERYWHERE online.

<1.2>                          Pros and Cons

     - highest mobility of all weapons
     - best element/attribute dealers
     - quick hits that can combo
     - can block without sharpness reduction
     - can attack while blocking
     - has both cut and impact (KO) damage
     - fast unsheathe/ sheathe action
     - can use items when ever you want
     - most versatile weapon
     - doesn't bounce as much as other weapons 

     - weak hits
     - CRAPPY tailcutter
     - short reach
     - combo too much and you will get punished
     - a whetstone eater
     - not really a good offline/ solo weapon (in terms of time efficiency)

   Hmm... I don't see why it is unpopular but hey, it's the way it is

<1.3>                       Why Use This Weapon

   Why not use it? With all the overrated and overused weapons out there, be
different. (I'm not saying they are bad weapons because they are all good)
This is my favorite weapon because it is simply awsome. As you saw
in the Pros and Cons section, the pros much outweigh the cons and it is 
relatively easy to use and most of all, it is fun running around everything
and doing constant damage. This may be a bad comparison but: You are like
a mosquito which annoys anything, seemingly harmless and small, but even
mosquitos can kill with deadly efficiency. This is what an Sns user is to any

<1.4>                       Controls and Attacks

   I use the PSP style controls on the CC with Swim controls set on Type 2.
I have also included R-stick controls for those who want to go old school.

|                                 Attacks                                     |
| Unsheathe Attack      ||  X while moving           | R-up while moving      |
| Jumping Slash         ||  X + A                    | R-down                 |
| Rising Slash          ||  L-stick + X              | L-stick + R-up         |
| Standard Combo        ||  X 2x                     | R-up 2x                |
| Full Standard Combo   ||  X after Standard Combo   | R-up after Standard    |
| Side-Up Slash         ||  A 2x                     | R-left 2x              |
| Shield Bash           ||  L-stick + A              | R-right                |
| Round Slash           ||  (+) button               | X                      |
| Guard Slash           ||  X while blocking         | R-up while blocking    |
| Insta-Guard           ||  R + X + A                | same buttons           |
| Roll and Slash        ||  X after dodge            | R-up after dodge       |
| Use Item              ||  R + Y (when drawn)                                |
| - After Standard Combo you can combo into Full Standard                     |
|                                           Side-Up Slash                     |
|                                           Shield Bash                       |
|                                           Round Slash                       |
|                                                                             |
| - After Full Standard you can combo into Side-Up Slash                      |
|                                          Shield Bash                        |
|                                          Round Slash                        |
|                                                                             |
| - After Side-Up or Shield Bash you can combo into Round Slash               |
|                                                                             |
| - After doing Roll and Slash you can combo into Standard then whatever      |

|                           Underwater Attacks                                |
| Water Standard Combo  ||  X 3x                | R-up 3x                     |
| Water Side Slash      ||  A or R + A          | R-left                      |
| Water Bash to Slash   ||  L-stick + A         | R-right                     |
| Water Dash Slash      ||  X + A               | R-down                      |
| Water Round Slash     ||  (+) button          | X                           |
| - During or after Water Standard you can combo into Water Side Slash        |
|                                                  or Water Bash to Slash     |
|                                                                             |
| - Water Bash to Slash makes you rise in elevation underwater                |

****************************** Time to Rock ***********************************

<2.1>                            Offline

   In offline you start of with the Sns equiped and a GS in your box. In the 
beggining you might want to start off by using the Sns and throughout your
progression upgrading the GS. Once you get a decent GS or weapon of your 
choice you can then start killing things faster for materials. Once you get a 
good Sns you should be able to deal with most things. Remember, in offline 
you won't be able to cut tails as good as some other weapons but if your main
goal is to kill everything then it should be fine. This was how I started
my game and now I am in the process of collecting all the Sns since I know
have a decent "power" weapon like the Lance and LS. Again like I said, this
guide is focused on the online perspective of Sns usage but the best strategy
in offline that I can think of is sleep bombing (see strategies) but you
first must have an ample amount of materials to make bombs and money and a
sleep attribute Sns.

