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---------------------------------- Contents -----------------------------------
- About Jhen Mohran                  [JMG01]
- Jhen Mohran Quests                 [JMG02]
     - How to Win                    [JMG03]
     - How to Lose                   [JMG04]
     - Different Battle Phases       [JMG05]
- Boat Weaponry                      [JMG06]
     - Offensive Weaponry            [JMG07]
          - Ballista                 [JMG08]
          - Cannon                   [JMG09]
          - Anti-Dragon Bombs        [JMG10]
     - Defensive Weaponry            [JMG11]
          - Ballista Binder          [JMG12]
          - Hunting Gong             [JMG13]
          - Dragonator               [JMG14]
- Your Weaponry                      [JMG15]
- Jhen's Attacks                     [JMG16]
     - Rock Throw                    [JMG17]
     - Side-on Ram                   [JMG18]
     - Head-First Ram                [JMG19]
     - Flail                         [JMG20]
     - Tusk Swipe                    [JMG21]
     - Belly Flop                    [JMG22]
     - Swallow the Prow              [JMG23]
     - Mouth Attack                  [JMG24]
     - Foot Poke                     [JMG25]
- Setting Up                         [JMG26]
- Battle Walkthrough                 [JMG27]
     - Phase 1                       [JMG28]
     - Phase 2                       [JMG29]
- Miscellaneous Advice and Tips      [JMG30]
- Item Rewards and Drops             [JMG31]
     - Low Rank Jhen Mohran          [JMG32]
     - High Rank Jhen Mohran         [JMG33]
- Jhen Mohran Equipment              [JMG34]
     - Weapons                       [JMG35]
     - Armour                        [JMG36]
- Frequently Asked Questions         [JMG37]
- About This Guide                   [JMG38]
- Sources/References + Useful Links  [JMG39]
- About the Author                   [JMG40]
- Legal                              [JMG41]

------------------------------ About Jhen Mohran -----------------------[JMG01]
Jhen Mohran is Monster Hunter Tri's elder dragon of the desert. It is classed
as an elder dragon due to its colossal size, its estimated age and its roaming
nature. Despite its obvious prowess, it cannot easily leave the deep desert
as it is only there that the sand is loose enough for it to swim through. Its
blood is similar in nature to that of Caedeus and Alatreon and is often used to
craft high quality weapons and armour. Jhen Mohran are commonly seen close to
Delex. The Delex follow Jhen and feed on the scraps left behind when he feeds.
Over time, hard deposits form on the back of Jhen Mohran which are prized by
the people of Loc Lac. When Jhen Mohran appears near Loc Lac a mighty
sandstorm fills the skies. During this time, the people hold a festival to
celebrate the riches that hunters bring back from the approaching dragon, all
the while forgetting the possibility that Jhen may one day reach the city. The
guild master hires hunters to kill the Jhen that threaten Loc Lac and to
retrieve the coveted ores from its body. Hunters are dispatched in
specially-designed 'sand boats' to battle the giant beast.

Most players either love or hate the Jhen Mohran battle. It's difficult to be
apathetic about it. The battle is a big change from regular Monster Hunter Tri
battles. I personally greatly enjoy the battle but many players share the
sentiment that the fight is just 'grab cannonball -> fire cannon -> repeat'.

Jhen Mohran is an online-only monster and thus can only be encountered if your
Wii is connected to the internet. He provides 8 carves. 4 from his armpit and
4 in his mouth. During the battle you can get two carves from inside his mouth
(phase 2) and can mine ore from on top of his back (look for green gems).

Jhen has a number of breakable parts. Both tusks can be broken. The two cracked
spinal areas can be broken and the armour of both legs can be chipped off.

----------------------------- Jhen Mohran Quests -----------------------[JMG02]
There are three quests in which Jhen Mohran appears. They are:
1- The Festival Of Fear. HR30->31 Urgent. (Must be HR27 to join).
2- Rumble In The Great Desert. High Rank Jhen Mohran. (Must be HR31 to join).
Event quest. Available in cycles.
3- The Festival Of Fear. Low Rank Jhen Mohran. Event Quest. (Must be HR1 to
join). Available in cycles. Battle never progresses past phase 1. Jhen cannot
be killed, only repelled.

-------- How to Win -------- [JMG03]
You can win the battle with Jhen in two ways. The most obvious is killing him.
If you deal enough damage before the 30 minutes has elapsed then he dies and
you get to carve him. Most good teams will take 20-30 minutes to kill him. You
usually need four players if you want to go for the kill but it can be
achieved solo.

The alternative to killing Jhen is repelling. If you don't deal enough damage
to kill Jhen then you might repel him (i.e. he runs away) when the 30 minutes
have elapsed. The repel threshold appears to be in the region of 60-80% of its
hit points. This still counts as a victory and you get quest rewards/break
rewards as normal. With a repel, you will however miss out on the 8 carves
(and don't get a 'kill count' for your monster book). Typically you need 2-3
players to successfully repel but it can be done solo if you know what you are

-------- How to Lose -------- [JMG04]
As usual, the most obvious way to lose is for your team to collectively die
three times. If the ship defence is being operated properly then this shouldn't
normally be an issue. Beware of incoming rocks and keep your health up.
Additionally, if you deal insufficient damage to Jhen before your time
expires, you also lose.

There is an alternative way to lose the fight. Jhen can actually break your
ship. If you enter the menu, and select 'Quest Info' you can check the current
integrity of the ship. This moves through a number of phases:
Good -> Normal -> Low -> Danger -> You Lose.

If the ship breaks then your team is not operating the defences properly and
needs to read this guide in more detail. Some attacks damage the ship more than
others and this guide will try to emphasise the ones you should be ready to
deal with.

