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Long Sword Guide for Monter Hunter Tri
By dan2655

Version 1.00 submitted 8/7/2010
Version 1.10 updated 8/10/2010 
- more content (spirit gauge, armor skills, creation)
Version 1.20 updated 7/22/2011
- more content (FAQs, gameplay tips, armor set details, links)

Why Longsword?
The Pros and Cons
When can I get the Longsword?
Longsword Controls
The Spirit Gauge 
The Spirit Combo
Longsword Gameplay FAQs
Playstyle for Serious Gameplay Tips
Weapon Recommendation
Longsword Weapon Choice FAQ
Longsword Creation Guide
About the Author
Acknowledgement and Copyright

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Why Longsword?
Longsword (LS) is a fascinating weapon in MHT having a long reach 
and a huge horizontal slash for good “area of effect” damage. 
In single player, this weapon is very popular and effective 
at slaying any monster in a timely manner. The longsword can 
charge up the spirit gauge, which will grant you a colored 
aura and increases your attack damage. If you are looking for 
a weapon that has relatively fast attacks, good physical and 
elemental damage, an effective status inflictor, and a cool 
glowing colored aura, then the longsword may be the perfect 
weapon for you. Having good longsword user(s) on your team 
online will make the hunt go noticeably faster and smoother.

Although the longsword is my personal favorite weapon, I do 
not recommend this to newer players online due to the 
longsword’s ability to interrupt nearby teammates because 
of its huge horizontal attack. However, if you are a mindful 
and careful player, you can get around interrupting your 
teammates relatively well. Read the Longsword Gameplay 
FAQs section for more details.

The Pros and Cons

- Potentially highest damage per second (DPS) out of all weapons
- Has relatively quick attacks, which is good for dealing 
elemental damage or status conditions
- A balanced weapon in terms of dealing both physical(raw) 
and elemental damage
- Relatively mobile when weapon is drawn (compared to greatsword, 
lance, or bowguns)
- Has cut damage and is effective at cutting tails
- Has Long vertical reach which raises hit rate
- Has an interesting “spirit gauge” which allows you to “Spirit 
Combo”, and builds up damage
- The LS does not bounce during a spirit combo

- Easy to be misused online because it “trips” teammates from 
large radius horizontal atk (double edge sword)
- Cannot block
- LS needs to charge up to reach red spirit gauge to hit max potential.
- LS users must continuously hit monster(s) to maintain its max 
potential of the red aura.

When can I get the Longsword?
You can forge the first longsword (Anata Boneblade) when you you
have (3)gobul spikes, (10)baggi hides, and (10) machalite ores.

The blacksmith will show that you have access to the longsword when:

Offline: completing the 3* quest (Gobul) AND after Agrosy Captain  
appears for the first time. Let days pass to speed his appearence.

Online: After killing Gobul and having the materials.

Longsword Controls

I use the Classic Controller Setting 1 when I refer to specific buttons. 
Check settings and control manual for reference.

|     Control      |    Movement   |             Note             |
|        X         |  Unsheath LS  |Can unsheath atk while moving |
|        X         | Attack Type 1 |                              |
|        A         | Attack Type 2 |                              |
|      X + A       |Slash & Strafe |Slash and jumps backward      |
|XXAXXA... (repeat)|Infinite Combo |XAXXAXX... for underwater    | 
|        R         | Attack Type 3 |Influenced by spirit gauge    |
|        B         |      Roll     |Can roll forward,left or right| 
|R + B + Direction | Superman Dive |Has invincible frames         |  
| Holding R + Move |      Run      |Uses stamina                  |  
|        Y         |   Sheath LS   |                              |
|        Y         |   Use Item    |Weapon must be unsheath       | 
|    R + Y or A    |  Select Item  |                              |

The Spirit Gauge

The Spirit Gauge is on the top left of your screen. Everytime you land
a hit, the gauge will slowly build. Having the skill "Focus" will 
increase the rate the gauge will increase with each hit.