************************** Time to Rock AND Roll ******************************

<3.1>                     Online Weapon Etiquette

   Finally we're in the meat of this guide but before you get to taste anything
I first have to tell you a few things... PLEASE USE WEAPON ETIQUETTE. I know
this is an Sns guide but I will include the other weapons so you know proper
weapon etiquette; we do NOT want to be the stupid GS user who upswings or
or the stupid Hammer user who mega pounds. Besides, doing those "anti-player"
moves may just lead them to their death and trust me, I have been victim to
this AND have seen other people dying because some fool launched them.
There is only ONE time these anti-player moves should be used and that is
when you are trying to save a buddy. 

Sns - Be wary of the final hit in Full Standard because it will launch other
      players and I believe the second hit in the Shield Bash will also
      launch other people.

GS - Do not upswing people.

LS - Try not to interrupt people by this weapons extreme horizontal moves, and
     LS is pretty etiquette friendly as compared to other weapons.

Lance - Do not lance charge people.

Hammer - Do not golf swing, unsheathe attack, and mega pound when near people.

SA - Do not upswing and burst finish people.

Bowguns - Do not use pellets on people.

<3.2>                           Strategies

   Ah yes, now its time to take a big juicy bite from that Monster Burger 
(refrencing Ironbeard haha) this is what most of you should have been 
anticipating: the Strategies section. In this section I will include my normal
playstyles with the Sns because these are what work for me and in my mind
are the most efficient ways with dealing with boss monsters. I have friends
who play this game and typically the team set-up is [ Sns, LS, Gun, any other]
and really the Sns is a support style weapon so I find that to maximize
efficiency, bring an Sns with paralize or poison and let the power weapons
do most of the damage. Now remember, these are MY strategies and they work
for ME, YOU yourself should try and make your own style because what works for
me may not work for you. My intention is for you to have a little look see
at how good the Sns really is, help you use this weapon, and give you some
insight on how to use it. 

   <3.21>                   Classic Infighting

      Classic Infighting, this is how the Sns should be used all the time
   anywhere. For new players this might be difficult because it requires you
   to already have some experience with the monster's attacks but once you
   know its attack patterns, use this style. This style, like it suggests,
   is when you fight within the monsters attack range for a longer period
   of time than other weapons because Sns is NOT a hit n run weapon.
   Do short combos so that you do not get punished when you are on the
   offensive. When being defensive make use of your dodge and block. The
   dodge in MH3 unlike in previous MH's has what I think a WIDE and I mean
   WIDE time frame for invincibility so dodging at the right time will make
   you stay in close range for much longer than blocking so utilize the 
   dodge and hack away. That little sheild is only to be used defensively
   in times of an emergency when you know you cannot dodge the incoming
   attack because it takes away alot of stamina and pushes you out of range.
   What I think is the best improvement on the Sns is its new
   sheild bash attack, use it! when you are infighting and the monster's 
   head is within range because it will make it dizzy if done enough.

      Personal experience - I have seen in previous MH's, especially in MH1,
   that people like to use Sns as a hit n run weapon, and guess what, IT ISNT.
   It is not a GS people, which is probably the best hit n run weapon, it is 
   an Sns and you must stay on the offensive because unlike GS which can do
   more damage with one hit than an Sns can with 12 hits, it can afford a 
   hit n run playstyle. Keep attacking, short combo -> dodge -> short combo ->
   dodge -> short combo. You have to be forever offensive and for those who
   are thinking dodging and blocking are not offensive actions, they are.
   Using real life concepts, dodging is offensive when you are trying to 
   position yourself at a more advantageous position which is what you are 
   doing because you want to stay within range and blocking is offensive
   when it is a setup for a counter attack which unfortunatly Sns cannot do
   but big brother Lance can. My philosophy is the best defense is a good
   offense in everything, be it video games or real life because you want
   to end the fight fast and quick if not you are losing time and resources.
   Ok back to MH, like I said, be forever offensive and stick to that monster
   like white on rice but you also can't be stupid and take hits so pay
   close attention to the monster's movements and dodge. Oh yeah I almost
   forgot a very important aspect: the approach. This is universal in 
   everything we do as human beings, so speaking of this game, DO NOT rush
   in towards a monster only to do an Unsheathe attack and getting hit before
   you actaully land a hit. Find that one opening and bring the hurt, patience
   will reward you.