-------- Different Battle Phases -------- [JMG05]
The normal Jhen Mohran fight is split into two sections commonly referred to as
'phase 1' and 'phase 2'.

In phase one, the ship moves alongside Jhen and allows Jhen the freedom to
change position relative to the boat. In phase two, the boat is blocking the
path to Loc Lac while Jhen advances slowly towards the players.

-------------------------------- Boat Weaponry -------------------------[JMG06]
Category 1: Offensive Weaponry [JMG07]

-------- Ballista -------- [JMG08]
The boat has two ballista stations. One mounted on each side of the deck.
Firing a ballista requires ammo that can be gathered from the spear rack
towards the front of the ship. You can carry a stack of 10 ballista rounds at a
time. Ballista deal around 60 (2x30) damage to Jhen no matter where you hit
him. After each shot there is a 2-3 second cool down before you can re-aim the
ballista or leave the firing station. The ballista ammo must be the active item
in your inventory slot to be fired. You can zoom the ballista (use its scope)
for better accuracy.

The ballista has two main uses. If Jhen is out of range of the cannon then the
ballista is your only viable damage option. The other benefit of the ballista
is that it can be intentionally aimed at Jhen's breakable parts. Concentrated
ballista fire will allow you to break Jhen's tusks early and can also assist in
breaking the legs in both phases of the battle.

-------- Cannon -------- [JMG09]
The boat has two cannon stations. One mounted each side of the deck, a little
further back than the ballista stations. Firing a cannon requires ammo that can
be picked up at the cannonball stack at the rear of the ship. You can only
carry one cannonball at a time and it is carried like an egg/powderstone. The
cannonball must be carried to the cannon and when deposited, fires immediately.
Cannonballs deal around 120 damage regardless of where you hit the monster.
After each shot there is a 2-3 second cool down while you cover your ears from
the noise of the blast.

The cannon is by far your main source of damage versus Jhen. It greatly
out-damages the ballista. The drawbacks are that it fires in a straight line
with no aim adjusting and has limited range. If Jhen causes tremors or screams
then you will drop the cannonball and must gather another.

-------- Anti-Dragon Bombs -------- [JMG10]
There are two anti-dragon bombs located inside the supply box inside the ship.
These bombs are placed much like traditional 'large barrel bombs' but will
automatically detonate after a few second delay. These bombs can only be placed
on part of Jhen himself and deal considerable damage equivalent to 3-4 cannon
blasts. Anti-dragon bombs deal the same damage no matter where they are placed.

The best use for the anti-dragon bombs is to place them on Jhen's tusks during
phase one (normally when he is facing the boat and has just lowered his tusks
to allow access). You should only place them elsewhere if:
-Both tusks are broken already (just place them on his back etc)
-You are running out of time, the spine is still intact and nobody is helping.

If you forget to use them entirely, the only place you can drop them in phase
2 is in Jhen's mouth. Be careful not to enter the mouth too early or you end
up walking on the sand and it won't let you place the bombs. Only place them
in the mouth if you completely forgot to use them earlier, and if none of your
team are attacking the mouth. You'll knock them back and lose a few friends.

Category 2: Defensive Weaponry [JMG11]

-------- Ballista Binder -------- [JMG12]
The ballista binder is a defensive weapon that holds Jhen in place with ropes
and prevents him from moving/attacking for a short time. The ballista binder
is fired from a normal ballista station like a regular piece of ammo. The
ballista binder ammo is located in the supply box in the boat's interior at
the start of the quest. There is only one and it cannot be traded due to its
high rarity value. The binder has the quickest recharge time of all the
defensive weapons (2-3 minutes). The ballista binder ammo must be the active
item in your inventory slot to be fired from the ballista station.

The ballista binder is your staple defensive weapon. It should (as with all
defensive weapons) only be used to interrupt attacks that would damage the
boat, thus keeping the boat alive. There is only one attack that the binder
cannot prevent (Phase 1 belly flop, see 'Gong' section for details).
Otherwise, as soon as the binder is active, it should be used to interrupt the
next attack. In phase 2, the binder can be used early to hold Jhen back a
little. The fast recharge time means that it will come back online before Jhen
reaches the boat. As a general rule, try not to accidentally bind a rock
attack. This doesn't really damage the boat and is a waste of the shot.

-------- Hunting Gong -------- [JMG13]
The hunting gong is a defensive weapon that simulates a loud monster roar and
scares Jhen into retreating during an attack. The gong is activated by pressing
the large white button at the base of the ship's mast. The gong can be
activated by any player with no special item requirements. The gong has a
recharge time of approximately 5 minutes.

In phase 1, the gong should normally be saved to counter the 'un-bindable'
belly flop that Jhen can perform at one of three different points during the
fight. This can occur:
-After he jumps the boat for the first time and dives under. Immediately before
 the normal 'side ram'.
-After he sinks into the sand following the section where he is directly facing
 the boat.
-Right at the end of phase 1. Immediately after he jumps the boat for a second

While you might be tempted to use the gong for defence earlier, well-timed
binders/dragonators deal with all the other attacks that deal high damage to
the boat. After the belly flop occurs, feel free to use the gong like the
binder during phase 1.

In phase 2, the gong can be used for general defence, but is best used to
counter more belly flops. These flops can be countered with the ballista
binder but a successful gong will cause Jhen to fall on his side. This allows
you to carve/attack the mouth.

-------- Dragonator -------- [JMG14]
The dragonator is the large spear-like weapon mounted to the front of the boat.
During phase 2, the dragonator is swung round to the side. The dragonator is
fired by activating the large button at the front of the boat.
Any player can activate the dragonator with no specific item requirement. The
dragonator has a 3-4 second warm-up time and a recharge time of approximately
10 minutes. The dragonator deals a large quantity of damage to Jhen.

