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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get past Land of O'Kokuh?

I purchased the Library+ add-on, but I can't get to it. All of my adventurers are around the upper 30 level and ready to go through it. I have also beaten all of the surrounding areas, but not all areas on the map. What do I have to do to get to this dungeon?

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Did you try hard mode?

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You have to defeat Deneth Bridge on Hard/Very Hard. Otherwise you need to get the DLC which gives you access to it.

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Perhaps you haven't beaten the dungeon that connects directly to it. You have to connect a path to it. For example, beating Glisera Oasis will not open Cortex Sandhollows even though it is very close to it. I believe Denth Bridge, which is available either on Hard or Very Hard mode w/o the extra download or Normal mode with it is the dungeon you need to fully clear. But yeah, you need to connect to it.

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I for one, checked the dungeon location map, how do i get the place inbetween the castle and this dungeon from topic?

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