   <3.22>                    Support Fighting

      Support Fighting is usually used on those ********* monsters who just
   annoy the hell out of you and probably most people. This is where the Sns
   really shines because they are the best element/ attribute blader weapons.
   All those fast quick hits mean that they have the best chance of inflicting
   their attribute and can fairly para/psn/slp in a short amount of time.
   Basically once you get used to Infighting you can start to really help
   out the team by bringing an attribute Sns. Like I said, the Infighting 
   strategy is the basis of my playstyle so I also developed a Support style
   which by the way, makes the fight easier than bringing a RAW powered Sns.
   This style is just branching off of Infighting with the only change is 
   the equipment.

      Personal experience - This is my sunshine. In a group, people will be
   thanking you like crazy. The thing I like to do is to bring a para Sns
   and just para the hell out of the monster. In one quest, you alone 
   should be able to inflict your attribute at least three times if you 
   Infight. Another reason why its my sunshine is that when paralyzed you
   can start bashing the head and again, you alone should make it dizzy 
   at least two times. What does this mean? It means you are the cause of
   the monsters demise. In terms of comparison you are that annoying bug
   that distracts the monster and while its distracted a freight train 
   (your power weapon buddies) runs it over... that is the easiest way
   I can explain this strategy. Now your probably thinking "how about if
   there are two Sns?" well you know what, its going to get infliced much
   faster and if both Sns have para, both can start bashing the head. Now 
   as of four Sns I do not know because its pretty rare to actually find
   four people who use it on a regular basis like me and my friends are 
   not really into Sns too much (as in they have some but they don't use it)
   and I never really asked them to do it because it might not be so 

   <3.23>                    Sleep Bombing 

      Sleep Bombing, now this is the best strategy I can think of for
   offlining. You get a sleep attribute Sns first and alot of bombs and
   materials needed to combine to make the bombs. Putting the monster to
   sleep is harder than it seems because you have to be really careful not
   to put in an extra hit so the best way is to do the Unsheathe/ Jumping
   attack then the Round Slash and repeat but you still have to react if you
   manage to sleep it after the Unsheath/ Jumping attack. Next you lay large
   bombs (better if you have (+) bombs) on its weak spot or on the spot
   where you want to break. Now this part is CRUCIAL, you want to detonate 
   the bombs first and not the monster, infact, DON'T touch the monster at
   all. If you plan to use small bombs to detonate make sure that it is far 
   enough so that only the edge of the blast radius hits the large bombs. 
   If you're planning to use something else, just make sure to hit the 
   bombs and not the monster. This strategy is very expensive and not fun
   but if you just want to kill it straight up then by all means do it.

      Personal experience - I do not really do this alot mainly because it's
   boring and not fun but it is really good against armored monsters.
   This can also be substituted as Sleep Charging. Instead of bombs, one of
   your buddies could be a super steroid taking GS user and just Charge Slash
   the sleeping monster. 

<3.3>                          Boss Tactics

   These boss tactics were sourced from the way I fight them. There may be
better ways to tackle these monsters with the Sns but until I find them or
invent an easier way, these tactics are the best I can come up with right now.

These are all from personal experience.

   <3.3A>                Great Jaggi and Great Baggi

      The Great Jaggi and Great Baggi are the monsters who have replaced
   the 'dromes from previus MH's. They have similar attacks and that is why
   I catagorized them in the same subsection.

      These guys are super easy with the Sns. There really is no tactic 
   against these guys simply because they... are just no threat. The only
   thing you need to watch out for are their attacks, specifically the
   tail whip where they do it two times and that body slam. You are an Sns
   so you should be dodging after every combo you do which renders almost
   all their attacks useless. The G.Baggi's sleeping spit thing shouldn't
   even hit you because you are dodging alot anyways but be wary of the small
   ones, they can still get you if you don't have position awareness.

      Their weak spot is the head so try and hit it whenever possible.

   <3.3B>                        Qurupeco

      Just Infight this thing, it's also not much of a threat. Watch out for
   that one move where it breathes a puff of fire and the tail whip where 
   it does it two times and you should be good. This thing is also a punk 
   because it might call for other monsters to join the fight so if you see 
   one, just run. I tell you to run because when Infighting you can't really 
   see whats going on because all you see is whatever color the monster is.

      It's weak spot is the head and throat area. Whenever it does a call
   it sometimes lowers its head just enough for you to reach it but it
   will raise it back up in a few seconds. When it calls it may also puff
   up its throat and turns red, this is your time for good hits on the throat.