During phase 1, the dragonator must be saved for Jhen's attack on the front of
the boat. This is the only time it can hit him during phase 1 and is the only
reliable way to deflect this attack. The best time to activate the button is
2-4 seconds after his right-to-left whale dive (dependant on lag and reaction
time). If in doubt, trigger it a little early.

During phase 2, the dragonator should be used to counter an attack when Jhen is
very close to the boat. Try to make sure he gets close enough that the spear
tip entirely enters his body.

-------------------------------- Your Weaponry -------------------------[JMG15]
Jhen Mohran is very resistant to physical damage. Only a few specific weak
points exist that allow you to deal reasonable damage to him. As a result, you
need a good weapon to reliably damage him. Here is some advice on what to use
and when to use it.

Jhen is primarily weak to ice, and secondly to dragon element. There is a
distinct lack of good ice weapons so players normally favour a strong dragon
weapon if available.

Very few weapons have the potential to deal more damage over time than the
ship's weaponry. This means that for most players, the only time you should be
using your melee weapon is during phase 1 to break the spinal weak points. Once
this is done, go back to ship weaponry.

During phase 2, the player with the most effective damage output can leave the
ship to attack/break Jhen's legs. This should take just about 5 minutes if your
damage output is sufficient. Always decide who will take this role (if
anybody). If you are unsure about your damage output then stay on the boat. You
need an awesome ice weapon or a maxed out Alatreon/Deviljho weapon  to do this
effectively. Once the legs are broken, go back to using the ship weaponry.

Sword and Shield weapons, and most bowguns are both unlikely to be effective
enough to warrant you bringing them along. If you have something a little
better, then bring it. Dragon, ice or pierce ammo can be acceptable with
a good custom built bowgun.

Resist the urge to attack Jhen's side/leg during phase 1. If you really have to
hit the leg, use the ballista instead of your fire element longsword. This
stops you looking like a fool.

------------------------------- Jhen's Attacks -------------------------[JMG16]
-------- Rock Throw -------- [JMG17]
Jhen dips his head into the sand and then flinches, firing 3 rocks into the air
from his back. These impact the boat. Some are targeted and some are random.
This attack does not damage the boat. Attack can be blocked or can be easily
evaded by changing position while rocks are in the air. Don't waste your binder
or gong on this.

-------- Side-on Ram -------- [JMG18]
Jhen rams the ship side-on. This can be a weak hit that deals low damage,
or a large smashing attack that deals high damage. This attack does damage the
boat. This can be easily avoided by moving away from Jhen to the other side of
the ship. Try to bind the large smashing hits as they deal high damage to the
ship. This is always Jhen's first attack after he finishes throwing rocks.
Phase 1 only.

-------- Head-First Ram -------- [JMG19]
Jhen emerges from the sand about one boat length away on the left and proceeds
to ram the boat head-on with his tusks. This causes medium->high damage to the
boat. This attack should be countered with the binder (It should have 'just'
recharged before this occurs) and players should have no need to block/evade.
Phase 1 only.

-------- Flail -------- [JMG20]
Jhen wiggles and creaks like straining timber for ~5seconds and then proceeds
to flail around. This attack deals considerable damage to players and can
sometimes deal minor damage to the boat. It's not worth binding/gonging. This
move knocks all players on Jhen's back into the sand/back onto the boat. The
wiggling/creaking noises are your queue to jump back to the boat. When he does
this for a second time, his flailing head is aimed at the ship. His tusks can
send players in the vicinity of the cannon flying. Avoid this if possible.
Phase 1 only.

-------- Tusk Swipe -------- [JMG21]
Jhen swings his head to one side before slashing his tusks back across the
ship's deck, raking the surface. This attack does medium damage to both the
ship and players. This attack is a good one to bind (when available). The
attack can be blocked and can be evaded by standing up near the dragonator

-------- Belly Flop -------- [JMG22]
Jhen erects himself to a great height exposing his belly for 1-2 seconds prior
to crashing it down towards the ship's deck. This attack causes tremors and
will stun anybody it hits. This attack deals severe damage to players and to
the boat. This is the attack you save the gong for. In phase 1, you can only
deflect this attack with the gong. In phase two he will do this attack
regularly so gong/bind/dragonator him as available. If you counter this with
the gong during phase 2, Jhen will fall on his side exposing his mouth to

-------- Swallow the Prow -------- [JMG23]
Jhen positions himself up the front of the ship. Dives around for a while and
then tries to eat the front of the ship. This deals high damage to the boat.
Players can evade by standing towards the back of the boat. Counter this attack
with the dragonator. This is the only viable time to use the dragonator during
phase 1. Phase 1 only.

--------Mouth Attack -------- [JMG24]
Jhen gets back on his feet after flinching. He closes his mouth and effectively
eats everyone/thing inside. This only occurs if you remain in Jhen's mouth
for longer than you should. Evade by leaving the mouth before Jhen gets back
up. This does not damage the ship but deals major damage to players affected.
Phase 2 only.

-------- Foot Poke -------- [JMG25]
While advancing towards the ship, Jhen's foot can brush a player, knocking
them down temporarily. This attack deals light damage to a player and cannot
damage the ship. Avoid by rolling/blocking or simply by staying out of its way.

--------------------------------- Setting Up ---------------------------[JMG26]
When setting up for a Jhen Mohran quest there are a number of preparations that
make the fight much easier.

First off, have a meal at the tavern table. I normally choose meat + grain to
get a large health and stamina boost. Try to take something that gets your
health increased. The other effects are entirely personal preference.