Longsword is known for its wide attack range, vertical reach,
and high-damaging capability due to the Red Spirit Combo execution 
and damage bonus. An effective strategy is try to get your spirit 
gauge up quickly and safely execute the spirit combo. A normal combo 
you can use on land to charge up this spirit gauge is: unshealth atk, 
X, A, X, X, A, X, X, A (repeat). In water the sword combo is 
unsheathe atk, A, X, X, A, X, X, A (repeat). 

After your spirit gauge is full, you can now execute a spirit combo 
by continuously hitting the monster with the R button. Once the last 
horizontal swing of the spirit combo hits, you will automatically 
unshealth and see your spirit gauge and your sword glow white, and 
another sucessful spirit combo to upgrade to the yellow gauge; 
this means that your sword has now reach the next level of the 
spirit gauge and your raw damage is increased by ~10%. If you 
successfully perform the spirit  combo again while your gauge is 
yellow, you will reach the max level of the spirit gauge and 
your raw damage increases by ~25% total. An indication of max 
level spirit gauge is when the aura glows red.

Your spirit gauge requires you to hit the monsters to increase, 
and it will decrease overtime unless you continuously land  
hits on the monster. The red spirit gauge will decrease unless you 
hit the monster and do the spirit combo. The white and yellow gauge will 
not disappear (unless you faint) and will permanently grant you an 
additional ~10% damage with yellow aura. The spirit gauge goes from 
white, to yellow (~10% damage bonus), then to red (~25% damage bonus).

For optimal damage, you would need to maintain the red aura and 
repeatedly use the spirit combo.

The Spirit Combo

The spirit combo is easy to execute once your spirit gauge is full.
To best accomplish this, use the infinite sword combo stated above.
An indication of a maxed spirit gauge when is your gauge glows on
the upper left of your screen.

The Spirit Combo is a series of attacks best used when the spirit 
gauge is full because it allows your gauge to advance to the next level. 
To correctly execute the spirit combo, get close to the monter's 
hitting range and repeatedly press the "R" button on the controller. 
To maximize the spirit combo, all hits should connect. If the final 
slash connects, your spirit gauge will upgrade to next level up 
to the red (and final) level. 

Longsword Gameplay FAQs

1. Inputing the most damage per second (DPS) with longsword.

You can raise your DPS by choosing a weapon with high raw 
damage, elemental damage, sharpness, and consider what the 
monster is weak against. Keeping your spirit gauge red by 
using the spirit combo will help deal the most damage. Another 
factor that will  help is having skills such as sharpness+1, 
atk level up, and earplugs. Hitting the monster at the center
of your blade is said to do extra damage. The Alatreon LS 
(Dark Claw “Demise”) will deal highest  damage against quite 
a few monsters. 

For advanced players, you can further increase your DPS with 
the skill "Potential". Potential+15 (Adreline +2) will further 
increase your attack by 30%. The dangerous side of using this
skill is that your health must be below 40% for this skill to

2. Hate to the longsword by the public.

The LS is easy to be misused in multiplayer. Many players 
will simply attempt to spam the spirit combo and trip  
teammates in the process. The interrupts come from the huge
horizontal slash. It is frown upon if you choose to dish out
spirit combo damage in sacrifice of possibly trippping a 
closeby teammate. However, be mindful that any weapon type 
can cause annoyance and hinderence to the team in the hands 
of an inexperience player. Longsword and Switchaxe tend to
attract more of these players.