   <3.3C>                      Royal Ludroth

      Also not much of a threat but you have to be more vigilant fighting
   this thing as compared to the Qurupeco because it might do a random
   body roll if you don't know what to look for (usually it lifts its head up
   and faces in the direction its going to roll, you usually have about two
   seconds to react). That is really the only move to watch out for because
   you're in CQC (close quarters combat).

      The weak spot is its spongy mane and tail area. Pretty easy to tailcut
   this guy and you should be safe from that body roll. Getting the mane
   is also easy but you have to watch its movements so it doesn't hit you.

   <3.3D>                         Barroth

      Now this is the first monster that requires a tactic. This thing is 
   fast, moves around alot, and armored. You want to get and stay behind it
   because it doesn't have any serious attacks from behind. Once behind it, 
   attack its butt so you don't bounce. If you're caught staring at its face,
   be prepared to block because it will most likely charge at you. You can 
   evade the charge but it's safer to block because sometimes it cannot turn
   sharply and at times it can turn sharply so might as well be safe. 
   When underneath it attacking, be careful of tail whips and body slams
   because the tail whip might hit you and the body slam will hit you if
   you're underneath it.

      The arms and tail are the weak spots. To get the arm you need to be
   pretty accurate in your line of attack or else you'll bounce of its head or
   front part of its legs. And the tail, well, leave that to the tailcutters
   because it is simply too high for you to reach it and not worth the trouble
   of sacrificing damage or sacrificing status infliction for it. If 
   paralyzed you might be able to some good hits on the tail.

   <3.3E>                          Gobul

      First of all I suggest you get frogs (D.Island-Area 10-Infinite gather).
   Now fish this thing out because it is way easier on land than it is in 

      Land - On land this thing is really easy and you can cut its tail
   since it's at the right height. Still use caution and be more conservative
   on Infighting Gobul because it likes to attack alot. Be careful of all its 
   attacks because they hurt. If your trying to get the tail, pay special
   attention to its tail, if it lifts it up and stays there for about a 
   second, then MOVE because a tail whip that can paralyze you might and
   more likely will be coming. If caught on its side, be careful of the
   spiked body roll (you'll see its spikes spike out more and it's 
   looking at the attack direction).

      Water - This thing likes to charge and do sudden chomps so when you're
   not attacking you might want to be guarding. To approach it underwater
   you have to be careful because it just might randomly attack you. I usually
   approach with the Sns drawn for an easier block, if not, sprint swim at 
   it and attack right after it has finished a move. Attacks to watch out for
   are the vacuum move where after digging under gound it pops out its head
   and starts vacuuming in a 45 or 40 degree angle and its spikey forward
   roll. It can also do its para-tail whip but it really shouldn't be a problem
   underwater because you'll be trying to hit the lantern, face, or belly
   anyways. When underground stay away from it because it might paralyze you
   when it pops out.

      Weak spots are the lantern, belly, and face. Sns can only really hit the
   lantern underwater and you have to be careful for its attack; same goes
   for the face area. The belly can really only be hit underwater and is still
   pretty hard to so stick with the lantern and face.

   <3.3F>                         Rathian

      Alot of dodging against this thing. Attack either the legs or the head/
   neck area if possible. While Infighting you really have to be vigilant, 
   yet again most of the time you'll be running either to avoid an attack
   or getting back into to range because this thing moves. Watch out for
   tail whips, charges, and the dreaded poison flip; these moves are the Sns's
   enemy when fighting Rathians especially the poison flip, if you see it 
   coming, you best get out of the way because if you're hit it does alot
   of damage and the poison lasts a good amount of time. Try approaching
   from behind, that way if your back enough it won't hit you when it charges
   but at a cost of less reaction time for the poison flip. Once you know how
   the Rathian moves and prepares its attacks it is fairly easy; like the 
   poison flip, you have about a second or two to get out of the way when it
   is about to do it. Note that while in the air it can double poison flip
   so be on guard. Speaking air, when it's in the air the only place you can
   really hit is the tail but most likely your buddies would have already
   cut it off.