Perhaps the most important setup point is to decide/nominate who will operate
the boat defences. This is best assigned to one player. You want to work to
avoid accidentally using up the gong and the ballista at the same time. Clear
roles also avoids 5 minutes of confusion where the player who should be on
defence panics that the binder is missing.

Bring a good supply of items. If you are scared that you might die, try to
bring 10 potions, 10 mega potions, 10 herbs, 2 max potions, 1 ancient potion
and 3 lifepowder to maximise your healing potential. Everyday items such as
steaks and whetstones should be in your pack as standard. Bringing power/
armour charms/talons can help your stats slightly. An armourskin is also
useful if you have trouble staying alive (and it lasts the entire fight).
Demondrugs can help you break the spine areas faster.If you find you need
even more healing, consider packing 10 honey and 10 blue mushrooms to
combine up bigger potions as you go.

You can work to design an armour set around Jhen Mohran. High defence is
obviously useful but here's a few skills you might like to consider:
-Speed Gather: You pick up the cannon/ballista rounds faster. Also helps you
 get all 8 carves off the body.
-Pro Transporter: You run faster holding a cannonball. Shaves off a little
-Stun resistance/immunity: If you get hit by the belly flop this allows you to
 avoid being stunned.
-HG Earplugs: This will prevent you from dropping the cannonballs when Jhen
 starts screaming in phase 2.
-Tremor Resistance: Similar to above, but stops you dropping the cannonballs
 when Jhen impacts the ship.
-Sharpness +1, Atk Up (S/M/L), Elemental Atk Up: Increases your damage output
 allowing you to break the weak points more quickly.

----------------------------- Battle Walkthrough -----------------------[JMG27]
Disclaimer: If you are doing the HR1 event quest then this plays out a little
differently. Do your best to counter specific attacks as described. The order
and timing are off because you never leave phase 1.

-------- Phase 1 -------- [JMG28]
You start in the ship's interior (your base camp). Start by taking what you
need from the supply box. If you are tasked with using the binder, make sure
that you pick it up (big yellow ammo symbol). Also make sure someone has taken
the 'anti-dragon bombs' and the spare ballista rounds (only available in some
quests). Eat any food you need to max out your stamina. Drink your demondrug
or armourskin if you brought them and head up onto the ship's deck.

Jhen begins the battle under the sand but will still spot you, causing you to
cower momentarily. Head over to the ballista ammo rack and gather all you can.
Try to rotate the camera to give you a view of the sand to the boat's right
hand side. You should see Jhen emerge. Shortly after he surfaces he will 
begin launching rocks at you. Unless you can obviously tell where the rocks
are going via their trajectory then you should stop gathering and evade/block.
Once you have 10 ballista rounds man the firing station and start firing at
Jhen's nearest tusk. Jhen will fire another round or two of rocks before
moving closer to the boat. Keep gathering/firing ballista until this occurs.
When Jhen is close, you can either switch to the cannon for more damage or can
keep aiming the ballista at the tusk to try and break it.

Now that Jhen is close, he will launch one more rock attack. Deal with it in
the usual way. The next attack to come is a strong side-ram. Jhen will turn
away (exposing his belly) before turning to ram the ship. This attack should
be countered with the ballista binder so make sure the right player is ready.
All other players should probably have moved onto the cannon by this point.

Two side notes at this point. If you ever fall off the boat/Jhen's back and
hit the sand, you will appear trailing behind the ship on safety ropes. Climb
up these to get back into the ship's interior. On another note, Delex will 
periodically jump onto the deck and wiggle around. This causes you to drop
cannonballs and will knock you out of ballista firing stations. If the binder
messes up because a Delex got in the way then don't panic. It happens. Tell
your team to live with it.

After escaping the binding ropes, Jhen will move a little further forward
towards the front of the ship. You will see a red arrow appear above his
fin, indicating that you can take a running jump onto his body. Shortly 
after this indicator appears, Jhen does a small side-ram. Just ignore this
and dodge it. Everyone with a decent weapon should take this chance to jump
onto Jhen's back (even the player with the binder). Note that if you brought a
pickaxe then you can mine the green areas on Jhen's spine.

Start trying to break the cracked grey spine section near Jhen's tail. You can
run around to the other side of his spine via either the tail or the top of his
head. Keep hitting the rear spine section until it breaks. While you do this
Jhen might perform a few small side rams. These don't hurt much. The break is
obvious as it makes a big hole you can run through. Take this opportunity to
jump back onto the boat. If while breaking the rear segment, you see Jhen
wiggle and hear creaking noises (like straining timber) then quickly run up his
back and jump back onto the boat. This is the hint that Jhen is about to kick
you off. Avoid a sand bath to get a few more cannon shots in.

Jhen will now slip back under the sand and proceed to jump over the boat. You
can still hit him with ballista/cannon rounds while he is in the air so try 
and get some cheeky shots in. He should reappear on the left hand side of the
boat. The range involved here makes it best for ballista rounds so gather/fire
whatever you can. Jhen will soon duck back under the sand. Your ballista
binder will have just recharged if you used it when I previously suggested.

Now comes a potentially tricky moment. This is one of three possible chances
for Jhen to use his 'unbindable' belly flop attack. You spot this attack by
seeing Jhen emerge very close to the boat, extend up to his full height
exposing his belly. Hit the gong to counter this. The binder will just bounce
off with no effect. It might not happen at this point. Whether he does the
belly flop or not, he always performs a head-first ram next. This can be
differentiated from the belly flop by noting the distance from the boat at
which Jhen emerges from the sand (this is about one boat-length out). Counter
this with your ballista binder before he can hit the boat. 