3. Playstyle to minimize team interrupts and still do high DPS.

Generally LS users will try to attempt the spirit combo 
which will deal massage amount of damage. To be mindful about  
doing this, go for the area where your teammates are not 
located to attack/spirit combo because this will decrease the  
likelihood of your sword hitting them. If your teammates are 
attacking the left side of the monster, then try to make an  
effort to attack the “right” side of the monster. Generally 
avoid the head if there is a hammer user on your team. You can  
also avoid hitting several close by teammates by not attempting 
the spirit combo… simply use the infinite sword combo  (XXAXXA…). 
Also keep in mind that GreatSword users are less likely to be 

4. Skill recommendation for the longsword.

Skills depend on what you want to get the job done depending 
on your play style. These are what I suggest (not in any  particular 
- Sharpness +1 
- Atk Level Up (Atk Up Large if possible)
- High Grade Earplugs (HGE) or Earplug
- Status Atk Up (effective with para LS)
- Evade (for offense and defense; roll through monster’s attacks and roars)
- Focus (a crutch to getting up gauge)

5. What armor to use.

The purpose of armor is to provide defense and skills. Upgrade your armor
pieces every chance you get to enhance defense for survival. Your armor 
choice would generally reflect what skills you want. Having good charms 
that provide good skills would allow you to mix and match armor pieces to 
get the skills of your choice. There is an "Armor Combination" guide hosted 
on gamefaq also, but in general I recommend using these sets for longsword

|     Armor Set    |          Skills          |           Note           |
|     Ceadeus+     |Sharpness+1, HGEarplugs   |Gem out negatives; mix    |
|     Deviljho     |Sharpness+1,ATK Up,Tracker|Gem in Onslaught Jwl ,AUL |
|      Jhen+       |Focus, Regen+2, Rzr Sharp |Fun set with many slots   |
|Gigginox/Bnahabra |Main skill: Status Atk Up |Mix with other sets       |
|     Leather+     |Mining and gather skills  |Gem in Resist Heat High   |
|     Baggi(+)     |Tranquility, Focus        |Loot armor;Jaggi Msk helps|
|    Barioth(+)    |Evade Skills              |Roll through roars/atks   |
|     Qurupeco     |Evade, healing Skills     |Good starter, overforge   |

Here are some specific sets that I use below. The sets I specifically posted 
below revolve around having Sharpness+1, Earplugs, Attack Up, and some Evasion. 
For many monsters you will not need earplugs if you mastered evasion to get 
around the roars. Note that these are not the only sets, but rather the more 
common ones I use. These sets are geared toward the later part in game and 
are viable with several other weapon types. Use yourjudgment to make use of 
the skills that most fit you, the team, and the hunt. Note- if you using 
Demise, remember that it comes with 2 slots and you may not need perfect 
charms to get the desired skills.

-Set 1- Skills: Sharpness+1, Atk Up Large, Autotracker, Evasion+1
Weapon: 1 slot for Hungerless Gem
Head: Vangis 
Chest: Vangis
Arm: Vangis
Legs: Vangis
Feet: Vangis OOO w/ Onslaught Gem
Charm: Evasion +7 OO gemed with +3 evasion

Note: Jho set. This commonly used for high DPS in serious play. If you do not
have the +10 Evasion Charm, then you may need to sacrifice AuL for AuM to get 
evasion +1. Gem in Hungerless if you have an extra slot. You do not need the
+10 evasion charm if you are using Demise(2 slots) to help get Evasion.

-Set 2- Skills: Sharpness+1, Atk up M, Earplug, +choice
Weapon:O +1 Handicraft
Head: Helios+ OOO w/ Onslaught Gem
Chest: Helios+
Arm: Vangis
Legs: Helios or Helios+ OOO Gemmed +4 Hearing
Feet: Vangis OOO w/ Onslaught Gem 
Charm: Open

Note: Evasion+1 is recommend. It is possible to get Sharpness+1, Atk up L, 
and Earplug with a good Atk Up charm. 

-Set 3- Skills: Status Atk Up, Earplug, Sharpness+1, +choice
Weapon: Open
Head: Helios+ OOO +3 Stats Atk Up
Chest: Helios+
Arm: Helios+
Legs: Bnahabra+
Feet: Vangis OOO +4 Handicraft
Charm: Open

Note: Nice set to go with Para LS. Can put in a 4th skill(such as 
trapmaster!) or upgrade to High Grade Earplugs (HGE- Gigginox) with Charm 
and Weapon slot(s).