      The head, belly, and neck are its weak points. If one of your buddies
   are carrying around a Hammer, then try and paralyze the Rathian to give the
   strongest weapon class free hits on the head for massive damage, hell, you 
   can even help out with the impact damage to the head to make it dizzy

   <3.3G>                         Rathalos

      Ah, the trademark monster of Monster Hunter. Similar to fighting the
   Rathian but with a few differences. Running, you are going to run ALOT when 
   fighting this thing more so than the Rathian. While on the ground nearly 
   all of its moves are effective against Sns, in fact, Rathalos is one of
   those 'Sns unfriendly' monsters, actually it just might be the worst 
   matchup for the Sns. It is constantly in the air half the time where the
   tail is the only thing you can hit and again, it probably has already been
   cut off. Flash bombs are a very very good way to ground the Rathalos and 
   probably the only way to get good hits on it.

      The weak spot is the head. Like with the Rathian, paralyzing it helps 
   not only you but your other buddies get good hits in. Getting the 
   Rathalos head is very risky because like I said, nearly all its attacks
   are effective against the Sns so excersise extreme caution if you plan
   to attack that part.

      This is the monster I have trouble Sns-ing with the most and am still
   trying to find a good tactic against it without the use of items.

   <3.3H>                         Diablos

      Possibly one of the most annoying monsters to fight voted by many
   players. Not only does it have an annoying roar that sounds more like
   a creepy scream that makes your hunter cover his ears for what seems like
   forever, it is always mad which upgrades its strength and speed by alot.
   Personally, I think the Diablos got easier to fight; I don't know why but
   it just feels easier compared to previous MH's especially from MH1 where
   just asking for a Diablos quest would make people leave the city
   (Four Horns in particular).

      Attack the legs, this is the only thing you can actually hit but some
   attacks can hit its belly like the Side-Up; I like going for the right
   foot.Be careful of the body slam,and its new horn attack that he can 
   sometimes double up on. The horn attack is two hits, major damage from
   the horn and secondary damage from its tail.

      Weak spots are its chest and the bottom side of the tail through its
   butt. As a Sns the only time you can get clean hits on those areas are
   when the Diablos falls down.

   ! The use of Sonic Bombs greatly helps when it digs but only when it is!
   ! not mad !

   <3.3I>                         Barioth

      This game's super fast monster with a moveset similar to the
   Naruga of the Freedom series. This is probably the fastest and most mobile
   monster of this game. The Sns has a pretty good matchup against this thing
   because its basically speed vs speed so you should be able to keep up
   with it. I strongly suggest that you cut off its spikes on its wings,
   doing so will make it substantially slower. It's best to attack from the 
   side so the only threat is a tail whip.
      The head is the weak spot but since this thing likes to jump around
   you can probably only get about two hits unless it's just idling.

   <3.3J>                         Uragaan

      Basically a Barroth on steroids with very predictable attacks.
   Use the same strategy as with the Barroth. Pretty easy because it doesn't
   move as much as the Barroth but what it trades for speed is its strong
   attacks, as an Sns the only move to be wary of is the body slam and 
   maybe the tail whip. !CAUTION! When it goes 'out' of the area it's actually
   going to do an all area rollout so I suggest you get out of the area
   and watch the painted Uragaan (assuming you painted it) until it stops
   moving then you can reenter the area. That move alone killed me four times
   in the first two times I fought it so I'm giving you a heads up.

      The belly is the weak spot but like the Diablos, you won't be able to
   reach it efficiently.

   <3.3K>                        Lagiacrus

      The cover monster for Tri which possibly indicates a revamp and a fresh
   new take on the MH franchise.

      Water - Once you get used to its attack patterns you should realize
   it has the same exact moves as a Royal Ludroth, just faster, bigger, and
   stronger with its own original attacks. Don't get picky on where to 
   attack this thing because if you do, it's going to be one long fight for
   you. Its electrical shocks should be avoided if possible mainly because
   it just might be its strongest moves. When this thing turns it does
   minor damage to you but this will add up if you don't do anything and just
   sit there hacking away (mainly if your up near the chest area). Once 
   you've fought it enough it will become easy.

      Land - WOW... Lagiacrus just became a sitting duck. Its attacks are
   so easy to read and dodge that, by now, you won't be hit even if your
   pulling an all-nighter with no sleep for 20 hours just running on energy
   drinks. Easy tailcut now due to the fact that you no longer have to 
   adjust elevation like in the water. Just attack and trust me you ARE going
   to see it starting a move and by the time it does it, your out of the way.
   Flash bombs are ridiculously good on a grounded Lagiacrus so if you
   hate fighting this thing, ta-da, flash bombs are your trump card.