While Jhen is pinned, this is a good chance for the rest of the team to break
Jhen's left (your right) tusk with the ballista rounds they should have been
collecting while Jhen was underground. If you shot it enough at the start
then it should break around this point.

Jhen will now move right up close and stare the ship down from the left hand
side. This is where he tends to perform his tusk swipe attacks. If the
binder recharges then feel free to counter these but they can be evaded/blocked
as required. Jhen will eventually lower his tusks allowing you to board him
again (red arrow re-appears to show this). The player with the anti-dragon
bombs should take this chance to place both on his remaining tusk. Send the
players who don't have the binder onto Jhen's back and try to break the front
spine piece. The best damage players should be on Jhen's left to avoid being
knocked off as easily. The player remaining on the boat should use the cannon
(if the angle is correct) or should focus ballista shots on the remaining
tusk(s). If the binder recharges then use it to counter the next attack. When 
the front spine piece is broken, take this chance to sneak in some mining or
just return to the boat. Once again, watch out for the wiggle and the creaking
noise that indicates Jhen is about to flail and shake you off.

Any players on the boat when Jhen flails should avoid the cannon. Jhen's tusks
are in range and will send you flying should they hit you. Once the
flailing dies down, get back to the weapons and hit him hard. Jhen will once
again sink under the sand. This is the second chance for him to use his
'unbindable' belly flop so get ready on the gong just in case. This is 
normally when it happens.

Jhen will now move very far to the front of the ship. You can hit him with
ballista rounds here but its hard to aim and not normally worth it. Take this
chance to gather more ballista ammo, eat some rations, heal and sharpen your
weapon if it needs it. While up at the front, Jhen will attack again with 
rocks. Block or evade them as normal (but note their longer than normal flight

When Jhen again dives under the sand, its time to get ready to use the
dragonator. Because of the long warm-up time, this can take a little practice.
Jhen will do an arcing jump from your right, to left up the front of the boat.
This looks very like the style of jumps stereotypically associated with whales.
Approximately 3-5 seconds after his head hits the sand from that jump, hit the
button. If in doubt, hit it a little early. The spike should extend and Jhen
should be knocked back. Try not to miss or the boat takes huge damage.

Everyone should run and grab a cannonball. Jhen will re-appear on the
right-hand side of the boat. Once his back has extended to sufficient height,
(its *not* as soon as you see the back, wait a few seconds) unleash the cannons.
Now, if you have broken both spine pieces there is no need to get back on his
back. If the spine pieces are intact, use this opportunity to break them (your
last chance). Players can continue to deal damage with the cannon or use this
opening to get a few more ballista rounds onto the tusks. When the binder 
recharges, use it to counter attacks that threaten the boat. Jhen will 
sporadically launch rocks during this time so try not to waste a binder on 
them. If the 'belly flop' has already happened then feel free to use the gong
to stop general attacks. If you get the chance to hit the foot with the
ballista/cannon in this phase then do so. This will help later in phase 2.

After one final wiggle and flail (get off him before he does this) Jhen will
dive once again before jumping over the boat. Shoot him with a cannon. If the
belly flop has not yet happened then it will happen now so get the gong ready.
Take the few seconds at the end of this phase to gather ballista ammo, eat 
rations, heal or to sharpen your weapon. You should see the text 'Entering the
Final Showdown' and you will be loaded into a new area.

-------- Phase 2 -------- [JMG29]
From where you start off, the boat is positioned directly behind you and Jhen
is out on the sand in the distance. Everyone should start off by firing 20
ballista rounds into Jhen (you should have almost 10 from the end of phase 1).
Make sure you aim high because the shots drop with gravity. In the early
stages, aiming at the top of the spine should cause you to hit the mouth. 
While Jhen is still out of range of the cannon, this is a good chance to break
any tusks that are still intact.  If the tusks are broken, try to aim the
ballista at the feet. This can be tricky so don't worry if you can't manage

When Jhen's feet are both out of the mist, feel free to bind him. The binder
should recharge again before he actually makes it to the boat.

Jhen has fewer attack options in this phase. He will still launch rocks now and
then but usually only one will land near enough to hurt you (and normally on
the ballista station). He will also perform his tusk swipe and belly flop
regularly. Both can be dealt with using the binder. Try to save the gong for
the belly flop as this makes Jhen fall on his side for over 10 seconds.

After firing your quota of ballista rounds, send the player(s) with the
highest damage output to attack Jhen's feet. They will eventually break and
this will knock Jhen back a few steps, buying you some time. When the feet are
broken its best to return to the boat.

Keep firing ballista rounds until Jhen is within range of the cannon and then
switch over to cannonballs. If at any time, Jhen falls over to your left, if
you are fast you can get two carves from inside his mouth, or take the chance
to deal some heavy melee damage inside his mouth. If for some reason you are
still holding the anti-dragon bombs then this is your last chance to use them.
When Jhen falls over to your right he will always get back up immediately so 
don't try to get in his mouth.

When Jhen gets within range of the boat, start using your defences to stop
damage to the ship. The dragonator will recharge soon after Jhen reaches the
boat. Try to trigger it so that it buries the spear tip entirely inside him
for maximum damage. It can also be used to counter any of Jhen's attacks.
As mentioned, the gong is best used for the belly flops.

Jhen's roar/scream animation is very similar to the one used for the belly
flop. Try to be smart and don't waste any defences on just the roar.

Keep piling on the damage as fast as possible and follow all the advice above.
Before the half hour is up you should easily kill him. Make sure you press '+'
to skip his death scene and run onto the sand to get your 8 carves.