-Set 4- Skills: Great Luck, Earplug, Sharpness+1, Evasion+1
Weapon: O +1 Fate
Head: Jaggi Mask
Chest: Helios+
Arm: Helios+
Legs: Vangis
Feet: Vangis + OOO +4 Fate (Destiny Gem)
Charm: +10 Evasion or others

Note: Handy set if you need some more items from quest. You can replace the 
charm to get other skills such as speed sharpen, trapmaster, and capture guru. 

-Set 5- Skills: Sharpness+1, HGE, Atk up L or other
Weapon: +1 Handicraft Gem
Head: Helios+ OOO + 5 Atk Up
Chest: Helios+
Arm: Helios+
Legs: Helios
Feet: Vangis OOO +5 Atk Up
Charm: +10 Atk Up Jewel, or lower to get Atk up M on Set

NOte: Another viable choice is to get Evasion+1 with Atk Up S instead of AuL. 
You can work out the gemming if you do not have the Charms for best possible 
skills result. 

-Set 6- Skills: Great Luck, Capture Expert, Capture Guru, Focus

Weapon: Gemed with Fate Gem
Head: Jaggi Mask
Chest: Damascus Mail with Destiny Gem
Arm: Baggi Vambraces (upgraded from low rank) with Charger Gem
Legs: Baggi Coil (upgraded from low rank) with Charger Gem
Feet: Baggi Greaves (upgraded from low rank) with Charger Gem
Charm: Perception +10

Note: This is my loot armor. There are numerous ways to get these skill sets, 
but this combination is one of the highest defense loot armor. An alternative 
choice would be to use armor set awarded from arena. You really should not be 
relying on these sets. I would recommend choosing either Great Luck -OR- 
Capture Expert because you can gem in the skill and still get other skills 
from normal armor sets. 

6. Which longsword to use.

My weapon of choice generally changes to keep things  interesting. However, 
the weapons I tend to use the most are Shadow  Binder (P), Dark Claw “Demise”, 
Dancing Hellfire, and Barbarian “Sharq” (P). 

Playstyle for Serious Gameplay Tips
Let me first stress that casual gameplay and serious gameplay are in different
leagues. Most players will be in the casual gameplay style where players 
go to random games and hunt monsters without much (if any) oversight of the 
hunt or the team. A serious group is supposed to be organize making the hunt 
completed in a timely manner. For example, an organized/knowledgable group 
may complete Jho well under 5 minutes, while a casual group may take well 
over 15 minutes. 

These are some general tips for a LS user in a serious gameplay group:
- make reaching/maintaining red spirit gauge a top priority
- you are the DPS of the team- go for monsters' weak spots 
- play with competent players 
- always come to hunt prepared (appropriate weapon, already eat, have items)
- have damage booster such as might seeds, might pills, food, Atk Up X,
  and possibly adreline +2. In some cases, Might + Demon Shot with a gunner.
- have the right skills that benefits the team; avoid "useless" skills
- element longsword over status especially when a status gunner is about
- use best judgment and be open minded to take advice
- be nice and productive 

Weapon Recommendation

Using the correct longsword against a specific monster will greatly benefit
you and your team. Each monster have at least 1 elemental weakness; thus,
using the longsword that coorespond to the monster's weakness will deal
more damage. Here is a list of suggested longsword type for each mosnter:

Monster.........................Weapon Type

Great Jaggi.....................Fire, Para

Qurupeco........................Ice, Water, Thdr, Para

Royal Ludroth...................Fire, Para

Barroth.........................Water, Fire, Para

Gobul...........................Thdr, Fire, Para

Great Baggi.....................Fire, Para

Rathian ........................Dragon, Thdr, Para

Gigginox........................Fire, Para

Lagiacrus.......................Fire, Para

Rathalos........................Dragon, Thdr, Para

Barioth	........................Fire, Thdr, Para

Diablos	........................Ice, Para

Uragaan	........................Water, Dragon, Para

Agnaktor........................Water, Ice, Para

Ceadeus.........................Dragon, Thdr

Jhen............................Dragon, Ice

Alatreon........................Ice, Para

Deviljho........................Thdr, Dragon, Para

Note: you may not have access to the LS to use against some early 
monsters, but keep in mind if you choose to play online, you 
will encounter these monsters again in higher rank.