      Its weak points are the chest and head. Underwater these parts are 
   risky to go for if you are not short comboing. On land, however, the chest 
   is easy pickings, just don't get too up in the moment to not even see an
   incoming attack.

   <3.3L>                        Gigginox

      What a joke, supposedly related to the Khezu of previous MH's, this 
   thing would put shame and dishonor to the Khezu's heritage line.

      This, by far, is the easiest upper Boss monster ever. It is slow,
   it is predictable, and just plain disgusting. The only possible threat
   this thing presents to an Sns user is the poison body slam. After fighting
   Gigginox for the first time and getting hit by the poison body slam for
   the first time you will never fall for that attack again unless you get 
   stuck under it or combo'd to much; it has a very long startup and that's
   your queue to roll away as fast as you can. Bring antidotes just in case.
   Attack whenever possible.

      Weak spots are the belly and head. I think you just attack the body
   to hit the belly; it should be relatively safe, just keep a look out for
   that poison body slam. Getting the head is much riskier in my opinion
   because it may do a random charge at you (while its charge is slow, you
   won't be able to react fast enough to dodge it if you're that close to it)
   and it might do its extend-o head sweep.

   <3.3M>                        Agnaktor

      Just like a grounded Lagiacrus but faster. It has the same moves
   with unique ones of its own. Some of its attacks can cause you to be on
   fire so you can basically stop-drop-n-roll to fix it. Don't even try
   attacking this thing when the lava hardens to form its armor, it's just
   a waste of time, sharpness, and you might get hit after bouncing off of it.
   When it does its death beam YOU CANNOT BLOCK IT so what I seem to think 
   is the best way to avoid it is keep on doing what your supposed to do, be
   at close range as in right next to it. When it goes underground do 
   your best to avoid it (I can't elaborate on how to avoid it because it
   seems that it does random attacks when underground).

      When it goes underground you can use Sonic Bombs and will have the same
   affect as with the Diablos. Thanks to Tobi O. for this.

      The chest is the weak spot. As this monster is a faster version of 
   Lagiacrus, you can't just hack away at the chest like you could so have
   more vigilance. 

   <3.3N>                        Deviljho

      Go for the legs and try to stay behind it, if you do this, DJ (what I 
   like to call him) is pretty easy at least I think so. Beware of his super
   stomp with his right foot, there is a very large time frame for you to get
   away when he prepares for this attack so it should be easy to avoid
   (truthfully I have never gotten hit by it but it looks like it does a lot
   of damage so take precaution).

      The belly is its weak spot I believe but usually these things are so
   big I cant find a way to hit it while it stands so hack away at the legs.
   <3.3O>                        Ceadeus (Offline)

      Can be the offline equavalent of Lao but underwater.

      You simply attack like no tomorrow until you get to the final area.
   At the final area go use the dragonator right away which should be just 
   up ahead and wait for Ceadeus to be right next to you and press the nator
   button. After natoring go look for ballistas and there should be a gathering
   place for underwater ballista ammo very near the ballistas and fire away.
   Very easy fight.
      The weak spot is its beard so really you just attack him.

   <3.3P>                        Jhen Mohran

      The 'Lao' of Tri. Personally I don't like Jhen but hey, it gives awsome
   looking armor and weapons but I still like Lao's equipment better.

      Really... You can come into this fight with the default Hunter's Knife
   and still kill it with a group of four people. You just shoot at this thing
   so no tactics are required.

      If you did want to Sns it in the second part then I'm sorry, after I get
   a better Sns I will do just that and tell you the tactics but as of now
   you'll have to wait for a future update.

    <3.3Q>                        Alatreon

      Personally I think it has the most visually entertaining attacks in all
   of Monster Hunter but quite frankly it's pretty easy once you know how it

      The only safe spot while attacking I can come up with is to hit its rear
   legs and even then there is still a chance for you to get hit but it's the
   best I could find. When it is flying in the air you can hit its feet and
   the tail. Hitting the feet while it's in flight is pretty hard because 
   the Sns doesn't have good vertical reach in its moveset. The tail is easier
   but usually Alatreon is moving so you can probably put in a hit or two.

      I believe the head is its weak spot. If you want to be a head hunter 
   against this thing, then you can make it get stuck on a wall like a Diablos.
   Find the rock that allows you to climb and that is where it can get stuck
   but these rocks break.