If you don't manage to kill him, when the 30 minutes has elapsed you should
get notification that Jhen has fled. Congratulations, you still win. Jhen was

If you get a quest failure notification then shame on you. Read this guide
again and tell your team to do the same. Something has gone wrong and you
need to deal much more damage.

------------------------ Miscellaneous Advice and Tips -----------------[JMG30]
1- The 'Felyne Bombardier' food skill raises cannon damage. This is very useful
to increase your damage output.
2- Gather ballista rounds faster by crouching before you start gathering. This
cancels out the 'standing up' animation. The same trick works to carve Jhen's
body faster!
3- You can press the '+' button to skip the 'dragonator attack' scenes and
Jhen's death scene. This lets you see where you are going more easily.
4- Speed gathering helps you gather ammo faster and also helps you get all 8
carves from Jhen.
5- Lifepowders are very useful in keeping your team alive. Most of the time
multiple people will get hit together so these allow one person to heal all.
(Wide-Range+2 is also useful for this).
6- The first tusk you break will splinter down to a stump. The second one you
break will keep most of its length to allow you to climb onto Jhen during phase
1 (also to maintain his attack range).
7- You can hit Jhen in mid-air while he is jumping. Feel free to try a lucky
8- Gather ballista ammo when Jhen is underground or completely out of range
(up at the front of the boat). This is especially important if you are not
tasked with any of the boat defences.
9- Careful of 'clipping' effects. This means that during animations you may
fall through certain parts of Jhen. This is particularly bad on his tail and
sometimes on his tusks. Avoid these areas for prolonged periods of time unless
you want a sand bath.
10- Talk to your team-mates. If several of you have WiiSpeak then use it. It
really helps you communicate quickly. Communicate and coordinate to work well
as a team.
11- After you break the spinal weak points, its possible to attack the cavity
and still have the hit counted as if it hit the 'weak point'. The attack angle
is tricky to judge. See this youtube video for details:
12- High-end weapons deal signifigantly more damage than the boat weaponry.
If you have an Alatreon weapon etc, melee Jhen in preference to the boat
weapons at all times.
13- Many solo players abuse the 'survivor' skill to greatly raise their Atk
stat. Pick up the event armor that bestows it and try it out. I don't
recommend this in a team unless you know for sure nobody else will die!
14- When Jhen come out of the sand on the right side of the boat for the 
second time, its possible to jump on his back as he's coming out. If you 
brought high end weapons then this helps you pile the damage on.
15- In phase 2, when Jhen is standing normally it is usually best to 
melee towards his rear legs. Many of his attacks can't connect with
you here and allows you to melee uninterrupted.

--------------------------- Item Rewards and Drops ---------------------{JMG31]
-------- Low Rank Jhen Mohran -------- [JMG32]
Corpse Carves:                     Mouth Carves:
Earth Dragongem        2%          Earth Dragongem        1%
Sturdy Fang           15%          Monster Guts          20%
Mohran Scale          31%          Mohran Scale          32%
Mohran Shell          52%          Big Fin               47%

Tusk Break Rewards:                Spine Break Rewards:
Mohran Scale          25%          Pelagicite Ore        16%
Sturdy Fang           75%          Mohran Scale          26%
                                   Mohran Shell          58%
Quest Rewards:
Earth Dragongem        2%          Arm Break Rewards:
Elder Dragon Blood     5%          Mohran Scale          20%
Mohran Shell          10%          Mohran Brace          80%
Mohran Scale          15%
Pelagicite Ore        75%

-------- High Rank Jhen Mohran -------- [JMG33]
Corpse Carves:                     Mouth Carves:
Earth Dragongem        4%          Earth Dragongem        1%
Sturdy Fang+          10%          Mohran Scale          10%         
Mohran Scale          15%          Monster Guts          20%
Mohran Scale+         31%          Mohran Scale+         24%
Mohran Carapace       40%          Quality Fin           45%

Tusk Break Rewards:                Spine Break Rewards:
Mohran Scale           8%          Bathycite Ore         14%
Sturdy Fang           34%          Mohran Scale          20%
Sturdy Fang+          58%          Mohran Carapace       28%
                                   Mohran Shell          38%
Quest Rewards:
Earth Dragongem       >1%          Arm Break Rewards:
Elder Dragon Blood    >1%          Mohran Brace          15%
Mohran Shell         <14%          Mohran Scale          20%
Mohran Scale         <20%          Mohran Brace+         65%
Pelagicite Ore       <26%
Bathycite Ore        <40%

---------------------------- Jhen Mohran Equipment ---------------------[JMG34]
-------- Weapons -------- [JMG35]
Sword and Shields:
Jhen Kodachi:       (8xMohran Scale + 2xSturdy Fang + 2xMohran Brace)
Calm Sands (G):     (3xDeviljho Fang + 3xMohran Fang+ + 3xMohran Brace+) 
Calm Sands (P):     (3xDeviljho Fang + 3xSturdy Fang+ + 3xMohran Brace+) 

Fang Hammer "Echo": (10xPelagicite Ore + 1xSturdy Fang + 5xMohran Shell) 
Fang Hammer "Ruin": (3xLagiacrus Claw+ + 2xMohran Brace + 10xBathycite Ore)
Jhen Mohran Hammer: (3xEarth Dragongem + 3xSturdy Fang+ + 3xMohran Brace+) 

Guan Dao:           (1xElder Dragon Blood + 3xSturdy Fang + 5xMohran Shell)
Yan Yue Dao (G):    (7xUragaan Carapace + 3xSturdy Fang+ + 2xMohran Brace+)
Yan Yue Dao (P):    (2xEarth Dragongem + 7xUragaan Carapace + 3xSturdy Fang+)