Longsword Weapon Choice FAQ

Q: Which LS should I use?

Ans: The weapon of choice generally depends on what monsters you 
are hunting. However, if you are a type of a person that wants 
to use a single weapon, I recommend the paralyze longsword for 
casual play which  will help you and your team in multiplayer. 
Though  keep in mind  that since LS has relatively quick attacks, 
the elemental damage will greatly increase the damage dealt to 
monsters that are weak against a particular element. In serious
gameplay, LSer use elemental LS for direct damage.

Q: I noticed that you suggested the para longsword for many 
monsters. Why should I use that over an elemental damage LS?

Ans: The longsword is very effective at inflicting status 
conditions such as paralyze due its relative fast attack. Sword 
and Shield (SnS) and bowgunners may inflict status conditions 
faster, but their paralyze weapons do extremely little damage  
compared to the longsword. The longsword is good at both dealing 
raw damage and paralyze status. Paralyzing the monster in a 
team hunt in multiplayer is highly sought after because it 
renders the monsters helpless for 5-8 seconds each paralyze, which  
allows your entire party free, quick, and easy hits. This also 
allows your party members to easily cut the monster’s tail,  
break parts, and/or allow the hammerer (or KOer) to stun the 
monster easier. It is recommended for a good team play weapon.  
My Para LS of choice is the Shadow Binder (P).

Q: I noticed that there are 2 high-end fire type longswords: 
Dancing Hellfire and Wyvern Blade “Flare”. Which one is better?

Ans: The Dancing Hellfire will (slightly) do more damage than 
the Wyvern Blade “Flare” against a fire vulnerable monster. The 
Hellfire also has a unique look. Though if you want to use the 
fire longsword for more general purpose, the Flare has higher  
raw damage, and has a slot for a gem. The Flare also has damage
advantage until the Hellfire is upgraded to its final form.

Q: Does weapon sharpness affect my ability to sever tails?

Ans: It is generally believed that sharpness does indeed affect 
the ability to sever tails. In addition to cutting tails, 
sharpness increases your weapon damage as well.

Q: How do I get the longsword “Tenebra” or "Rising Soul"?

Ans: Tenebra is a longsword that can only be acquired online 
through the event called “Cold Call”. Visit this link: 
to check for scheduled events. For Tenebra to have ice 
attributes, you need the skill Awaken. The Lagiacrus armor 
in high rank provides the skill Awaken along with Elemental 
Atk Up, which both work well together in boosting Tenebra’s 
damage. Tenebra (along with other "Awaken") weapons are
frown upon in terms of potential comparing with other
weapons due to armor-skill selection.

The Rising Soul longsword requires Lighting Tickets which can
be obtained through the event "Sea Power" where you fight
2 Lagiacrus back to back.

Longsword Creation Guide

Longswords can be forged from the blacksmith. The upper
tiers of the same type of weapon can be upgraded from the
previous version. You must have all materials and money 
present in order to craft. 

I have listed the details of recommended longswords below. 
You may refer to the following links for a complete list:



PARALYZE Longsword - Shadow Binder (P)

Tier 1: Anata Boneblade (363 Atk / 150 Para / 0 slots)	
Requires: 3 Gobul Spike, 10 Baggi Hide, 10 Machalite Ore
This is the earliest LS you can make... and it's a good
one too! You would need to slay a few Gobuls for the Gobul 
Spike. Be sure to try to cut his tail and carve it. While
you are at the flooded forest, you can also mine for Machalite
Ores, which is another type of mats you will need. The Baggi 
Hide can be carved from normal Baggi in the Tundra.