<3.4>                              Tips 
   Just a little somethin somethin just in case you didn't know.

 - When there is a monster flailing on the ground we all wail on it, so
you just finished your combo and now you just stand there waiting for 
your character to get back in position? no don't, do Roll and Slash 
and restart the combo again. 

 - Remember you can use items while the weapon is drawn so it is an 
available option.

 - In Support Fighting, having an armor skill that increases your attribute
can help with inflicting the status faster.

 - When you want to inflict a status, keep your sharpness high because
it affects chance rate and inflicting damage.

 - Having a sword sharpening skill will always be handy because your going
to get dull fast unless you have a weapon with riduculous sharpness.

 - This goes without saying but always have an ample amount of whetstones.

 - With the Sns, you can really cause havoc by using an Sns with an
element/ attribute that's strong against that particular monster.
For example, Diablos is insanely susceptible to the paralyze attribute,
when paralyzed it stays paralyzed for what seems like 20 seconds.

 - Develop position awareness. Always know where you are, what you're near,
enemy grunts' positions if any, and where the boss monster is.
For example, I have seen people start healing in the area of the boss monster
when they are NEAR an exit; don't risk the chance of getting hit, take the 
exit and do whatever you need to (heal, cool/hot drink, sharpen, stuff like
that). Of course there are going to be times of emergency healing so just
make sure that you heal at the right time.

 - Always try and end all of your combos with the Round Slash because
it is your strongest attack. If you can't, no biggie, it's just for extra

 - The Shield Bash and the second to last hit in Full Standard both have
impact damage. I prefer the Bash because I feel safer using it, easier to land,
and you can dodge out of it.

 - Try not to use the Full Standard because the last hit launches people and
as a support type weapon you do not want to be launching people who do more
damage than you because chances are they either have a Lance, GS, LS, or
Hammer. Remember, the Sns is a support type weapon.
(Feel free to launch those first three weapon users haha... just kidding)

 - Short combo -> dodge -> repeat... Enough said.

 - Try and get the feel for the invincibility frames on the dodge, they
are your best friends.
 - You can have the torch out while still being able to fight. With the torch
out it replaces Side-up Slash and Shield Bash.

<3.5>          Sword and Shield Weapon Tree Recommendations

  These are just few recommendations that I would suggest getting first but
yet again, these are just recommendations and you have no obligation to
follow it. I suggest getting the first three listed.

   For sleep bombing you would want to upgrade from:
      Hunter Knife -> Hunter Knife+ -> Soldier's Dagger -> Commander's Dagger
      -> Hydra Knife -> Deadly Knife -> Hypnos Knife (now has sleep att) ->
      Morpheus Knife (final)

   For paralyzing:
      Upgrade just like getting the Morpheus Knife but this time you go
      from Hydra Knife -> Azi Dahaka (now has para att) and onwards
      Finalizes as Almighty Dahaka

   For poisoning:
      Hunter Knife -> Hunter Knife+ -> Hunter's Dagger -> Assassin's Dagger
      -> Shadow Saber (now has poison att) and onwards
      Finalizes as Toxic Fang

   (As you can see, I love attribute Sns)

   For the most sharpness make the Jhen Kodachi then upgrade.
   For the highest sharpness make the Alatreon Sword then upgrade.

   For the strongest RAW attack:
      Bone Kris -> Bone Kris+ -> Ludroth Nail -> Carapace Mace -> Carapace
      Mace+ -> Barroth Club and onwards.
      Finalizes as Gigas Crusher (336 attack)

   For the strongest elemental attack:
      Get a Worn Sword from an Ancientshard and upgrade it.
      Finalizes as Divine Exodus (720 Dragon element)

--- These were sourced from Monster Hunter Wiki.

<3.6>                            FAQ's

   None right now but if people ask me too I will put it.


********************* Acknowledgements and Legal Stuff*************************

<4.1>                     Acknowledgements

I would like to thank:
BT for some input into the original version of this guide.
Will R. for supporting me.
Alastair S. for the first idea for a weapon tree recommendations section.
Tobi O. for Agnaktor tips.

Sources- http://monsterhunter.wikia.com/wiki/Monster_Hunter_Wiki
         Lord Grahf's Cut Damage Chart

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