Demonbind:          (8xBathycite Ore + 3xSturdy Fang + 6xMohran Shell)
Great Demonbind (G):(2xStout Horn + 3xMohran Brace+ + 2xSturdy Fang+)
Great Demonbind (P):(2xStout Horn + 2xEarth Dragongem + 3xMohran Brace+)

Bowgun Pieces:
Jhen Cannon(stock): (10xMohran Brace+ + 3xSturdy Fang + 2xMohran Carapace + 
                     12xBathycite Ore)
Jhen Cannon(frame): (1xElder Dragon Blood +  2xMohran Carapace + 8xMohran
                     Shell + 4xBathycite Ore)
Jhen Cannon(barrel):(14xMohran Scale+ + 1xSturdy Fang+ + 1xDeep Dragongem
                     + 8xBathycite Ore)

-------- Armour -------- [JMG36]
Yamato Kabuto/Hinata Hachigane:   (2xMohran Shell + 1xMohran Scale + 2xSturdy
                                   Fang + 3xFirestone)
Yamato Muneate/Hinata Muneate:    (3xMohran Shell + 2xMohran Scale + 1xEarth
                                   Dragongem + 5xDragonite Ore)
Yamato Kote/Hinata Kote:          (1xMohran Shell + 2xMohran Brace + 2xMohran
                                   Scale + 3xRare Scarab )
Yamato Koshiate/Hinata Koshiate:  (3xMohran Shell + 1xMohran Brace + 3xMohran
                                   Scale + 3xFirestone)
Yamato Gusoku/Hinata Hakama:      (2xMohran Shell + 2xMohran Brace + 
                                   2xMohran Scale + 3xRare Scarab)

Mutsu Eboshi/Amagi Hachigane:     (2xMohran Shell + 1xMohran Scale + 2xSturdy
                                   Fang + 2xFirestone)
Mutsu Muneate/Amagi Muneate:      (3xMohran Shell + 2xMohran Scale + 1xEarth
                                   Dragongem + 5xDragonite Ore)
Mutsu Kote/Amagi Kote:            (1xMohran Shell + 2xMohran Brace + 2xMohran
                                   Scale + 3xRare Scarab)
Mutsu Koshiate/Amagi Koshiate:    (3xMohran Shell + 1xMohran Brace + 3xMohran
                                   Scale + 3xFirestone)
Mutsu Gusoku/Amagi Hakama:        (2xMohran Shell + 2xMohran Brace +
                                   2xMohran Scale + 3xRare Scarab)

Yamato Kabuto+/Hinata Hachigane+: (3xSturdy Fang+ + 4xMohran Carapace +
                                   1xEarth Dragongem + 2xConqueror's Seal)
Yamato Muneate+/Hinata Muneate+:  (4xMohran Carapace + 2xMohran Scale+ +
                                   2xRathian Plate + 2xConqueror's Seal)
Yamato Kote+/Hinata Kote+:        (5xMohran Brace+ + 2xSturdy Fang +
                                   2xRathalos Plate + 2xConqueror's Seal)
Yamato Koshiate+/Hinata Koshiate+:(4xMohran Carapace + 6xMohran Scale+ +
                                   1xEarth Dragongem + 2xConqueror's Seal)
Yamato Greaves+/Hinata Hakama+:   (4xMohran Scale+ + 3xElder Dragon Blood +
                                   2xLagiacrus Plate + 2xConqueror's Seal)

Mutsu Eboshi+/Amagi Hachigane+:   (3xSturdy Fang+ + 4xMohran Carapace +
                                   1xEarth Dragongem + 2xConqueror's Seal)
Mutsu Muneate+/Amagi Muneate+:    (4xMohran Carapace + 2xMohran Scale+ +
                                   2xRathian Plate + 2xConqueror's Seal)
Mutsu Kote+/Amagi Kote+:          (5xMohran Brace+ + 2xSturdy Fang +
                                   2xRathalos Plate + 2xConqueror's Seal)
Mutsu Koshiate+/Amagi Koshiate+:  (4xMohran Carapace + 6xMohran Scale+ +
                                   1xEarth Dragongem + 2xConqueror's Seal)
Mutsu Gusoku+/Amagi Hakama+:      (4xMohran Scale+ + 3xElder Dragon Blood +
                                   2xLagiacrus Plate + 2xConqueror's Seal)

------------------------- Frequently Asked Questions -------------------[JMG37]
Q: A HR108 player told me that mining Jhen's back actually heals him. Is this
A: All evidence suggests that this is untrue. I've mined Jhen's back at the
end of phase 1 and still killed it in about 20 minutes. I believe this was a
clever lie designed to stop bad players being greedy and mining in the hope
that they would deal more damage. Every time I hear this repeated I crack up 
laughing. Whoever invented this lie in the first place is awesome. I salute
you sir!

Q:Unless my eyes are playing tricks, I swear I saw someone counter Jhen's
first side slam with the dragonator. Is this possible? Was the guy cheating?
A:This is indeed p[ossible. It doesn't completely destroy the tusk but it
comes close (a few ballista finish it off). Jhen leads that first attack with
his tusks and they do move in front of the dragonator just before they hit the
boat. If you feel like taking a risk then try it. The timing is approximately 
when Jhen turns back towards the ship during the ram. Note: Its a risk that
the dragonator might not recharge before the front-on attack. If you disrupt
the following (and then usual) attacks VERY late with the ballista binder
then you can drag the fight out 'just' enough to get the dragonator back.

Q: I heard that Jhen's mouth is his weak point. Will I deal more damage there
with ballista/cannons?
A: While Jhen's mouth is his weak point, ballistae and cannons deal the same
amount of damage no matter where you hit him. The damage modifiers only come
into play for player based weapons.