Tier 2: Anata Boneblade+ (429/210Para/0 slots) 
Require: 15 Dragonite Ore, 3 Paralysis Sac, 2 Barioth Spike
Upgraded from Anata Bonelade. The Dragonite Ores come from 
mining the volcano area, and the Barioth Spikes come from slaying
Barioth. I would recommending cutting/carving his tail for
a chance of extra materials. YOu should have enough Paralysis 
Sac, but in case you don't, you can get those from slaying Gobul.

Tier 3: Shadow Binder (P) (561/280Para/1 slot) 
Require: 5 Gobul Spike+, 2 Gobul Fin+, 8 Great Baggi Hide
The Shadow Binder (P) is preferred over the (G) version due
to statistically higher damage output in most situations.
The materials required to make this top Para LS can be obtain
online once you reach Rank 31+ to do High Rank Gobul. You would
also need to slay a few Great Baggis to get the hide.
- This is one of my favorite weapons to use. Having the skill
Status Atk Up would help inflict paralysis more effectively. 

FIRE Longsword - Dancing Hellfire

Tier 1: Anata Boneblade (363 Atk / 150 Para / 0 slots)	
Requires: 3 Gobul Spike, 10 Baggi Hide, 10 Machalite Ore
Though this is a Para longsword, the upgrade will change the
attributes to Fire Elemental. This is the earliest LS you 
can make... and it's a good one too! You would need to slay 
a few Gobuls for the Gobul Spike. Be sure to try to cut his 
tail and carve it. While you are at the flooded forest, you 
can also mine for Machalite Ores, which is another type of 
mats you will need. The Baggi Hide can be carved from normal 
baggis in the Tundra.

Tier 2: Dancing Flames (429 Atk / 350 Fire / 0 slots)
Requires: 2 Agnaktor Fin, 3 Agnaktor Claw, 2 Agnaktor Tail
The parts of this longsword can be obtain by slaying Agnaktor
in low rank. If you play online, this quest only appears
as an advance quest, which is random. The sister fire LS
"Wyvern" series will outdo this LS series until the 3rd tier.
Try to break Agnaktor's claws(feet) and cut the tails for 
higher chances of materials. An indication of his claws 
being broken is the the darker shade of his limbs.

Tier 3: Dancing Hellfire 561 Atk / 480 Fire / 0 slots)
Requires: 3 Agnaktor Fin+, 6 Agnaktor Claw+, 5 Firecell Stone
The top fire LS weapon. The Agnaktor Fin+ and Agnaktor Claw+
can be obtain by slaying high ranked Agnaktor. Try to
break his claws(feet) and tails for higher chances of
materials. An indication of his claws being broken is the 
the darker shade of his limbs. You can mine for the Firecell
Stone in the volcano as well.

WATER Longsword - Barbarian "Sharq" (P)

Tier 1: Barbarian Blade (495 Atk / 250 Water / 0 slots)
Obtained in single player mode from the Argosy Captain after
the Ceadeus Quest, which is toward the end of the game. Free.

Tier 2: Barbarian Blade+ (561 Atk / 280 Water / 1 slot)
Requires: 5 Ceadeus Hide, 2 Ceadeus Tail, 3 Wyvern Stone
The Ceadeus Hide and Tail can be acquired from completing
the Ceadeus Quest, wheter you repel or slay it. The Wyvern Stone
can be acquired from many monsters including Royal Ludroth, 
Qurupeco, Diablos, and Agnaktor in high rank quest reward.

Tier 3: Barbarian "Sharq" (P) (627 Atk / 400 Water / 2 slots)
Requires: 5 Proof of Supremacy, 3 Crooked Horn, 2 Deep Dragongem
The Crooked Horn can be carved from Ceadeus after you break his 
horns on the head. The Deep Dragongem is a random Ceadeus Quest
reward. The Proof of Supremacy can only be acquired online through
any 5* duel monster quests after you slay Alatreon.