Q: How many players can use a ballista simultaneously?
A: As many as you like! Each player aims/fires the ballista independently.
Just be careful using the zoom when players with large weapons are also 
manning the station as their sprite may obstruct your view.

Q: We were doing a Jhen fight and some guy kicked me while I was on the
ballista. Was he just being disruptive?
A: That depends, were there incoming rocks? Often, if a player sees that
someone is stuck on the ballista during a rock attack, they will kick you to
allow you to evade (or draw into guard if you use a weapon that can block).
This requires a little finesse but is good to learn. Sometimes, people will
kick you just to be an irritating. Ignore them. Players using CC2 may find
that their 'kick' and 'fire' button are the same. This can cause people
who don't notice that they've run out of ammo to accidentally kick you while
trying to press 'fire' again. This is obviously an accident.

Q: The guy with the ballista binder disconnected. Should we panic?
A: Yes and no. It depends at what stage of the battle this occurs. If it
happens within the first 15 minutes it might be worth you abandoning the quest.
In phase 2, as long as you are clever with the gong/dragonator you should be
able to keep the ship alive long enough to survive.

Q: I want to mine Jhen's back but this seems to annoy my team. What's their
A: Every minute you spend mining is a minute less of you dealing damage. The
rewards from carving are typically better than what you'll get from mining his
back. If you know your team can kill him with plenty of time left, feel free to
mine. If you know for sure that your team is bad and can't kill Jhen then feel
free to mine. Basically, if killing Jhen is a close call then its best to hold
back and help the team secure the kill.

Q: Do I need a pickaxe to trigger the gong/dragonator buttons?
A: No. While the animation looks like you are hitting the button with a pick,
this is merely there to animate the process. You do not need any form of
pickaxe in your inventory to trigger the gong/dragonator.

Q: When will Jhen+ come back?
A: I don't memorise the event schedule off by heart. He usually comes back
every 2-3 weeks for a period of around 3 days. Check the event schedule on the
wiki. Remember, US servers are 4 days ahead of the EU servers. You know Jhen+
is around when you see a sandstorm in the city background.

Q: Where do I get the 'Conqueror's Seals' to make the high rank Jhen armour?
A: You can't get these until HR51+ double monster quests. You typically get
around 2 per quest.

Q: Can you help me with my Jhen urgent?
A: I can't respond to every request for help I get but if you are on the EU
servers and drop me a msg I might have time to play with you. Note: People
joining random rooms to get help with their urgent is one of the banes of
online play. If you want people to help with your urgent, make a room on the
recruiting server with the appropriate title and wait for people to join.
This usually gets you a team within about 10 minutes.

Q: Rate my build please?
A: No. Sorry. (At least you said 'please'.) I don't want to spend time rating
and commenting on everyone's builds. If you are desperate for build feedback
then post in the general forums (if you dare).

Q: Your guide is garbage!
A: That's not a question but... eh.... ok sure.

------------------------------ About This Guide ------------------------[JMG38]
I created this guide after seeing continual topics and questions about the Jhen
Mohran fight all over the internet. The fight is pretty unique in terms of the
game and little help is provided to new players regarding combating this
menace. The Jhen fight is considered a rite of passage by many within the
community and all players above HR31 are expected to understand the fight and
when to activate the various weapons on the boat. There are far too many
players over HR51 who still have no idea. This frustrates the rest of your team
and doesn't win you any friends.

The guide is intended to be a useful learning tool for players who are new to
the Jhen Mohran fight. Hopefully it will also teach some more experienced
players a few things too. I committed a lot of time to learning this fight
early on so that I could effectively farm Jhen+. There may be a few errors
here-and-there (please contact me with a note of them!) but the bulk of the
guide is accurate and will hopefully help stem the tide of players who decide
that firing the dragonator instantly is hilarious!

To experienced players: This is not supposed to be a complete in-depth guide to
helping you solo Jhen in 18 minutes. If you know what you are doing then great,
keep doing it. Just remember that newer (and inferior) players might not be
capable of the epic feats you achieve and thus should follow the advice in
this guide.

---------------------- Sources/References + Useful Links ---------------[JMG39]
1- Monster Hunter Tri Wiki (Best source of information ever)
2- HyperRyun's 'Jhen Mohran for Dummies: How to not screw up and hurt your
team' topic. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/943655-monster-hunter-tri/55170155
3- Monster Hunter Tri
4- Primum Mobile (for bringing a number of advanced videos on youtube to my
attention and some 'speed run' suggestions).
5- Ivan Rico (for some 'speed run' suggestions).

------------------------------ About the Authors -----------------------[JMG40]
As of writing, Blinkey is a HR96 lancer who plays on the EU servers with over
400 hours of playtime. He doesn't get to play as much as he would like due to a
full time job. He has a collection of longswords just because they look pretty.
He would like to thank his girlfriend for being understanding and supportive of
his gaming addiction and his friends for the awesome hunting and hilarious
moments. Captain Baggi, we salute you!

Contact me at: david (dot) blair (at) live (dot) com
(Feedback, corrections and suggestions are appreciated. Please put 'Jhen Mohran
Guide' as your e-mail title or I might filter it into spam.)

Illiander is an HR50 Gunner with some lancing experience. He has an unnatural
fixation with the Jaggi mask/Baggi armor combo and wears this when vs
Agnaktor. His nickname is 'Captain Baggi' due to various hilarious deaths
using this setup. He thanks his wife for her eternal tolerance of his
crazy gaming. He occasionally likes hitting burly men with a large sticks.

------------------------------------ Legal -----------------------------[JMG41]
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site (other than gamefaqs) or
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this
guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly
prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2010 David Blair (Blinkey), Robert Smith (Illiander)