THUNDER Longsword - Heaven's Thunder (R) 

Tier 1: Thunderclap (429 Atk / 230 THD / 0 slots)
Requires: 2 Shell Shocker, 10 Dragonite Ore, 10 Thunderbug
The shell Shockers can be otained by completing Lagiacrus quest.
Dragonite Ores can be mained in the volcano area, and Thunderbugs
can acquired randomly by catching bugs or buying it online. The
online store randomly carries Thunderbug, and may even have it at
half price during special occasions.

Tier 2: Thunderclap+ (462 Atk / 430 THD / 1 slot)
Requires: 3 Lagiacrus Horn, 3 Shell Shocker, 2 Diablos Fang
The Lagiacrus Horn can appear in the quest reward if you break
Lagiacrus's horns. You might have to look closely to tell if 
its horns are broken. The Diablos Fang can be obtained from

Tier 3: Heaven's Thunder (R) (594 Atk / 520 THD / 1 slot)
Requires: 5 Lagiacrus Plate, 3 Shell Shocker+, 3 Agnaktor Claw+
The Plate and the Shocker+ can be acquired from defeating Lagiacrus
in high rank. The Agnaktor Claw+ is from high Agnaktor also. You must
break its claws/limbs for it to show up in the reward screen.
- Alternatively, the Heaven's Thunder (Y) and Rising Soul are
also good.

DRAGON Longsword - Dark Claw "Demise"

Tier 1: Dark Claw (561 Atk / 380 DRG / 1 slot)
Requires: 5 Alatreon Talon, 3 Alatreon Tail, 3 Elderdragonblood
All these materials can be acquired from slaying Alatreon, the 5*
urgent quest. The Elderdragonblood can also be acquired through
Jhen quests.

Tier 2: Dark Claw "Demise" (594 Atk / 470 DRG / 2 slots)
Requires: 3 Proof of Supremacy, 3 Skypiercer, 1 Azure Dragongem
This is one of the top longswords with high damage and sharpness.
The Skypiercer is one of the items with lower chances to drop.
You must break Alatreon's horn for a 15% chance to drop at the
reward screen. You can also obtain the Azure Dragongem through
body and tail carves, and random in the quest reward. The Proof
of Supremacy can be acquired by completing any 5* duel monster 

Appreciation and About the Author

If you find this FAQ helpful and want to show your appreciation,
you can send me an email with which parts you like about it. As
weird as it sounds, I do like knowing that I helped players. Also
if you find errors (grammatical or game related), have suggestions,
or have more contents you like to contribute, please email me at

I will be sure list your name as a thank you in the awknowledgement 
section if I complete the change based on your email.

My main character is "Odde", but recently started a second 
character name "Jabo". I've also been having fun with switchaxes.

What inspired me to make this FAQ? Many hours were spent of gameplay 
using the longsword. I became used to the damage output and its play 
style, and it quickly became my favorite type of weapon. My starter 
weapon was the lance, which I also enjoy using.

After spending over 500 hours on this game, I decided it was
time to contribute to gamefaq to help the newer players on 
the longsword. I hope that this guide will help many players
enjoy the longsword weapon and encourage etiquette play.

Acknowledgement and Copyright

- Thanks are given to Capcom for a fantastic game.
- Thanks are given to the board members of gamefaq for 
inspiration and the FAQs.
- Thanks are given to gamefaq.com for hosting this guide.

All content within this guide is Copyright (c) to respective 
authors, namely me. All rights are reserved. This file may not 
be reproduced except for personal use. This means it is not 
legal for anyone to make a profit from my content. 

Only site that may host this file is www.gamefaq.com

To ask for permission or if you have suggestion on this guide 
you may email me at eagles2655@yahoo.com

Contribution Credits:
Thanks to ragnaroker2 for suggestion to add more information
on the spirit gauge and tips.
Thanks to Trombe inspiration to update this guide.